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  1. That's a Trance right? Love mine, though I'm still messing with the float dpx shock to get it dialed in perfectly.
  2. At this point, I'm going to offer to take the rocks just to have something to throw at all of you.
  3. But yeah, plenty of nice bikes at BSS! I was in there renting a road bike and was drawn to looking at the new MTBs even though I'm perfectly happy with the ones I have!
  4. I don't mind e-bikes but wouldn't want it to be my only bike for sure. Rather just when I want an easy day but still do a MTB ride on technical trail. I see them more having a place for those who have been injured and still want to ride with their friends/significant others. Can't train because of some issue like foot, knee, or back but still want to ride with friends and not slow them down? That's kind of where I see e-bikes being best.
  5. Short but heavy downpour at Riata and Parmer area too, about 3-4 miles from Walnut. I haven't been outside yet to see how wet the ground looks.
  6. SS-wise I'm running 32x17, but that was mostly for Double Lake race. Around here I'll run either 32x18 or 32x20 depending on where I'm going. I also run 1x12 on geared. Not really necessary around here (1x10 or 1x11 is fine) but that's what it came with.
  7. She was clearly doing it wrong. She's supposed to yell 'STTRRAAAVVVAAAAA'.
  8. Yeah, I agree. I think he'll have a hard time selling it and end up parting it out. I was being optimistic on the 7k part - I'd expect closer to 6 and it'll take a long time to sell it - probably would need to be on something like Pinkbike or Ebay.
  9. He's going to have a really hard time selling for that. I'd expect to get like 6-7k for that. I'd probably find another crankset and sell the Quarq separately - it'd do better.
  10. Yep, stress test is a good idea. I did get CPR and first aid certification since it was a requirement for the IMBA Ride Lead training. There are some courses out there that don't take terribly long. It's something that's good to know at least.
  11. Yep, i've seen the OneWheel crew out a few times and have had positive interactions with them, so I have no real complaints. I always assumed they were motorized vehicles and weren't really supposed to be on the trails, but I turned a blind eye to it considering the small footprint and their general courtesy of moving out of the way for faster trail users.
  12. Yeah, we're getting a mid-priced used one that can be resold if it turns out poorly. 🙂
  13. Wife and i are looking at a tandem this weekend, so there may be another group in the tandem race. We'll see how it fits.
  14. Yep, and if it does have coverage, check the deductible. Many HO policies have a 1% of home value deductible, so if your house is worth 200k, that's a 2k deductible, which may not cover much. Also check to see if it covers replacement value or actual value.
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