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  1. My Wahoo Element is stuck at just showing/flashing the Wahoo display. I tried a hard reset with holding down the power and upper right button for over 10sec and no worky. I've had to reset it 3 times in the last 4yrs and it always worked in the past but now its stuck. I've sent msg to Wahoo support with no help.
  2. I gotta set of 29 Plus Cushcore for sale, used for 3 rides. Like new for $100. retail for $149 on Amazon
  3. Gotta keep an eye out for Rattlesnakes. Seems like we usually ride up on one this time of yr
  4. Just popped in the trail yesterday and noticed all the trail cleanup going on and some work on a new entrance. Good job! Would like to help with the trail building as a few of us mtbr's live nearby.
  5. nothing like spending $350 on a new cassette
  6. I live in Windsor Park and have been riding this little loop for yrs. There is actually some decent elevation back there and always wanted to design a sustainable trail loop, but then the homeless took over and we figured it would be condos soon. Would like to help out!
  7. I quit the Nut on weekends after going over the bars, after a big off leash Rottweiler took me out on Tangle, and then getting yelled at by a Jersey Shore couple last yr.
  8. Exactly. $20 a roll for Stans is stupid, especially when I'm taping 2 mtb's, cx and a road bike all tubeless gets pricey. I've used Gorilla tape but it gets sticky. I just bought 2 rolls of 3m 8896 Strapping tape which fits in the rim bed nicely, stretches and has held up on 2 rims this weekend. $8.97 a roll and I'm guessing I can prolly wrap 6 wheels.
  9. After yrs of using Stan's, I'm giving up as sealant seams to find a way underneath and leak, then I tried replacing and it started ripping in the middle after i set up tires. Anything else that that's says bicycle related is rediculously expensive. I tried Gorilla tape last summer but the glue dried up so bad it made a gooey mess trying to clean it off, prolly from the heat. Was wondering if there's some kind of clear, strong tape that's not stupid expensive that will fit in a wide rim bed and hold up to Stans sealant.
  10. I was chatting about this with a buddy recently who new a guy that got his SC Bronson stolen out of the back of his truck at Querro's lot several months ago. They cut the lock but he had a tag somewhere on his bike and he ended up tracking it to SE Austin. He rolled up and spotted a punk riding it in a apartment complex lot. Long story short the thief gotta broken nose and he got his bike back.
  11. I dont know who's been building those off shoot trails on SWCT but they are a blast on the gravel rig! It's a lil tight on the mtb as I tend to bang trees with my wide bars. That long downhill going south toward Loyola would make a fun switchback jump line in the woods as well.
  12. I still think some sort of GPS tracking device installed in your $$bike is the way to go. Wish I would've had one in my Honda Ruckus that got ripped off!
  13. So is this trail eventually going to connect to the Walnut Creek bike path by Johnny Morris?
  14. My 2021 Trance came with full Eagle 12sp and 170mm cranks. I've been riding 175's for the last 25yrs. I was told Giant installs these to help with pedal strikes. Oddly, my new Giant TCX came with 170mm cranks as well.
  15. Apparently the body was in several poop bags
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