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  1. The kids these days are into hashtags and social media personalities. Let's name the trail: #XxXTentacionsPlayground JUST KIDDING BAD JOKE
  2. I ride 1/4 notch backwards (W to E) 90% of the time. I just recently learned how to make it up SpongeBob. Almost every obstacle that has been difficult for me only required more momentum. Higher gear, stay left, maintain momentum. Easy peasy!
  3. for what its worth, I recently bought a Garmin Instinct Smart Watch and I really like it. https://www.amazon.com/Garmin-Instinct-Features-Monitoring-Graphite/dp/B07HYX9P88/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3AAUHO27A372S&keywords=garmin+instinct&qid=1569939758&sprefix=Garmin+instinct%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-3 Pros The iOS app for it is awesome and shows lots of cool graphs/stats Syncs with Strava of course 5 to 7 day battery life when I averaged 3 to 5 activities during that week Highly configurable Can mute all notifications from your phone when outside of an activity, but allow notifications when you are in an activity. I don't want my wrist buzzing all day, but I do want it to buzz when I'm riding in case an emergency happens. Looks like a cool GShock watch if you're into those big ugly watches like I am Screen is highly visible because it's black and white GPS tracking works better than my phone did, more accurate Cons Need to wear it pretty tight to make sure you get the most accurate heart rates Sometimes slides down when really sweaty during a ride Takes a few attempts to get used to the comprehensive menu/configuration system on it.
  4. I'm planning to try a lap around Lake Georgetown this weekend. Can someone share with me a google maps link to the best trailhead to start from? Thanks!
  5. Oh no. I wanted to try the DragonSlayer and I wanted to practice first. We should do a group ride up there to practice for the event!
  6. I finally got my SLX brakes installed. I also bought a bleed kit just in case but I did not have to cut the cable down so I did not bleed them. Im new to this, how would I even tell that they need bled? The lever feels good to me but I’m a perfectionist about equipment. I want it to be in tip top shape. how can I tell if they need bled? Am I overthinking it?
  7. I’ve rode these for a year. I just upgraded. Rotors are 180mm $30 OBO UPDATE: SOLD
  8. I hope ya like it! I listen to it a lot while riding.
  9. I got my Garmin Instinct watch in the mail today and did my first ride with it. Great first impression. After a month or so of use I'll start a new thread with some pros and cons and some pictures of the device and the web-based dashboard for it.
  10. Any love for some stoner metal?
  11. Thanks for your opinions everyone. It sounds like most of you have both anyway. I decided to order the Garmin Instinct smartwatch I'll give it a go for a while and then think about getting the Wahoo Element later if the watch isn't sufficient. Thanks again!
  12. I am trying to decide between these two products: Garmin Instinct Smartwatch or Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computer Just curious what you guys are using to track your cycling?
  13. Hahaha that is awesome! i guess no one is going to claim it. Maybe they don’t know about this awesome forum. its a cheap Cateye Enduro model if anyone wants it for free it’s yours! Send me a message.
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