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  1. I didn't do the Tour either, but I rode PP solo from Aspen (Buttermilk) to CB in Sep 2018. Garmin says it was about 40 miles and 5600' of climbing that took me over 10 hours. By the time I was finished I called it a fun thing that I'll never do again, but after looking at some pictures of the ride and a couple of years of brain cell deterioration I'm tempted to try it again. Looking at my ride profile I'd say that the climb out of Aspen is steeper than out of CB, and my recollection was that it was rockier too, but that may be because it's easier to go down over the rocks than up. A lot of that climb reminded me of the HoL; that is, loose and steep. It was definitely chunky at the top, and possibly rideable by someone who isn't me.
  2. Although REI is currently not taking the tubes, it looks like I can send tubes directly to Alchemy if I want to pay the postage. https://www.alchemygoods.com/pages/tube-upcycling Postage for that many tubes is beyond my pain threshold, so I'll hold onto them for now. In the meantime I've got plenty of new ideas for reusing what I have.
  3. Many of them are patchable, but I'm running tubeless now, so I don't really have the need for them. Plus, they're all 26" tubes. I figured Yellow Bike could easily patch them and give them out as spares, but they already had what they needed. Also, I just got off the phone with REI and they were willing to take all the tubes (and the tires too), but they currently can't take them because the recycling company has temporarily stopped picking up the rubber. These things have been in my garage for a while now, so a little while longer won't hurt. In the meantime I can start making them into slingshots.
  4. Not to derail this thread, but was riding the BCGB the other morning and this guy didn't want to share the trail. He was one of two, but the other one waddled off while this one stood his ground.
  5. Great, thanks for the tip. I'll give REI a ring and hopefully they can take all of them (~50) off of my hands. Some of the tubes I'm trying to get rid of have been plucked from trees, but the only thing I've done with the bags o' poo is curse them.
  6. Is there a good place to get rid of old tubes and tires? Over the years I've amassed a large collection of tubes with holes, along with a bunch of tires that ranged from gently used to bald, including some with sidewall holes. Yellow Bike was able to take the gently used tires, but they didn't need any tubes, and their recycler is no longer taking any rubber, so I still have all the tubes and most of the tires. From what I can tell I'm not supposed to throw them in the CoA recycling bin, so do y'all know of anywhere else that might take these off my hands?
  7. As of this morning the swimming hole at the bottom of the HoL isn't dry, and is possibly beyond tepid. The number of people there in the early morning seems to have diminished compared to what it was like before the closure at the beginning of July. As a bonus, so has the amount of dog poop and poop bags. There is an increase in wild animal scat though. I also noticed that near the trailhead at the end of Scottish Woods someone had spray painted P2P in preparation for the paid parking program. When I called the BCGB hotline last week to ask if the greenbelt was open I also asked about paid parking and they stated that the parking was going to be handled by TxDOT and that they didn't have a timeline for the implementation.
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