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  1. Absolutely perfect conditions this afternoon.
  2. I’ve stopped and gave advice a few times. Last time was when I had just rode up the climb to Swag W->E and there was a guy at the top. I guess he had just pushed it up that last rocky bit and couldn’t believe I had just cleaned it. I showed him my line and he went back down to give it another try. I was 50ft down the bailout when he yelled “I made it !!!”. Dude was on what looked like a 90’s 7 speed HT. I don’t know if I could have done it on that old rig.
  3. To be fair, I’m pretty sure he walked almost all of it.
  4. not sure if it was a messenger bike, but I saw a guy on DD with some skinny wheeled bike with a basket on the back. He also had some kind of boom box going full blast... and no helmet of course. I told him “nobody wants to hear that crap”, but it was so loud I don’t think he could hear me.
  5. I know what you mean. I’ve rolled the ramp, but not hit those platform drops. I need to get back over to the Christchurch playground and work through the progressive drop setup there.
  6. 6pm was much better. It was in the 70s when I got back to the parking lot.
  7. Yeah, that’s one of my favorite rides out there.
  8. When you posted this in the "Pay it forward" thread, I thought you might be paying them forward ...perhaps he thought the same.
  9. It's been a while since I was over there, but I think the log(s) holding it up got mangled somehow. IDK remember if it was errosion, neglect or other.
  10. After scrubbing the crap out of it, I pour some IPA (not the hoppy kind) in there... just in case.
  11. https://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/assets/img/latest/latest_512_HMIIC.jpg
  12. That was a nice feature, I was sad to see it go...
  13. I seem to roll over those rocks and hear them scatter behind me a lot lately. I keep thinking they should be gone the next time I come though, but then there they are again. I used to just hang a left and do the rim instead hitting that thing. I think I have it figured out now though. It takes a different technique than the rest of them and can definitely jack you up if you hit wrong. I usually don’t go all the way left, more partially over the root I think.
  14. Is the Glitch the 1st g-out after climbing up the singletrack from the bottom of daves?
  15. I picked a Lezyne ABS2 chuck and adapted it to compressor fitting. It’s the high volume version so it flows pretty good.
  16. You should be able to "aquire" some wheels w/DTSwiss hubs (240s, 350s) and convert them to QR pretty easy. I think there are other brands that convert pretty easy also, but DT is the only ones I done conversions on.
  17. PM sent I’ll leave it on the porch in the AM.
  18. I have an old 26” Specialized Hotrock in 15”. The frame, crankset, post/seat and stem were PF’d to me several years ago. I put some of my spare parts on it and let my son ride it for a while, then stripped it back down. It’s been hanging in my garage for probably 10 years now, so I’m gonna try an unload it to make room for some garage rearranging. It needs a set of V-Brakes to be rideable (and pedals). The included chain is a little short to go big/big also.
  19. The side play was more than any of my LEVs but like I said the up/down was the main issue.
  20. It was making a lot of noise, creaking... It had a slight mm or so side-to-side play when new but It started to have some up/down play and that’s where most of the noise was.
  21. I just replaced my Fox Transfer with a 9point8 Fall line. Between the Fox, KS LEV the 9point8 I’ve ridden, the latter is the best.
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