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  1. Bit rainy this week but trails are in great shape. It rained a bunch Monday night and I was surprised that the trails were already dry by afternoon minus some slick rocks. Staying at the Blowing Springs campground as usual - bit crowded but nice for trail access and cell signal is very good, especially with a booster (required since I'm working from camper and will be here 3 weeks). The only bummer is that the intersection near the interstate is under construction, and it's pretty sketchy riding to the slaughter pen area or into town.
  2. What's his price range on it? I'm selling an SS soon probably, but not really an urban bike (carbon stumpjumper SS). Doubt it's what he's looking for but wanted to mention it.
  3. Yeah, Assegais can double as boat anchors. They are so, so grippy though.
  4. AJ's closed their Parmer location earlier this year. I'm not sure about the GT one. Edit: looks like they are in liberty hill now
  5. Gone, won't let me edit post for whatever reason.
  6. Fair warning - always keep an eye on them when they're charging. I've seen lots of stories about cheap lights and the batteries catching on fire when charging, usually in regards to the cheap stuff you get from china on ebay.
  7. I remember that dude. He also had some other crazy statements unrelated to bikes. Tim Kelly was his name, I think.
  8. It's beautiful right now, high of 71! We're thinking of extending our stay another week past the 9th. So far my favorite ride has been Hobbs State Conservation Area - Wolf Den and Karst Loop - very pretty trail!
  9. Just an FYI - right now the Razorback Greenway is closed just south of Blowing Springs RV Park (right past the new north location of Phat Tire Bike Shop) due to highway work and you either have to drive around or do the fairly unsafe ride on the highway or a 3ish mile reroute on a 2 lane road w/ no shoulder (but not much traffic) A factor if you're staying in Bella Vista or camping at Blowing Springs and want to ride to Slaughter Pen.
  10. Ouch! Glad you escaped relatively unscathed! Heal fast!
  11. Obviously a scam listing, but the text was great. https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-santa-2019-cruz-hightower-carbon/7200309852.html (pic is clearly a carbon hightower w/ a chain on it) 29er Tubeless Santa Cruz It is an indestructible, steel frame, mean machine. Upgraded to Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and added dropper post recently. It is silent, no chain, no lube,no grease,no issue. Me AtText now :: Belt is more reliable than a chain and lasts a lot longer. The cleaning process is just to use a water hose and aim.
  12. I honestly just walk that feature these days. I've been OTB on it too due to badly placed rocks. It should be easy, but it seems like it changes every time and I'm not risking injury on it.
  13. They are great wheels - have heard nothing but good reviews. I've been thinking of picking up a set for my Cutthroat soon. Local company, great folks - the owner used to work at BSS and is a super nice guy.
  14. Not sure about other shops but BSS has been pretty stringent on their precautions. If you're bringing your bike in for service, you put it on a rack next to a tent, walk away, and they wipe it down and take it in. You either wait in your car for online orders or pay at the entrance to the shop if you're picking a bike up. No one actually goes in the store (at least at Research location)
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