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  1. I was bit by a guy but his dog was nice about it.
  2. I can definitely relate to this fear! I love dogs but I was bit by one when I was younger and had to get some stitches. That fear sticks with me. On Picnic, I keep running into a fella walking with a big German Shepard off leash. So far he seems friendly though.
  3. Same here! Without Peddlers Pass I would not be heading towards a healthier lifestyle. I owe my wellbeing to the trail.
  4. Where'd you buy it from if ya don't mind me asking?
  5. Haha! I am still looking around at hard tails. I like: Kona Honzo Surly Karate Monkey Santa Cruz Chameleon
  6. My rear rotor is a bit bent up. I've tried to straighten it back out and haven't succeeded yet. So it rubs every-so-slightly and bothers the piss out of me.
  7. Currently I have SRAM brakes on my bike. I assumed I would need new Shimano rotors? Am I wrong?
  8. I want to upgrade my brakes too. Your blog post looks very helpful. Can I ask where you bought them from and how much? I was checking this out on eBay but the price looks too good to be true, what do you think?
  9. I love this forum because everyone is so nice and helpful. I should probably google half of the shit that I ask on here, but I love the wisdom and experience you all have. Hopefully you like answering the questions too!
  10. I like this approach. Is it possible that the original posters damage looks way worse than it actually is? What's the harm in just riding it as is? Is it a safety concern or something?
  11. I didn't realize it was that easy! I haven't bought anything yet but I'm still looking around at hard tails.
  12. If I buy a bike online and then take it to a local shop to be set up, will the shop be mad that I did not buy local?
  13. Did I read correctly that the bike just fell over into a rock and caused this? Yikes. I am afraid of carbon because so many rocks kick themselves up and hit my frame as I ride. This post makes me even more skeptical. Am I overreacting?
  14. I’ll take ya up on that! Will message you soon. I did some quick math. Strava says I have 900 miles on my bike. I usually ride 13 miles at a time over around 1.5 hours. 900 / 13 is 69 rides. 69 rides times 1.5 hours is 104 hours. That would mean in theory I should have already serviced my suspension twice. That’d be like $400!? Id rather ride them until they fall apart and then buy new ones.
  15. I'm trying to overcome this obstacle too. I just can't go fast enough to get up it.
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