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  1. Its not the Ace and Gary model, it didn't come with seats, just posts.
  2. I see that REI has put these on sale for $480, price drop to $350.
  3. Thought I'd throw this up here before dealing with FB Marketplace. This was my son's bike but he didn't ride it much before he outgrew it. The spec list is in the link below, it's a great stopgap bike from the 24" kids models to an adult bike. https://www.rei.com/product/162207/co-op-cycles-drt-10-bike
  4. I ordered the wrong spindle size, this one is a threaded 73mm BB for a 30mm through spindle. New in the box, I just paid $46, costs $20 to ship it back to jolly England, I'll take $30. I'm in SW Austin.
  5. Inerested, what would you want for it?
  6. I love Commencal, that's hitting a little out of my price range but worthy of consideration.
  7. So I took my 12yo out riding last week, and noticed he was lagging behind, long story short when he caught up it looked like a bear on a tricycle. Time for a new bike, really trying to keep the cost decent as I'm sure he'll outgrow this one in 1-3 years, but he's shown interest in riding for his middle school team so I don't want som 30+ lb beast with heavy parts. The best I've found so far is the Polygon Xtrada 7: https://www.bikesonline.com/2021-polygon-xtrada-7-hardtail-mountain-bike Everything else I've found in the sub $1000 arena seems to be really lacking. If any one has suggestions I'm all ears. I should also add he's 5'6" and 120lbs, so we're squarely in adult sized bn
  8. Try American Bolt on Burleson Rd. These guys have everything I have ever needed for my bike or my weird one off work projects. https://goo.gl/maps/3M4jcUgU6q96WG679
  9. If your riding Rock Shox or Fox the service is way simpler than what I just did. As long as you have the tools on hand its less than an hour job.
  10. I appreciate that. Full admission- once I saw what shops were charging for the service vs. cost of tools and parts it was a no brainer for me. I built this bike from the frame up, only thing I have left to dig into is the rear shock.
  11. Hayes (owner of Manitou) has a really good online support library. Also found a youtube video they made. I'm also mechanically inclined (wrenched on cars for 25+ years) so it was pretty straight forward.
  12. Well, I completed the service on the Manitou yesterday. Not that bad a job, messy as hell though with all the grease and fork oil. On the plus side all the oil and seals looked great, it really just needed to be re-greased on the o rings. So if anyone has a manitou that needs service let me know, I have the full inventory of fluids/tools to do the job.
  13. I've been using a TLD A1 Mips for over a year now, aside of how big it is (I have a huge head), no complaints about about comfort. I had a Kali I liked before but will all the concussions I've had I decided to go Mips to protect what little brains I have left.
  14. I'm sure you've ridden it. I'm slow to the game or trail in this case. it's the one with the dual line hill with all the rocks in between right there by double dip.
  15. Kudos to the builders on the new trail behind ATX bikes. That is a fun trail and I would have attacked it more had I not been so worn out.
  16. Awesome, I will continue to let it sit on my workbench as it awaits its new owner.
  17. I did some searching, found the tool kit for $60. As for selling the fork, I would consider that but I a) run 29+ and this fork was a bitch to find, and b) love the fork more than anything else I've ridden to date. I'll probably buy the tool kit, grease and oil and give it a go.
  18. I have 1 180 shimano rotor and you can have the shimano hub it's connected to also. All your's for say a 6 pack if you want it.
  19. Can anyone recommend a shop to work on my Manitou Mattoc Pro? I've read through the service guide and it appears they use enough proprietary tools I may be screwed attempting this myself.
  20. If anyone is looking for a new frame Banshee is closing out all of their 2019 frames. It looked like everything is $700 off and comes with a headset and rear shock. I'm currently running a Phantom and love it. https://bansheeusa.com/collections/closeouts
  21. All my situations didn't involve an uphill/downhill dynamic, and if any of them even bothered to say anything I probably wouldn't have been pissed. I always make a point to say hello and thank another rider when they slow down/yield. Just irks me when someone thinks their that damn important. But I stand firm on my Spandex/Lycra ratio hypothesis, most of the guys being impolite are decked out in it.
  22. Am I the only one who gets pissed off when on coming riders don't even attempt to slow down or move over? When I see oncoming traffic on the trail I always slow down to make sure everyone can pass each other safely. I'm noticing this becoming a trend on the SATN- rode on the 31st with my buddy and out of the 5 encounters we had with oncoming bikers, 1 made an attempt to slow down when we did. What's the rule, higher ratio of spandex commands ROW?
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