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Need a Dog Bike Trailer extension


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I have a dog trailer for my bike and unfortunately the whole thing was designed for a 26" bike and it is on my 29", meaning that the trailer is tilted backwards.

In my simple train, it seems like I just need an extension that is ~1.5" lower and then, theoretically, it would work for a 29er.

Here is the mount:


Basically this goes through the QR skewer. 

What I think I need is a simple plate that hangs down 1.5" that I can bolt this thing to. Something like this:



Anyone have either a simple way to address this or some mad skills with a drill press?

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The problem with this design is that you're going to be strictly relying on the shear strength provided by friction from the plate to drop surfaces.  You need one more attachment point or else this will swing backwards, or if your dropout has a cavity, the plate can be machined to drop into this cavity to resist this.

Can you take a picture of the surface this will attach to?

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That design was specific, there are two bolts on the dropout so the large cutout at the top would allow the plate to be secured by both and prevent the piece from moving back and forth.


There is another option that I am thinking about:



Basically get a pair of these and use the bolt plate:


Two of these plates, one from each dropout mounting and then joined together by the V at the bottom could probably do the trick. 

I'm gonna hit up the hardware store tomorrow and see if I can find something that might work. I could probably also double up and use four total for extra strength.



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Homer Simpson: There are three ways to do things, the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way

Marge Simpson: What is the Max Power Way?

Homer Simpson: The wrong way, only faster


I bring you "The Max Power Dog Trailer Extension":


And actually it works. If it works well after out next trip I might actually cut the bottom two pieces. But at this point, I might even push the trailer mount down a notch as it still sits a bit high.

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