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Kids bike building


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Thanks, I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's a 2017 Diamondback Sync'r 24. Everything is pretty much stock except the tires, grips, and pedals. The specs can be found here - https://99spokes.com/bikes/diamondback/2017/syncr-24

The cranks are 165 mm which appear to be the shortest NX crank option. They still look a bit long for her, but I'm sure they will be just fine and fit her in no time.

She will pass this bike down to little sister, so the more purple, pink etc, the better. 4fun and RedRider3141 both recommended spray.bike for the paint. It was pretty simple to use and I'm impressed with the finish. Its hard to tell in the pictures, but the last coat of clear has gold flake that looks really nice in the sun. 

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Does anyone have a decent set of 26” QR, 6 bolt disc hub wheels lying around collecting dust? I’ve found a pair of WTB  I23’s on Velomine for $169 and will likely buy them, but figured I’d check here first to see if could get a better deal on nicer wheels. My ten yr old is starting to outgrow her 24” and we’re going paint a 26” frame and build the bulk of the bike from the parts on her 24”. Pictures to come in the near future!

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This doesn't help 4fun, but I have a set of 20" rims (32 hole) with a braking surface that I no longer need and offer for free to anyone that wants them.  The 32 hole spec is a little hard to find, most available options are 36 hole BMX rims.   

I had them built up with Chris King hubs for my kid and since he has moved to a 24" bike, so have the hubs.  Still have the spokes I used for the 20" build as well.  

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What a deal!

That looks like a hotrock 24".  My son had one.  It weighed in at 30+ lbs which for a little person is too heavy.  When he moved up to his brother's 26" (also heavy) I was able to upgrade that with parts from my old BMC and we got the weight down to ~25lbs IIRC.

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Recently built up my kid's latest bike.  It was a fun one to be able to pick out "vintage" 26" bike parts from when I started biking.  Goal was light weight, but also stay cheap on the build, so it is something I wouldn't be overly worried about locked up at the school bike rack.  As usual, it drifted into being a bit nicer than that previous goal.  Some great deals though helped, like a $20 M950 XTR front wheel.  Spent a bit more building up a matching rear.  The Rockshox SID was nice from a weight perspective, but disappointing on performance, so will be replaced with an old Fox F100 fork soon.


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