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  1. I’ve only had to use bacon strips twice. Both times, had trouble with it completely stopping the leak, even with sealant. A little hack that I discovered actually works.... Attach two zip ties end to end and loop around the tire and rim, cinching it down tightly over the bacon plug so it works like a field dress for a battle field bullet wound. It applies pressure to the “wound” preventing air and sealant from leaking out. Of course, you’ll need to cut the excess zip tie or it will slap the frame every rotation of the wheel. Not pretty, but it worked for me and one other rider I encountered at RPR one time.
  2. 1x anything is better than 2x or 3x IMO, but I ride trails almost exclusively and don’t need the wide range of high gears I ride a Giant Trance with a 1x12, which is cool and all, but I recently installed an OVAL ring in the front. That shit is a game changer! I was hesitant to spend the $65 on that one little ring because of mixed reviews, but it has absolutely helped me power through technical chunky climbs on Deception I was never able to clear before. Even though this is slightly off topic (sorry), I highly recommend an oval chain ring for anyone looking to improve peddling efficiency.
  3. Creative idea for Mother’s Day outing. 😉
  4. I rode PP and a few other trails east of the dam today (sorry don’t know their names). Mostly everything is in great shape for riding. There are a few spots still a little sloppy you’ll need to avoid. The work from the trail crew is paying off. PP is more fun with every ride (and faster). Thanks to all who participated.
  5. I’ll be there. Already sent RSVP. I live very close so let me know if I should bring tools. I have a wheelbarrow, a gorilla wagon, shovels, rakes, a pick and a really heavy tamping bar if rock breaking is required (hopefully tamping bar not needed, I wasn’t planning on working quite that hard).
  6. DD and picnic are in great shape. Low spots at mulligan we’re wet. Overall great day for a ride.
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