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  1. tomreece

    Brushy Creek

    I will ride 1/4 Notch tonight at 4:30pm. Please don't judge me! I'll contribute to a trail building day! I swear!
  2. tomreece

    Brushy Creek

    I ride at that time on weekdays. I start from the YMCA and usually hit 1/4 Notch backwards then forwards. I’d like to try riding in a group to see if I can keep up. Shoot me a message if you have room for a semi-noob.
  3. tomreece

    brushy Creek Park tail work

    Plus one here!
  4. tomreece

    New Bike Day - Sunday Forecaster

    1. I love it! There are even some days that it's nice enough to ride my MTB on the trails but I'll ride the BMX instead. 2. I chose the Sunday after talking about BMX with a worker at The Peddler. I think his name was Reed? I didn't do too much research before-hand and just sorta went with his suggestions. So far I've been practicing manuals in my apartment's parking lot. I'll also venture out and look for fun stuff to try to hop up onto and off of. As far as parks, I've been to the Brushy Creek Sports park twice now. I don't think bikes are allowed but I haven't gotten yelled at yet. I just respect the skaters and kids and try to get a line in every so often. I heard great things about the Pflugerville park from a guy at EMPIRE BMX. He gave me a cool one page map of places to ride in Austin. -- So far in summary the BMX bike is a ton of fun. At first it felt very little and I felt stupid on it but now it's feeling better to me and I really enjoy simple things on it. I could practice manuals for an hour and be dripping sweat and breathing pretty hard. It burns up the energy that's for sure. And as a plus, I feel more confident and in control of my 29 inch mountain bike after riding the tiny thing.
  5. tomreece

    Are you kidding me?

    I'm enjoying it! I've spent most of my time practicing manuals. On the BMX I'm using muscles that I just didn't use very much. I hope the payoff will be better control and skills on the mountain bike.
  6. It has been 12 or so years since I've rode BMX. I need something to do when the trails are wet.
  7. My new bike came tubeless. What sort of preventative maintenance should I be doing? I've googled this but was just curious what you guys would suggest too.
  8. tomreece

    Shock maintenance

    I'll give it a try riding. I was judging my ability to still push it down even while locked, but I think I misunderstood how it should work. Makes sense now. Thanks!
  9. tomreece

    Shock maintenance

    How does a rear lockout work? See my rear shock in the picture. It shows down as unlocked and left as locked. However, when I move it to locked the shock is not locked out and still functions as normal. Whats up with that?
  10. tomreece


    Where do you ride the gravel bike?
  11. tomreece

    Transition Smuggler

    Yup that's me! I went in there considering Yeti and similar popular name brands and the Peddler worker (I think his name is Reid) suggested the Smuggler and I rode it all day around Brushy Creek. I did more riding in a single session that I had ever done. I rode till I was sore that day haha. I've taken it through 1/4 Notch a few times now. Compared to my old hard tail, the ride is now so much more enjoyable and doesn't beat me to death. I'm new to all of this and probably can't speak the proper lingo to describe what I like about the bike in technical terms. It just feels good. I have no complaints. I wish I were riding now. Damn weather.
  12. tomreece

    Transition Smuggler

    Just bought one from the peddler. My first full suspension bike. I demo’d it and had plans to demo other bikes but I ended up buying the Smuggler I liked it so much.
  13. SOLD For sale: like new Thule Helium Aero 3 bike rack hitch mount $250 Fits 1 1/4 inch or 2 inch hitch Link: https://www.amazon.com/Thule-9043-Helium-Hitch-Carrier/dp/B009VU2B16/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1541696929&sr=8-2&keywords=thule+aero+3&dpID=31c9x4OkwuL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch