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  1. Kessler and Little Sugar are good. If you can hit Mt Nebo on the way up, that place is super awesome.
  2. Are you in with anyone on possible trail development there - or are you waiting for the purchase to finalize to attack?
  3. I feel like the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance have a great system going as far as trail access based around GCW habitation. They have specific trails that are closed specific times of the year because of the GCW nesting. SMGA works primarily in Hayes county too. Maybe there could be some connection there?
  4. @notyal Did anything more ever develop with this? I live in the the New Braunfels area now and have seen some local news story on this land. I'd love to help get involved?
  5. McAllister Park in North San Antonio has a really nice pump track now. (I do not have anything with the video below or know the person recording. Just saw the thumbnail showcased the pump track).
  6. I really enjoyed this one on the last Pedro album
  7. What I'm about to say may seem trivial to some or at most a minor issue - but my month, quite possibly my life, is immediately ruined when I come across a hiker/runner who has headphones in so loud they are unaware of their surroundings. So loud that shouting RIDER BACK does not alert them to my presence. I've seen this brought up before in other mountain bike forums, but I need to stop letting it get to me so much. I just cannot believe the audacity of some people. They might as well come into my house and take a giant shit on my floor. I'm incredibly non-confrontational, so I won't say anything besides a short, snarky remark along the lines it's not a good idea, but on the inside I'm FUMING. It's like road rage but while riding, haha.
  8. Man I hope y'all going for it post up some ride logs. I really enjoyed reading those the last time this happened. Be thinking about those when you're cranking out the miles!
  9. Just now seeing this. We rode the Glorieta trails when we were in Santa Fe June 2018. We planned on riding the Windsor but since the Santa Fe Natl Forest was closed due to drought we couldn't. Glorieta is on private land inside SFNF so we still got to ride. I thought it was super fun. We parked at a church and rode into the camp - did 2 laps of about a ~2mi ascent on steep jeep road for a 5-10 minute 2mi descent. Back then the family who owned Camp Eagle also owned Glorieta. Might be different now, I'm not sure. They had just had a big enduro race right before we went. I'd recommend it for sure but then again that was 2 or 3 years ago now.
  10. I don't know how old your son is, but McAllister in San Antonio is terrific for kids. My daughter was knocking out 6-mile loops there when she was 7. Purgatory is another option, but I would stray away from the black trails on trailforks and probably Dante's after the Ovid loop. Other than that, all the green/blue stuff should be fun for a kid. Same with Spring Lake. You could make two loops of Centipede and Blue Stem.
  11. Yeah, I could understand that. I guess I'm biased because I have seemingly eaten less shit at Purg, haha. There have been some awesome additions to spring lake since I started riding there. Centipede is so flowy and a perfect trail to start on if you start from Lime Kiln Rd. The new descent they built on Grey Fox is super fun. Like you mentioned in your post, descending from that trailhead down Roadrunner is super badass! My favorite descent in the park is by far Blind Salamander.
  12. Schrute


    Does anyone also Kayak or do any Kayak camping in the Hill Country?
  13. No disrespect intended, but I'm curious why you dislike Purgatory so much? In my opinion, Madrone is just as technical, perhaps more so considering its more extensive elevation profile.
  14. Since you're familiar with trailforks and have done Madrone in the past, I would give Purgatory a shot. As far as I know, the only trail shut down at Purg due to Warbler nesting is Paraiso. You can still take Dante's to the other side and back and add smaller side trails like Ovid, Limbo, and Malacoda. If you did go and made it to the other side - Upper Dante's is a neat, short little out and back. Don't get me wrong, Madrone is fun, but I think Purgatory is worth checking out if you have done Madrone before and want to try something new out. You can easily do a reasonably technical, fun 12-mile ride at Purg. I prefer Spring Lake for the area, which has way more elevation and descents that are awesome. Spring Lake doesn't look like much on a map, but two laps of everything could easily be around 10 miles. Unfortunately, since it isn't a large area, more of the fun trails are impacted by Warbler's nesting season, so I currently wouldn't recommend it. I hope you have fun regardless of where you choose! I'd offer to guide Saturday morning if I didn't have plans already. EDIT - I meant to note, in my opinion, it is best to take Beatrice in the direction heading back towards the lower parking.
  15. A buddy and I are doing the 60 mi. Big Bend epic. 2 nights 3 days. https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/513404/fresno-sauceda-loop-imba-epic I rode out there in 2014 and only did the dome loop. It was awesome. Has anyone bike packed out there and care to share any experiences or lessons learned?
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