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  1. My last of the most expensive beers (+ a bag of frozen chowder) I’ve ever had since I forgot about every check in item costs $45. Front footbridge brewery in Boothbay Harbor, ME
  2. I fully agree not posting as a dealer, reposting same bike over and over should be reason enough to flag, and if this guy hadn't been doing this for years, it would tickle my spidey sense for sure. I think I actually bought my Jamis Coda from him years ago. Did he used to post with garage door background?
  3. This is all this user's stuff. A lot of it is 5+ year old bikes. They may have just bought used inventory or something like that? Edit: Weird, different userpostingid but same stuff.
  4. If you get a chance, go to Portsmouth and visit the USS Albacore. It was my first time visiting a sub. I don't think I could actually go out on a sub but for some reason I just love learning about them and watch all the documentaries and movies about them. It was very cool being inside it. There's tons of military hardware historic stuff up there. My sister got married at the shipyard in Bootbay Harbor where they used to make PT boats and other type boats. They are still working on wooden boats to this day!
  5. I can't remember what service for sure, but I think it was NBC Sports Gold that did allow me to rewind the live stream. The only issue is if the live event broadcast finished before I would finish the stream, the stream would stop at that point, then I'd have to wait the 3 or so hours for the full replay to be available. I'm going to look into Fubo a bit further to see if I can use it to combine/eliminate a few of the several streaming subscriptions I have. I do miss watching F1 since I killed SlingTV.
  6. +1 I have a tub of tanglefoot but I never deployed it at Emma Long since I wasn't sure it's OK to use. Apparently the flies are attracted to the color blue, so people buy blue solo cups or blue solo plates, spread the tanglefoot on it, and use them as traps. MTB riders have attached cups to helmets or plates to backpacks with some success. I should look into trying this again... https://www.instructables.com/Deer-Fly-Traps/
  7. That reminds me, I noticed some stuff was only available for streaming for a limited amount of time. Is that true for your PL games?
  8. I think Fubo counts as your "cable" provider which means you should be able to stream the full women's race from NBC's Tokyo2020 site. I looked into Fubo, but ultimately I have more stuff than I can watch at this point.
  9. How's the PL coverage? I got it for the TdF, but had hoped to get to watch a lot of the obscure Olympic sports, and the coverage is not great. Even the old shows I thought I may want to re-watch were bad. Some had commercials, and a lot of them were super compressed. I think they rushed their product to market for the Olympics. They definitely Pea-cocked it up. (thanks, I'll be here all night...) Worst case I get Peacock for July 2022 only next year and that's it.
  10. This? Thanks for posting these issues. I know everyone's had trouble with pretty much every hub type, but I'm really enamored of the drive ring type of hubs (Chris King, DT Swiss) but I had considered i9 for my next wheelset.
  11. What I'm no longer watching is Peacock TV. They had a good thing with NBC Sports Gold Cycling package and Peacock is about the worst thing I've experienced in streaming--ever. Tons of commercials even though I had the premium plus package (Olympic Men's MTB race was 5 minutes of race, 3 minutes of commercials), they did not stream the women's MTB race at all unless you had a cable subscription. I'll take any advice on VPNs on IM so I can watch cycling another way. I want to pay for the service (and I'm paying and very happy with GCN+).
  12. Thanks for the warning. I guess I'm not riding 1/4 until the fall now. Did you really outride them? Those suckers are the fastest flying insects. In my experience it's impossible to outride them. Got 20+ bites at Emma Long one time and many through my bibs!
  13. I had no idea how important sweep was until I tried to ride with little to no sweep. My wrists and thumbs were killing me...and the whole reason for togs to exist suddenly made sense. I took the bar on my new bike off and switched to my old bar, and at some point I'll switch to one with even more sweep once supply normalizes.
  14. My sister's wedding rehearsal traditional NE clam bake dinner. I had a lot of those summer ales, but my favorite was this: Footbridge Brewery Double IPA (can't find a shot of it so a link will have to do) https://www.footbridgebrewery.com/beers.php?beer=38 My go-to was the Boothbay Craft Brewery Thirsty Botanist IPA (NE Botanical Gardens are in Boothbay):
  15. Hah! We just got back today from Boothbay Harbor. Will have to post up some of the stuff I had. If you head to Boothbay try the double IPA at Footbridge brewery. Enjoy the cool weather!
  16. Can you take a tube and split and flare it to wedge into the race and drive it out? It’s hard to tell from the pictures. The other option is super sharp chisel onto the race and tap a bit all the way around.
  17. I would say skip Leadville and ride more Breck unless you want to experience part of the race course. The views and the feeling from the top of Columbine are amazing but the actual “trail” is meh IMO.
  18. AntonioGG


    My house is concrete foundation and rock veneer but they still considered it conducive when I had one of those metal log cord holders next to the house. This is 50% of the reason why if you see our front yard right now (aka the big dig), you'll see holes and piles of dirt. The dirt was above the foundation line with flashing between the dirt and the house, but that doesn't seem to matter to the pest control experts. Gap is good.
  19. AntonioGG


    I was advised not to store firewood against my house due to concerns with termites.
  20. Smoove seems like chain-L no. 5 as far as process and how good it is. If any of you can, I highly recommend a heated ultrasonic cleaner. I use Zep orange degreaser in it and the chains come out as clean as new. I rinse in hot water, blow it dry, then heat gun it or in the oven to get rid of any remaining moisture. For something like chain-L, I lay it flat on newspaper and put a drop per link and let it sit like that. I then wipe it in the morning. For me it's the only lube that will make it 24 hours without needing re-application and I was also getting 1300 miles out of the chains (I go to past 0.5, not all the way to 0.75). Sadly Chain-L is no more so I may have to look into Smoove, though I do have a new bottle of muc-off dry and muc-off wet lubes that I haven't tried yet.
  21. https://takeahikeshop.com/products/absolute-black-graphen-wax-lubricant-hot-melt?currency=USD&variant=39287591993380&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping
  22. I've been wanting to do this for ages, even going as far as buying an ultrasonic cleaner. I've read adding graphite is a good thing to do. I definitely want to do this on my trainer, since it's in my bedroom and I'd rather not use stuff with VOCs in my bedroom.
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