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  1. I'm following the Spinstry, not sure if bikepacking is right for me. I really like not having to bring a lot of items, and I really dislike being hungry or uncomfortable. I could see CC Touring for a week going from city to city, or a supported tour, but I didn't have to carry that much stuff. What's PBP? Another thing that Barry and I do is a riding tour of our favorite food places. Over the summer we will do tacos, ice cream and beer rides. When covid is wrapped up we plan on setting up a few of these days if anyone is interested. 50+ miles at a party pace. Full disclosure I do not do a party pace to ice cream, that is a sprint for me. North Austin is great for brewery crawls.
  2. We stayed at a Day's Inn- I like to be stumbling distance from dinner/drinks after a long day. I have found on our trips we are too tired to enjoy a real nice room, we try to keep it in the $60 range. There were a bit of compressed gravel roads, but nothing too crazy. Lots of county roads and farms. I did a Zwift training plan to prepare for this ride and was really glad that I did. Sometimes these rides can be a real sufferfest- besides some chafing I was relatively pain free but at my comfort limit. Never too soon to start training for this kind of ride. https://sanjuanhuts.com/
  3. I'm 5'4" with a 29 inch inseam. I ride a medium Santa Cruz HighTower with a 29er setup and a 54cm Specialized Sequoia. Some bike shops wouldn't size me on these sized bikes, but it I feel cramped in smaller bikes. My previous bikes were smaller and hurt my posture on longer rides. Barry does spec all my parts and did put really short stems on both bikes, but I find the handling of shorter stems preferable on squirly and DH shit. Arm length- reach and inseam make a big difference on some bikes. I literally can't stand over a Gorilla Gravity medium frame with the tires inflated. Always demo a bike on a reasonable ride.
  4. So we finally did it and it was everything that I hoped that it would be. So few things in life as this way. Remember that song "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce? The dreamlike afternoon of being in the middle of nowhere Texas with @Barry felt like time saved in a bottle. First of many trips to come. We were able to bring all the things we needed to stay in hotels without bringing too much to carry. Doing hotel laundry is a must. When we got to Killeen, Barry's shifter cable for the CH broke and he had to single speed the route to the hotel and the entire ride home. I did my two longest rides back to back without considering the uncomfortable 2/3 of the second day. Luckily Barry's single speed was enough of a bunny for me to chase without getting too exhausted to be frustrated We could have called this the taco-coffee tour. We stopped on average every two hours for either tacos or coffee. Total mileage 147 miles with 5400 feet of elevation in 31 hours.
  5. I use my smart phone(Pixel 3XL) on a quad lock for zwift, my phone isn't compatible with my monitor. I really dig Zwift and the fitness gains are serious. I get more in a 50 min zwift training plan workout then I do a WC loop for sure. I sure was late to the zwift party but I'm all in. I dig hear training, so this is an addition to trail riding when I recover and can ride outside again, I had one glorious ride until my cardio proved stronger them my handling- Zwift related from a previous injury.
  6. Jessica

    Car Glamping

    Found a photo of our tent. We run an extension cord/power strip from the Jeep to fill the tall Q air mattress and charge phones. Propane burners from Hannah Mart is easier than a grill imho.
  7. Since you want a hard tail, a steel Chumba may be the right bike for you. They go for about 1500 new and it's a really great bike for this area, local too.
  8. Jessica

    Car Glamping

    We started doing stealth car camping in NY. We would go to Ellicottville NY, ride the trails- park in an abandoned parking lot half a mile from the brewery for post ride dinner -back to the car to sleep on an air mattress in the back of our Jeep with the bikes locked to the rack. The second day of our trips, we would hit up Jakes Rocks Pa. In Texas we started doing a little car camping in the interior of BBRSP. I do a bit of solo car camping- Barry really was hung up on running water for a while. This winter we upgraded to a tent and queen sized air mattress from the full size that we were limited to in the Jeep. Most camp sites have showers so this is a pretty good plan until we upgrade to a 5th wheel.
  9. So are we going to organize any group rides? The trails east of the hill can be a little confusing.
  10. Parmer and MoPac HEB had a 60 person line that took about 30 mins. Had enough food to make the trip worth it. No water. Limited bread and dairy.
  11. Got a bunch of trash. Most of the poop bags were by the creek crossing. The thing I wasn't prepared for was the amount of dog poop trail side not in bags. Super gross, I suppose I couldn't see it while I was going fast. There are limits to my altruism.
  12. I am so guilty of this, lol. (pearl clutching) I'm also off the bike for a little bit due to a dance central injury. It is a long story and not that interesting. I suppose I could bring a flask and a bag and invest in my future happiness while recovering.
  13. Can confirm Cameron Park place feels like you are always climbing- I do like the Bamboo forest part. I like Dana Peak- there are tons of solid g outs and the swimming after is pretty cool. Flat Rock may be my favorite place to ride in the two hour drive distance from Austin. Madrone is hard.....
  14. I've ran into more than one human on the trailside taking a piss. I've only ran into one dude completely naked on a side trail heading to Bittern Hollow. He seemed pretty sheepish and got dressed fast. Seems funny/embarrassing to see someone undignified- not threatening.
  15. So we are dipping our toes into the vagabond cycling scene and are starting with an overnight to Fredericksburg. Any advice on what to bring other than dinner/breakfast clothes and some collapsible flasks?
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