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  1. As a Strava racer, I think that your rational ignores the instance of cyclists being bit by off leash dogs. I personally know two cyclists bit. I've also seen two dogs off leash fight and the @knifezila separated the dogs while the owners were at a loss.
  2. Decided to get membership. Can confirm that I am paying Strava to tell me how much I suck. It's super low key tho. After a 3.5 hours trail ride that I was dead after, Strava was like, good job managing your efforts. Today Strava recommended that I ride more than 13 hours this week.
  3. @Barry and I got visitors passes for this weekend and I am pretty excited. Been training for the past few weeks and can't wait to spend time that is not artic.
  4. Oh @Barry there was that pizza place. That place was so nice and so chilly in January. I imagine on a sunny day Gooseberry Mesa gets really hot with all of that Mesa thermal mass. Barry can prolly elaborate more, the drive through AZ was transcendent.
  5. I read a bunch of non fiction- in the last 2 years non work related reading. Politics Higher Loyalty, Facts and Fears, Audacity of Hope, Kushner Inc, Fire and Fury Biographies Becoming Michelle Obama In Her Own Words RGB* current selection Daily Podcasts New York Times Car trip Books (Both Barry and I agree on these) From Bacteria to Back Freakonomics Malcolm Gladwell : anything Fiction: Tom Robbins Wally Lamb Paulo Coelho
  6. I wear a 5 in unisex 510 and a 7 in the women's specific 510. There is a difference.
  7. The fed government is pretty tight with ensuring those are exposed to ionizing radiation are monitored and their doses are measured shiftly, monthly or quarterly. There are quarterly and yearly limits that are not exceeded for ionizing radiation dosage. weird side note, nuclear workers who are routinely exposed to low level ionizing radiation have cancer rates lower than the rest of the population. Most likely is due to the small sample size of the population.
  8. The only kind of radiation that can cause somatic changes ( damage DNA) is ionizing radiation.
  9. HEB has a pretty good protein bread that another cyclist told me about that is available at the Tech Ridge and Lakeway locations. It seems that I can maintain my current weight without effort, if I want to drop to better power to weight ratio I have to do Keto. I did keto a year ago for a few months and dropped 10=15 lbs easily. I've worked on portion control and there is an effort/ROI that doesn't seem worth it to me. Currently working myself into the mental space to go Keto again. Post ride local beer is a real sacrifice. Those that Keto, what do you do pre ride? If I eat a calorie dense breakfast- example McDonald's Bagel Egg and Cheese or pancakes - I can ride for hours with a an hourly gel and a shake every 2 hours. When I go light on my pre ride meal, I bonk at the 90 min mark and no amount of nutrition fixes the hazy-lazy feeling.
  10. LOL. I'll buy one when I'm 80. It's nice to have options.
  11. Ok, we are down 13 lbs, my attempts to join a team killed the desire to race and group ride tho. [emoji16]. Seems I'm content to lone ride it the rest of my time in Austin. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  12. Jessica


    Thank you for all the great trail guidance. This trip was surreal. The trails were beautiful and interesting. Excited to be home, alarm at 4am will be way too soon.
  13. Vegas MTB



    and better than anything, if you go to the Grand Canyon while in Vegas, keep right on driving into Flagstaff and ride Schultz Pass, that's actually great riding! Fact:Flagstaff was Tom Walton's inspiration for Bentonville AR, it's really fun riding and free camping too.


    1. Jessica


      Looks like this comment was out there for a while, geez. 

       Yep we hit up Bears, Bootleg and Blue Diamond.  Love Vegas, the city is set up perfectly for a MTB Vaca.   Eat till your stuffed, ride till your starving, hit up another buffet and sleep to do it all the next day.   We also hit up Gooseberry Mesa in Utah.   I hear that they also have gambling other entertainment, maybe next trip 

  14. Jessica


    Anyone have any advice about riding in Vegas? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  15. Not us. We had to drive out there to just make sure it was shitty weather Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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