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  1. I honestly just walk that feature these days. I've been OTB on it too due to badly placed rocks. It should be easy, but it seems like it changes every time and I'm not risking injury on it.
  2. They are great wheels - have heard nothing but good reviews. I've been thinking of picking up a set for my Cutthroat soon. Local company, great folks - the owner used to work at BSS and is a super nice guy.
  3. Not sure about other shops but BSS has been pretty stringent on their precautions. If you're bringing your bike in for service, you put it on a rack next to a tent, walk away, and they wipe it down and take it in. You either wait in your car for online orders or pay at the entrance to the shop if you're picking a bike up. No one actually goes in the store (at least at Research location)
  4. Yeah, I've definitely seen more bikes on the road of the cruiser/hybrid variety in the past few weeks. Have also had to inform several parents that kids are required to have helmets on - I generally mind my own business but I make an exception for kids without helmets - it can cause life-changing damage and they don't know any better, so it's up to the parents to take responsibility. I've also been taking my bikes in for needed service I've been putting off to make sure to throw business their way.
  5. Rode that way yesterday and Pickle back gate was fenced off. Looks like it be hit or miss depending on the day (Wednesday @ 2PM).
  6. I've been riding more of the lesser used gravel/trails in the area. Only did a brief stint on brushy last week to connect to something else. I can PM you the route I did if you want.
  7. Yeah, I was trying to argue that point on Facebook this morning. Based on Italy's data, this is the best path to avoid many, many deaths. But 'I'm an RN and think this is overblown!' is apparently better than hard numbers and data science studies.
  8. Trail runners are fine with me. Same as others - only time it annoys me is when I have to yell at the top of my lungs to let them know I'm behind them due to earbuds.
  9. Co Bend fills up pretty often. I've been a few times where I've seen the park closed due to capacity sign. Same with Pedernales - we were there a week or two and they were turning people away as we were leaving.
  10. Yeah, last time I went out there in the summer they were pretty overgrown. Probably not as bad in the winter, though. I usually ride it on my cross bike when I'm up there. Nice little section of trails to add in to a bigger road/gravel/singletrack ride.
  11. To be honest, it annoys me more that one land owner (who doesn't own the land the trail is on) gets to dictate trail closures than all the people who use the public land. There was zero reason to close that trail beyond 'Hey, I can see the rabble from my house! Begone!' unless I'm missing something. The trail isn't even used that much. They knew they bought against parkland, and should be expecting it to be used, not be their own private back yard.
  12. Yeah, you have to be careful to really study when you're planning routes and use street view when possible. There's quite a few times I've had to change routes because of that issue - looks like a county road on the map but has a big gate when viewed via street view. Sucks, too, because sometimes it's really the only good way through without going many miles around or getting on unsafe roads.
  13. Yeah, fairly similar on the price being worth it. If we lived up north, where you're pretty much on a trainer 4 months out of the year, I'd probably consider it. Down here, where I can ride my bike outside 90% of the time (more really, but I'm being lazy this year and not riding outside under 40 degrees), I don't think it's worth it.
  14. Anyone think the north side will be dry this weekend? Camping there and trying to decide whether to just take the road bike or take a MTB too and hope.
  15. I've found the Avery Ranch Urgent Care over next to Deception to be good and reasonably priced. I've been there more than I'd necessarily like!
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