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  1. Rode there in 2020, really great reverse grade climbing setup. You barely feel like you are climbing. The trails are fun and flowy
  2. we just bought tickets to Grand Junction for 9 days between June|July. The plan is to bike Grand Junction, Telluride and Fruita. Flirting with the idea of Slick Rock.
  3. Right? Some folks name their kids after names they hear in films like Ezekiel.
  4. Thanks @AntonioGG. You saved the trip. I owe you.
  5. I suppose I didn't understand the assignment. If I didn't start on this bike in the 80's, I wouldn't be here today.
  6. What a good idea!!!! Thanks, when my bone conducting headphones are OOC, I usually just listen to my phone speaker. I could use our garage bluetooth! Awesome, thanks!!!!
  7. NBD 1983. Always with the music. Upgraded to a 10 speed that I rode on dirt double track.
  8. I have a non stick crepe wand that you dip in a batter pan and it is super easy to make perfect crepes. When I make a faster waffle I make it just like you do, lightening the batter with egg whites. The overnight waffles that @Barryis referring to is yeast batter risen over night. They are malty, light and crisp. The waffle maker is a dual sided monster with deep pockets that a family of 4 needed to have a reasonable amount of waffles in short order.
  9. Last summer I did a few keto endurance rides- seems that I am somewhere between y'all. Hard rides i'm in the 150 BPM range, easy spins in the 130's. The hotter it is, the less I like to eat. Before a good endurance ride I like to indulge in carbs and ride them off. It is not unusual for me to eat a carby breakfast and consume 2 gels on Georgetown Loop. I don't eat the carbs as a performance thing, it is my inner chubby girl's reward for being keto the rest of the week. Some longer gravel rides I have had very few gels. Some days I wake up with dead legs, but that really just affects my motivation to ride, not my actual performance. This happened less after started paying attention to rest days, and a Zwift Trainer Program. I tried to go back to a balanced diet and I am really unhappy with the weight gain. We decided to return to keto, the 10-15 lbs lower weight that I can maintain keto with has a huge ROI on my enjoyment of biking. I am faster, can make more tech climbs and am more agile. It is simply not as much fun and a lot more work to bike slower. The weight loss seems to offset my loss of top end that I have when I eat carbs.
  10. Keto Meals in Austin: Tumble 22: Cobb Salad Halal Bros: and of their meats over salad. I dig the chicken and beef but the lamb is prolly better for fat/protein Jason's Deli : Club Salad with a protein SouthSide Market: Club Salad with Brisket or Sausage Pok-e-Joe's : Chef's Salad with Pork Ribs Ramen Tatsu ya: Mi So Hot with no nudes and add some veg. Interested in trying with Pasta Zero DiMassi Mediterranean Buffet: self control is key in avoiding the pita and rice Freebird Burritos: Keto bowl with cauliflower rice Chipotle: Lifestyle bowl P Terry, In and Out: Lettuce Wrapped burgers Hopdoddys: Burger Bowl Pluckers: hot wings or a dry rub wings Olive Garden: Chicken Alfredo over Broccoli - want to try, saw on tik tok Chick-a -filet: Breakfast Scramble without potatoes - their salads are kinda sad First Watch: omelettes with side greens Wendy's: Breakfast Baconator Lettuce Wrap D'lites: still want to go, softserve keto And now there is a whole Keto Restaurant.
  11. So it seems that the new hire process may be a little longer than I thought- looks like I will make use of the Santa Fe thread and wait to do this trip when it makes sense. I would also lose my precious little heat acclimation.
  12. Where can I find these? Did my first pass at HEB and didn't see this. I'm delighted that I found a chef boyardee cheeseburger mac in the can. I didn't find any Pad Thai that was simple to make. Found some interesting instant mash, ramen and stovetop.
  13. Thanks for the ride report! The climbing at altitude is no joke. While it is true, I do enjoy a good climb- the higher altitude I get out of breath and my legs are fine. Thanks for the time benchmarking for the climb- I don't expect to get much better timing. Those photos are awesome! Seriously thought about starting out in Telluride with the gondola assisted downhilling until I got adjusted a little, and then I recalled the million dollar highway. Hard pass on driving that road. Were there any sketchy drives?
  14. That is quite the ride for those boys!! Best of luck with landing- manufacturing hiring went from 0 to 100mph in a week. I figure that I will have all of the pre work paperwork done by Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope to leave by Thursday the latest. Cheers to you!
  15. So, I accepted a verbal offer for my next job and since my start date is in two weeks, Barry suggested I take a solo bike trip. Can't believe it didn't occur to me. After doing a bit of research, I think the Aspen area is a place that I could keep busy riding all the blue trails and camp at trail heads. The weather isn't Austin hot there and promises to be comfortable riding and camping. Anyone have any car camping hacks that you learned from the school of skinned knees that you care to share? Camping Options Found this nifty website that allows the user to view National Forests with biking trails and campsites together. https://www.fs.fed.us/ivm/ While some campsites can be reserved, quite a few are first come first served. These campsites are ideal due to price and bathroom/shower situation There are regular camping sites in the "city"- but I think finding an open FCFS by the trails is better - bringing the telescope. Food When Barry and I travel we eat a mix of fast food and restaurants. Since I want to keep this relatively cheap, I am bringing a small burner I got at Hana Market (thanks Hanjing). Breakfast: Egg-cheese sammies, french press, maybe instant grits/oatmeal Lunch Since I will be riding through lunch (at a higher altitude these rides will take me the better part of the day with photo taking and daydreaming) it seems like Perpetuum is the way to go with some gels. Dinner Canned chicken creations- Pad Thai, Knorr Pasta Sides, Stovetop, and some Ramen. Easy to make after a long day of riding and doesn't take up room in cooler Maybe beanie weenie, whatever I can get in a individual serving that is shelf stable. Biking I was originally going to do a hiking and biking trip- but soon realized I would not feel comfortable with my bike locked to my car while I went to check out pre Columbian Architecture. I also wanted to minimize the time I spend driving and get the max benefit from the altitude training. Since I am riding alone- nothing more challenging than a blue trail with a black feature. The Goal is to ride as many of these trails in no particular order: Aspen https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7005156/sky-mountain-park-loop https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/3633466/lincoln-creek-road-to-ruby-ghost-town (not single track but cool ride-good views recovery day) https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7054374/crown-tour https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7018198/the-up-n-over-aka-rock-bottom-ranch-aka-crown-cruise https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/951198/rim-trail-loop with this one https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7020270/seven-star-trail Buena Vista- way back home stop possibly https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/3733565/buena-vista-singletrack-loop Bike Tools/Spares This is where things get internet dependent. I will need to video chat with Barry if I need to do a serious repair or YouTube. Barry's list for me Extra tires and tubes. Lube. Multitool. Extra bacon. Extra quick links. Shop rag or 2 Silver floor pump. Derailleur and Derailleur Hanger Now to finish that new hire paperwork.
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