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  1. Who are these people who can't get to HEB for a free vaccine?
  2. You have to wear tight baggies like Nino does.
  3. It's a good thing we're vaccinated, now we have nothing to fear. The un-vaccinated are pretty much irrelevant.
  4. nitwits could always carry guns so this will change nothing since criminals and nitwits don't obey nanny laws anyway. There were loads of "there will be blood in the streets!" cries back when concealed carry was being debated in the 90s....nothing happened. Then again when campus carry and open carry were being debated in 2016...nothing happened. Then yet again this year, the same sky is falling cries....but the >dozen other states that have had permitless carry don't have a problem. I've carried every day for the last decade, never came close to drawing. The two dogs that chased me had short legs haha.
  5. That would be neat if it were natural surface and had separated directional paths. The 10' wide trails in both cities are pretty dangerous unless they are almost deserted.
  6. Fat? Not me. I'm a fit. Today I lifted and then went for a trail mud run.
  7. My bike is pretty sweet...too bad with all this rain I can never ride it again until at least August.
  8. This guy must be selling at retail plus 50% if this was filmed in April 2021 and he still has all those bikes!
  9. When was this filmed? I'm noticing how this bike shop is actually full of bikes.
  10. I, for one, am totally outraged by this and I vehemently proclaim the rectitude of my position in siding with the cripple guy.
  11. Trailrider


    Thats what I was expecting but you never know when a businesses will try to appeal to a larger customer base.
  12. I'm done with using Shimano's thin grease on their derailleur clutches. Been using a thick grease for about a year now and the clutch just works better for a longer maint interval.
  13. I use the Giro Hex because I could get them for $25 and I've never needed a helmet in Texas, speeds are so slow. I mainly wear a helmet so I don't have to listen to the Karens bitch at me for not wearing a helmet.
  14. I haven't used these units. But I think I've found a pretty good strategy to pm - what I do is put a coating of slickoleum on the fork and shock stanchions. This catches all the dust and grime so the seals have an easier time stopping it. Then every couple of rides I wipe it off with a cloth and re-apply. I rode my Fox 34 for two years before doing a lowers service, and the foam rings were barely discolored. I also use fenders front and rear to reduce what gets thrown up by the tires.
  15. Yeah, I would definitely get both in this case, especially since they're both full suspensions which are way more fun to ride than other types of mountain bikes.
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