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Oskar Blues

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I know there are several groups.  I was there once and did not see the group I was hoping to ride with. I can't remember the details on food trailer(s) and times.  I was hoping to make it today but I may be ill-prepared.  Does the ride go late enough during DST to need lights?

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The OB ride (that I'm aware of) rolls out at Thursday at 6. You might want to bring a rear flashy for the road portion,  but all groups easily get back before dark at this time of year.

Get there if you can at 5:30ish for a pre-ride beer. The crew got a little smaller now that Driveway has started...but we had 18 folks tonight!  But there is generally enough for 2 to 3 groups. 

Currently the mediocre Mexican food truck takes the night off on Thursday and is replaced with the spectacular The Rice Is Right Asian truck, which is open plenty late.

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I thought I'd come back and be clear what this is on about! In the pre-apocalypse days this ride would have as many as 35+ folks on good days. A small word of mouth group started getting back together on Thursdays for WC rides back in early fall last year. It was basically R&I Thursday edition. But then OB opened back up, and in December we got them to agree to stay open until 9:00 so that our post ride imbibing could once again be at the brewery. And that's what's going on now. And now that most conscientious folks have started getting their shots (shots! shots!), I'm comfortable moving this from word of mouth to a somewhat more formalized version, particularly since the pre and post hangout are on the massive outside pavilion and grounds. 

The Walnut Creek Park Oskar Blues Ride leaves every Thursday from the brewery at 6:00. It's at 10420 Metric Blvd Ste 150, Austin, TX 78758. Many folks show up at about 5:30-5:45 for a pre-gamer of their favorite OB beverage. The crew rolls out en masse very much EB style for the 2 mile spin to Gracywoods Park, where we then gather to collect anyone that didn't "make the green" on the way over.  Then we enter WC at the Inner Log Loop. After IL, we generally separate into a couple or 3 or more groups and then do some version of the Standard Loop +/-. You can either tether to me for a quicker ride (sometimes civilised, sometimes not), or hang back for a more party pace with others. Generally everyone finds a decent group for their desired pain level. And the various groups do between 8 to 14 mile WC miles before heading back to the brewery for as many drinks as they're comfortable having. That tends to be a lot for me, since I ride to and from the ride. 

Anyway, I figure at this point all are welcome, and are likely to find a pace they enjoy. 

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