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  1. My one replacement was for a zipper issue. The extra part was for dog damage. I personally think bladders and zippers should be considered normal wear. I'd be happier with repair than replacement. If they're a good company, they take replacement data and use it to improve their next generation of products.
  2. I cannot comfortably ride on my wife's WSD saddles. I have a WSD saddle already mounted on a 27.2 seatpost if you want to try that. We each have our seatpost + saddle with a collar (pre-set height) for easy swapping. I have a few other men's saddles you are welcome to try. You should definitely measure both yourself and your wife's sit bones before you pull the trigger. Buck's by my neighborhood used to have a box of take-off saddles for super cheap ($12). I have one Giant saddle you could have for that if it works for you.
  3. https://data.austintexas.gov/stories/s/Longhorn-Dam-Multimodal-Improvements/id6g-rfrm/
  4. Thank you! I couldn't stop thinking about it. I am wondering if he meets people by the coffee place so nobody really knows where the warehouse is exactly? (given the slew of smash and grabs at bike shops)
  5. There are realtors that can get you started on things to do for your area that will improve the house and some have GC contacts. Look for one that’s very popular in your neighborhood and ask. They may also be privy to what similar houses are like in the area and what other people have done. Unless yours is a custom home it likely shares a lot of traits with surrounding houses. for our current professional job we hired a certified draftsman to do the design. It still has to go through engineers and architects due to structural work in our case. Probably true for anything involving plumbing and/or electrical. I personally would start with a realtor to get some guidance, then if you have zero idea find a designer/architect. I think you can also get the plans from the city so you can see where plumbing is.
  6. Moved onto Still Austin and their gin is pretty unique and delicious. They say they are rye based. Curious about what other gin people think. We are a Hendricks house and appreciate aviator but I’m getting some of their stuff when I get a chance (effin blue laws!)
  7. Ok, this is legit still south Austin. Dude selling new specialized road bike with tag still on it in the parking lot. Two people test riding it so far but I can’t find a bike shop on the area. He goes back around the corner with the bike. I’ve seen a guy also go around the corner with a wheel and come back with the wheel, so there must be some kind of bike thing around here, but seriously doubt its a specialized dealer. Went with another heavenly daze for my 3rd. Real Ale Oktoberfest (always a favorite) was my first. Zilker heavenly daze is less IPAish than a pinthouse jellyfish. Definitely better than RA Fresh Kicks.
  8. Zilker brewing heavenly daze at spokesman coffee on st elmo. Crazy how this area has changed! Back in 2007-2008 my friend had a race shop almost right at congress and st Elmo. River city cabinets took over all the buildings now, but one was Applied Racing Technology back then. Across the street was the St Elmo Motel. If we left the shop after 6-7pm there were “ladies of the night” propositioning us. Now there’s breweries, a distillery, a Sake place, and a Tesla service center.
  9. Good points and why I mentioned I think the end game is for a lot of parts (not so complex like chips and something like a spring) to be 3D printed locally. One of the big obstacles of right to repair for electronics is that there are a lot of measures built into them to prevent things like man in the middle attacks or hacking without you being aware, as well as stuff to make sure this is a thing made by you, and not copied by someone else. Those IMO are legitimate reasons to have that kind of security built-in and will make local/home repair very difficult or impossible for certain things. Hey, do you want some Samsung temp sensors? We had a super fancy expensive Samsung with the extra doors and drawers and what not. I had to change sensors on it 3x, and the ice-maker would constantly get frozen over (bad design, not sealing the compartment, etc.). At 18 months we got rid of it and got a much simpler LG and we've been happy with it so far. Samsung used to be super reliable but it seems like lately their stuff is not so great.
  10. The hard part was needing a special "tool" to put the spring in and which Shimano actually sells. I have a small lathe so I made myself one, but one of those spring pins would have worked fine. I searched for this online and now there are videos of it on YouTube, but it's cool to see how many forums still have a (now dead, don't click it who knows what lurks there) link to my page http://www.nitrodyno.com/Ultegra-STI/. By far it had the most traffic of any of my stuff. I can't find the OZ guy's page either. I still have the whole page archived somewhere in one of my old drives.
  11. Shimano said humans couldn't take apart and reassemble Ultegra shifters. I took my front shifter apart, and it was a pain, but I put it back together and documented it all. Someone else in Australia had done the rear shifter. We linked to each other's pages and got lots of hits. As far as as replacement parts, my dream is we don't even need to ship parts. Get a local 3D printer, buy the file and get it locally made. I'm fine with security measures such that the file can only be used once or whatever. I wonder if this company can make the seals? https://www.rapidmade.com/3d-printed-rubber-products
  12. Kinda like a flaming Dr. Pepper basically resulting in you drinking bartender spit.
  13. My old XX had its internal spring fail (not the external one and they make no spares. I was shocked at the prices even then. Luckily a friend had a broken XX I got the spring from. I am hoping the right-to-repair movement does something for us in the cycling community. It seems ridiculous to throw away 100% of an expensive component that took a lot of resources to make and ship, for a part that comprises 1% of it. I'm especially thinking of Shimano and SRAM...I can get a caliper or drum brake rebuild kit for a 1950 Chevy C3100 but I can't do the same for a 2021 bike?
  14. I remember 2 of us riding in the package cubby behind the rear seat of my aunt's VW. Did you ever do that?
  15. 4 of us kids in the back of a Datsun wagon, Renault R5 wagon (yellow) or Dodge K car. We were 14, 13, 10, and 8 before my parents finally got a 3 row Voyager.
  16. Is there a word like cankles that describes hips/gut/lower back region for some of us?
  17. Polk RM-6600 5-speaker + powered subwoofer set.
  18. Same experience for me with zipper. I also had one of my dogs chew one of the buckles. I was happy to pay for it. They wouldn't hear of it. They shipped me a new buckle.
  19. One of my coworkers is from EP and is always talking about Chicos tacos.
  20. I'm guessing it's in Georgetown b/c of Sun City reference.
  21. Has anyone used the plastic tubeless loops that come with a new bike? I think in my case I have a set of 2bliss. For my son’s specialized we got just the loop. For my canyon they include the valve stems.
  22. I’ve used Stan’s and gorilla tape and have factory built with dt Swiss. The Stan’s seems to stretch less into the hole. Have never had an issue with Stan’s but I make sure info a really good job cleaning and also to use the correct width.
  23. @Ridenfool I was with you until the tunnel stuff. That is the biggest BS I've ever seen. TBMs have been around for a long time. The Chunnel was dug using those. WTP#4 tunnel goes under my house and was dug with a TBM (I could hear it and so could one of my dogs for a few months!). Subways have been around forever. The vision of an evacuated tunnel and super high speeds was cool. The vision of a single file tunnel with Teslas in it is idiotic. The vision of a tunnel in south Florida is way beyond ridiculous. As far as EVs, all of you mentioning how short commutes means we don't need that range, I 100% agree and as I mentioned is why I think we may go with one new EV and I'll get an ebike for myself to commute. But the reality, I'm also a gearhead. I love cars, etc. I would love to have a lightweight EV that's short range but high performance. I.e. I'd be cool with 0-60 in the 3 second range but <100 miles range. I don't want to have 350 miles of range just sitting there unused. One of the really cool cars I'm looking at is a micro car (like a Kei car). You buy a base battery size (8kWh) and if you want to go on a longer trip, you can rent the packs up to 24kWh total. It's a truck/van and it's modular and I think it's super-cool looking. It will be cheap. I doubt it will come to the US. This would be the perfect city vehicle and on occasion for camping trips, etc. https://electricbrands.de/en/myxbus/ @ATXZJ 100% agree that for most right now and in Texas with so much of our electricity still being dirty, a plug-in hybrid makes the most sense. you minimize the battery and those metals needed for them, and you can 99% eliminate gas use, but still have the gas as a backup. A friend at work has an OG Volt and loves it. I really wanted to get one. I'm still out-of-love with ICE b/c of the maintenance. Maybe I need to get my car fixed by a mechanic instead of by me and wait a while before I make a decision. I also think changing the clutch on a FWD Turbo car broke me. The $1700 now seems cheap! As far as winter storm and disasters, I'm actually thinking of taking the plunge into solar and battery backup. I know some neighbor/friends just did this specifically b/c of the winter storm. Distributed solar makes sense to me.
  24. TW lake line is an amazing store. I need to restock soon. Been taking it easy drinking more tea at night. Amazing how so much of it is a ritual more than anything for me
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