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  1. I agree with Peddlers Pass. I would say that Suburban Ninja would be a good candidate also.
  2. I've been using these and I can say that these are the best chamois shorts I've ever had. The chamois is not too thick and the junk pocket in the front is awesome. These are super comfortable and don't crush your junk like traditional chamois shorts. The price is a tad high but the comfort level makes up for it. Unfortunately they don't come in bibs but they have plenty of grippers to keep them in the right place. https://www.bn3th.com/collections/chamois/products/north-shore-bike-chamois-black?variant=31939076817014
  3. Yeah, but he might be early to the fire sale.
  4. A 140 fork would steepen the SA and HA by .5*. That would put the SA at 75.8 and HA at 64*. I know it would drop the BB height but probably only a couple MM. Sounds like pretty decent geo for here and other places as well.
  5. Have you looked into an RSD Middlechild? Cromoly and Ti options available. $749 for the RS 291 frame in chromoly. https://rsdbikes.com/rs291-chromoly/
  6. Haven't watched the Woodstock one but the Three mile Island one was good. Whole bunch of fuckery went on there. Never ever trust the powers that be to do the right thing.
  7. The Cinq Cents is a light amber ale that's fairly carbonated. The Blue is my favorite as a Belgian beer drinker, dark, malty and a bit more sweet. The Red I'm not very familiar with I've had it once and that was enough for me not my favorite. Chimay is good but the price is a bit much, there are better Belgians and Belgian styles out there. So to answer your question, for you probably the Cinq Cents.
  8. This site doesn't play well with HEIC.
  9. This was pretty entertaining to watch.
  10. Just got back from DR and this is the local drink it's called Mama Juana. Not bad but I'm sure too many will give you a crushing hangover. Rum, honey, and red wine and some kind of local wood. They say it's an aphrodisiac 😂
  11. If anyone here is a fan of any of his bands you should read this. Excellent biography.
  12. They make multi tools with cone wrenches now?😂
  13. 100% on both previous posts. Diamondback was keeping up with trends five or six years ago but seem to have lost their way.
  14. Already hit more 100* days by this time than 2011. In 2011 we had 22 days of 100* by this time, this year we're at 27 days so far. Upside is we only have about another three months to go🤣
  15. Wow you really didn't get it.
  16. Ahhh...possibly the beginning of the covid buyers remorse program? Anyone taking that bike to a pawn shop either stole it or can't afford it. Oh, and the jaws of that stand are coated with rubber so nothing to see here🤣
  17. That's just some random picture of a current hipster that's furnished his house retro🤣
  18. Good luck with that when you get fifty plus years old. Although I guess my gravel bike hits two of those requirements😆
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