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  1. There is a whole lot of trails in Sam Houston Nat. Forest. In the early 90's a buddy and I got lost back there for 13 hrs. Luckily hit a fire road at dusk and found a house that helped us out. it was hot af and we were dehydrated and fly bitten from hell. Quite an ordeal before cell, gps, and bikes were heavy. Also Tx Bigfoot country so heads up.
  2. I did it on a old Ibis Mojo. I removed the stay bridge and canti mounts and installed disc mounts. I ran 650 38's and had a flexy Ti fork. Really fun Frankenbike and for some stupid reason I sold it yrs ago.
  3. I was climbing up my fave trail off 360 recently when a guy came flying up past me on the switchbacks and I was thinking NFway he could be that fast, and then I realized he was on a fancy Giant squish Ebike...it looked pretty fun I gotta say and sadly, he prolly took some KOM's on that rig
  4. Yep, I gotta say the MJ bibs are my go to. Quality chamois and pretty light in this hell heat. I'm on my 4th pair. Nothing easy about riding in this heat and I cant ride with baggies in the summer either. Also big fan of Budrows Butt Butter when you get the swampass. b
  5. For some stupid reason I sold my early 90's Ibis Mojo steel frame and purple Manitou fork last yr.
  6. Im still waiting for a Tx Bigfoot sighting. All the early yrs of riding in East Tx woods, sadly, nothing, but I do like to read the latest reports on the BFRO websight.
  7. As much as I like baggies on dirt rides, Ive yet to find a pair that's not so "swampy" during Tx heat
  8. This is seriously the snakiest snake season I can remember. Ive been building a house out near Boerne for the last 3 months and the Rattlesnakes have been pretty common sight out there.
  9. You need a tshirt that says, "I break things"
  10. I gotta say those ebikes are a blast to zip around town in the bike lanes. my Honda Ruckus is jealous AF it doesn't get used as much for bar hop day.
  11. I witnessed a yardsale by campus the other day. 2 college kids on 1 scooter going downhill. Quite entertaining while sitting in traffic
  12. I jus like wearing mine to the mall😃
  13. The last 2 times doing lake Georgetown weve see a Rattlesnake
  14. I had a custom Carl Strong frame made for me yrs ago. 29r with a longish tt and his custom blend of steel. Carl is one of the original welders from Ibis and his frames are a work of art. Seriously the best riding ht Ive ever owned. Saddly was stolen after a race at RHR
  15. Killin snakes is dumb. Move’m along off the trail. They’re actually part of the ecosystem
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