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  1. Think Muleshoe will be good tomorrow? It generally drains pretty well, but not sure with the dreary conditions we've had today.
  2. Probably not, would just need to angle the bike a bit. I have a short bed 2500, which I think is a ft longer than a 150.
  3. I use one of these if transporting one bike. Picked up it used on ebay. - https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/bike-rack/truck-bed-bike-racks/thule-insta-gater-_-18344 That lets me keep both wheels on and is super simple to take out if I need to. I throw a moving blanket over the tailgate if I have to have multiple bikes in. I'd probably just get a hitch rack, but I use a trailer often and I don't want to have to swap out the rack every time.
  4. Pretty sure no one on here would be doing that.
  5. Oh yea, I've ridden there before. There were a few trails at the time. Unfortunately can't make the meeting tonight. 😞
  6. I'm out of town this year unfortunately. 😞 I'll try to promote it to the folks I ride with though.
  7. Yep, this one is on my radar. We really need more funding for the parks - stealing it to prop up some other program has always annoyed me.
  8. I'd check prices before going with this deal. I was interested so I checked on a Vivoactive 3 and with discount is was $2 more than it was on Amazon. Checked a few more and they were cheaper by up to 20 bucks on other retail sites.
  9. I don't think much is needed. I just think they'd need to add in some channels to direct water and repair a small portion of trail. There's only one spot where I think it'll just continue to get worse and if they added in a concrete channel on both sides and a place for water to flow under the trail with reinforcement, it'd be fine. Probably would involve adding 30 ft of channels and replacing one slab for something under the trail. I will disagree about using Duval for commuting, though. Mopac - Duval is pretty heavily traffic during commute times and I personally wouldn't feel safe riding it if I had to commute there. The trail lets you at least get out at Duval close to the bike lanes.
  10. Yeah, I know which section you're talking about without even looking at the site. I knew it'd be a problem and start cracking eventually - and the gravel fill they've been using makes it super sketchy on a road bike. I'm not sure who looked at it and thought 'this is good!' and signed off on it.
  11. Here you go: https://goo.gl/maps/3T27nNR9FGa63Zar7 Pin didn't stick, but it's the little paved circle where the trail starts. You can park outside the gate and ride there. When you take the road in from DB Woods, you'll see the gate house to the left, park to the right.
  12. Yeah, 99% sure that's a scam. Other 1% is stolen. I see lots of similar bikes posted for cheap and they're generally all on multiple CLs around the country with the same scammy text.
  13. Solid so far. I rode Cedar Breaks - Russell and back and had zero complaints. Held up well and grip was good. Hoping to get out to City Park soon but haven't had the chance yet.
  14. Depending on your riding style and clearance, here are some options: Assegai 2.5WT + Aggressor rear 2.5WT - this combo has lots of grip but is heavy. Assegai 2.5 WT + Assegai 2.5WT - LOTS of grip but very heavy. I have these on my bike at the moment and the traction is awesome, but you pay for it on the smoother stuff. Minion DHF 2.5WT + Aggressor 2.5WT - Good grip overall. Nice overall choice if you rider rougher stuff constantly. Minion DHF 2.5WT + Rekon 2.4WT - Good grip and decent rolling resistance. Great overall feel and what i'll probably swap to, unless I try Assegai + Rekon. Rekon + Rekon - Grip isn't as good but will roll faster. Here's the Assegai I use. There's a lighter option with just Exo that I'm assuming is a little less tough. TB00172500 29X2.50WT 63-622 120 FOLDABLE 1,125 3C MAXX TERRA 50 3CT/EXO+/TR Black MOUNTAIN
  15. Yeah, I had some Crests a few years ago that were pretty flimsy on rocks, but I know they've recently made some improvements (or so I've heard) so I wasn't going to judge the new version. They are XC wheels though, and for general riding I'd go with something a little burlier/wider.
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