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  1. Maybe on a recovery day I'll indulge you. 😉.
  2. Address Trail System Miles Distance Reserve Campsite Talihina SP 50884 Hwy 271 Talihina, OK 74571 Winding Stair Mountain NRA Biking https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8016997/talihina https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8016058/winding-stair-mountain-nra 80 miles Blue Trails 133 miles Blue/Black 133 miles 2 hours 10 min https://guestrez.megasyshms.com/NX49P/talimena-state-park-campground Not available all 4 days https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/232303 First come first served 8 sites. First 2 night has 1 open guaranteed night Co Rd 405, Pettigrew, AR 72752 https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8011388/upper-buffalo-mountain-bike-trail-system 89 miles Blue/Black IMBA EPIC 160 miles 3 hours 29 min No good options. Closest park 7 miles Lake Murray, Ardmore, OK 73401 https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8009826/lake-murray-state-park 69 Blue Trails 211 miles 3 hrs 21 min https://guestrez.megasyshms.com/8Q8S8/lake-murray-state-park-campground/SearchCriteria/ Plenty of avail -Tipps Point 1130 N Crystal Springs Rd, Royal, AR 71968 https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7003082/lake-ouachita-vista-trail-imba-epic 40 mile IMBA EPIC 220 miles 4 hours https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/233473 Good location in the middle of an epic Plenty today Hot Springs Arkansas https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8011914/hot-springs 49 miles Green/Blue 240 miles 4 hours 20 min Ark. 14 West Fifty-Six, AR 72533 https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8022331/syllamo-mountain-bike-trails 97 miles Blue IMBA EPIC 300 miles 5 hours fs.usda.gov/recarea/osfnf/recarea/?recid=80932 No RV hook up Where to look National Parks State Parks County Parks National Forests BLM Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like Lake Murray will be where we Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Tulsa is 12 hours from BBRSP. Maybe some February, prolly not this upcoming one.
  3. So we did it. We watched countless RV videos over the last 5 years and @Barry found the perfect Toy Hauler. This past weekend was the inaugural trip to Blowing Springs AK. I am not sure which was more enchanting, sleeping next to a babbling creek or riding to the trailhead from the RV. I'm super interested in finding other RV sites that are biking distance to trail heads. I am currently researching a Muse OK, Hot Springs AK trip. Anyone willing to share their fav RV Biking combos?
  4. Question, is there any RV camping near any of these trail heads?
  5. Whoa, Turkey Mountain got a face lift!!!! Bales connects to Turkey Mountain now, for the most fun IMBA Spec single track. OG trails are still there if you crave the beat down. They are so much fun! Come and LMK if you need a guide. These are likely to be my new Walnut Creek.
  6. Sounds like a blast.
  7. I had a culinary keto breakthrough yesterday in the kitchen. Unofficially, I call it real mouth feel keto lasagna. It always annoyed me that people thought mushroom, almond flour and zucchini were reasonable pasta replacements. Nope thanks. Unclear ADHD story telling, I developed a lasagna noodle that is tots keto but tastes and has the mouthfeel of grain based lasagna noodles. Other pasta replacements, such as the mushroom asian noodle replacement, almond flour pasta or zucchini noodles were gross for different reasons. Zucchini only worked with beef stew recipes (not tomato beef sauce) from a taste and mouthfeel perspective, almond was not really keto nor as low cal as traditional pasta. The japanese mushroom noodles are ok but leave you super bloated and aren't quite right from the mouth feel perspective. This stuff absorbs the flavors of the ricotta, sauce and a tasty spinach layer, and feels like real fresh pasta.
  8. Rode there in 2020, really great reverse grade climbing setup. You barely feel like you are climbing. The trails are fun and flowy
  9. we just bought tickets to Grand Junction for 9 days between June|July. The plan is to bike Grand Junction, Telluride and Fruita. Flirting with the idea of Slick Rock.
  10. Right? Some folks name their kids after names they hear in films like Ezekiel.
  11. Thanks @AntonioGG. You saved the trip. I owe you.
  12. I suppose I didn't understand the assignment. If I didn't start on this bike in the 80's, I wouldn't be here today.
  13. What a good idea!!!! Thanks, when my bone conducting headphones are OOC, I usually just listen to my phone speaker. I could use our garage bluetooth! Awesome, thanks!!!!
  14. NBD 1983. Always with the music. Upgraded to a 10 speed that I rode on dirt double track.
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