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  1. It's easy to get into trouble on DD. It happens fast too.
  2. He delivered beer last time. As far as rims he delivered some to be laced up. He always makes good though.
  3. Chief

    Gravel rigs

    By connecting SN with BC I can usually get 15-20 miles in depending on which trails I ride. That's leaving from the house and making a loop.
  4. Could you drop those off at my house?
  5. PSA just a warning there may be rain in the forecast, new frame gets here Wednesday.
  6. Wasn't "reefering" to him😝
  7. I'd swab the tailpipe for DNA.
  8. Need you to hook me up with your guy. That sounds like some good shit!
  9. That sucks dude. I haven't ridden 1/4 Notch since May. Was out there with Morris and had a couple of close head ons. Hope it's nothing serious. Heal up and we'll ride in a couple of weeks.
  10. Getting a medium Rascal in Sedona Red. I like the red but it wasn't my first choice as it looks too much like a UT bike. I wanted the T1000 silver. Some decal graphics should help with that. UT is already getting enough of my money I don't need to passively support them. Don't really like any traditional sports so no hurt feelings. It seems almost impossible to get any worthwhile bike parts lately. Like ATXZJ posted anything that's available is probably something you don't really want.
  11. Appreciate the extra bike offer. I'll wait until my new one is built up. I'm expecting it to arrive early next week . I need to swap hubs on my wheels and then assemble it. I could possibly be ready for next Friday. The following Friday for sure.
  12. Semenuk is a cyclist. He could probably ride frozen dog shit and make it look awesome. He spends the better part of his day riding a bike. I understand what you're saying but typically people like this are very adept at anything they do. Look at Danny MacAsklill. He's as good on an MTB as he is on a trials bike. Let's not forget to mention that scrub @31 seconds.
  13. Sounds good. Just got confirmation of new frame shipping today. Couldn't get the color I wanted but considering the current bike market I'll take what I can get. I'll let you know.
  14. Pretty sure he can still outride any one of us.
  15. Chief

    Gravel rigs

    You could also run a 80x100mm XC fork on the Jake.
  16. I have a Rockshox Monarch Debonair RT3 rear shock for sale 184x44. Shock is in excellent condition. Stealth graphics. Asking $200.
  17. Chief

    Diamond 29

    I have a DVO Diamond non boost 15x100 (black) for sale. In excellent condition. The fork has been regularly serviced. Current travel 140mm. Travel adjustable 130-160mm. Fork has HSC/LSC settings also OTT preload spring for negative chamber. This an awesome fork. I purchased another for current new build. Asking $375. I can text pics for anyone interested.
  18. This is the shock size on the trek. 7.75x2.125"= 197x54. Won't work for the Sentinal.
  19. Would love too, but currently without an MTB. Hopefully the new rig shows up soon. Once it's assembled absolutely.
  20. This is a good resource for determining size differences. https://geometrygeeks.bike
  21. Chief

    RIP EVH at 65

    It was a good show.
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