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  1. Where can I find some pictures from the event? I assume maybe someone started an album somewhere maybe? Maybe the organizers did? Does anyone know?
  2. How are the trails this evening? Last message from the Twitter feed says things may still be wet but I was hoping to ride tonight. Has anyone been out there this afternoon?
  3. I always try and fail the alt-line to the right of Spongebob. After watching that video right up the middle I'm gonna try to learn that instead.
  4. Cat3 results I had a blast. Looking forward to doing it again someday hopefully!
  5. I bought a pair of GP1 after reading this thread. I’m having some difficulty finding an angle that suits me. My hands were more numb on my first ride trying them but that was with a flat angle. Now I have them like this and I think it’s better. See picture. if you guys have some pictures, let’s see your angle for reference. Thanks!
  6. My short list so far is: Kona Honzo Trek Stache
  7. FYI I am keeping the FS so the HT would be a backup bike.
  8. My first bike was a 2018 Specialized Rockhopper. I sold it and upgraded to a 2018 Transition Smuggler. I miss that bike. I want to buy a new hard tail. Change my mind or recommend me something.
  9. My Old record: 17:57 My new record: 17:10
  10. Yup I saw ya. Thanks so much for your hard work. The trail is incredible. I also saw ya during the peddlers Wednesday ride two weeks ago. I love that ride. I’ll be there tonight.
  11. 17:57 and it killed me Was pushing myself to keep up with some cool dudes I grouped up with mid-ride.
  12. I bought my 2018 Transition Smuggler in November. I’ve put 500 miles on it so far. So far I’ve just done basic snugging of bolts, lubing, wiping, cleaning, inflating, etc. there is a creak coming from somewhere. And my rear hub makes noise from inside of it depending on where the peddles are located and force applied in turns and climbs. Is there anything maintenance wise I should be doing? I bought it at the peddler. I love that shop.
  13. Strava is weird some times. It says I went 18:43 but I was in a group as the caboose for a while and I wiped out in a corner. weird.
  14. I can't fathom shaving 5 minutes off my time either. A 19 minute run almost killed me and left me with barely any energy to make it back home.
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