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  1. Yep, i've seen the OneWheel crew out a few times and have had positive interactions with them, so I have no real complaints. I always assumed they were motorized vehicles and weren't really supposed to be on the trails, but I turned a blind eye to it considering the small footprint and their general courtesy of moving out of the way for faster trail users.
  2. Yeah, we're getting a mid-priced used one that can be resold if it turns out poorly. 🙂
  3. Wife and i are looking at a tandem this weekend, so there may be another group in the tandem race. We'll see how it fits.
  4. Yep, and if it does have coverage, check the deductible. Many HO policies have a 1% of home value deductible, so if your house is worth 200k, that's a 2k deductible, which may not cover much. Also check to see if it covers replacement value or actual value.
  5. FYI RHR will have a trail running race out on Saturday. While I assume the expected rain will scare everyone off, I didn't want people to make the trip for nothing.
  6. Did a quick ride last night there. Ended up getting it in ~20 minutes. Wasn't going too hard and was my first time riding the new sections so I figure I can knock 2-3 minutes off it, but no way I'm getting it down to 15 minutes.
  7. Borrow a Go-Pro if you don't have one so you can record it and post it here.
  8. Currently raining somewhat around 4 miles west of WC. Dunno if it made it all the way over there though.
  9. Cruisers have also gotten a lot fancier than I remember.
  10. Anyone missing a bike? Seems a bit light on details for a legit ad for such a nice bike. https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-giant-advance-composition/6814899597.html
  11. Yep, was hoping it was a med. Awesome build for that price.
  12. Apparently he learned something from this guy: https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/apd-identifies-bank-robbery-suspect-who-used-e-scooter-for-getaway/1726367092
  13. Haven't been out there yet, but probably take my Canfield Riot (now Toir) out there when I go. http://canfieldbrothers.com/frames/toir
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