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Just saw that there demo days the next two weekends - 

Bicycle Sport Shop demo'ing Santa Cruz at Spider Mountain 2/16

Mellow Johnny's demo'ing Ibis at Walnut Creek 2/23

If you buy a new bike - please coordinate with everybody else who buys a bike so we can get all the rain over at once...

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Southwest Cycle Sport is doing a Scott Demo also


The Scott Demo Van will at Walnut Creek Mountain Bike trailhead lot for a demo Saturday October 19th from 9am to 2pm, last bike out at 1. Stop by and demo a Spark RC, Spark, Genius or Ransom. Be sure to bring pedals, helmet, riding gear an ID and credit card.

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9 hours ago, Sluggo said:

Specialized Demo at Spider Mountain this Saturday and Sunday. Anxious to hear about the new Enduro. Lift ticket not included. 

In my bike search last month the Specialized Stumpjumper was on the list. BSS did not have a single large Stumpjumper of ANY flavor at ANY store. I literally had cash in hand and would possibly have bought at the time and the best I could do was ride an older model of a rental bike around the parking lot. My expectations for Specialized dropped pretty hard after that. There is a benefit from buying a big name brand, but when the bikes just can't be had, much of that benefit goes out the window.

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