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  1. Yes, most of HCNA's trails are shyte and Ice Cream is mostly unrideable. This creates a condition where the trails are immensely fun and satisfying for very fit and skilled riders. If you are not one of them, it is scary and unfun. A lot of the fall line trails are washed away to the point where you are riding in a narrow tunnel up to your seat post collar over egg to fist sized rocks knocking you around. Challenging up hill, dangerous down hill.
  2. The new Wunderground 10day is pretty sweet. Yesterday I rode for 2 hours pretty hard at 4pm. Drank almost a gallon of water while riding and still had to put back a few bottles in the a/c to feel 100%. That was almost too hot!
  3. I don't understand what you're trying to say. There are very rarely long enough descents to build up enough speed to spin out a 30x10. This isn't Colorado.
  4. It's so flat around here you can put a 30t on the front and run a 10-40 or 11-40 and very rarely run out of gear. oh and just so you know, 40t is a bigger gear than 50t.
  5. I'd be interested in a competition dedicated to carry pistols. Since we actually carry them and all. An air rifle? nah. Sounds like what those British and Australian people do to console themselves since their government doesn't let them have real weapons.
  6. My family has been in the Austin area since the mid 1800s. So there! Some of these dog owners are pants on head stupid. They're like the "my baby didn't do nuffin" mothers you see on tv after their son murders a kid over a bag of weed. He wuz a good boy.
  7. What's the best route in Pedernales to maximize the amount of singletrack you ride?
  8. $200 for a pro to fix it. You can save a lot by not having it finished to match. Leave an ugly carbon wrap for all to see so he can think about taking care of things in the future.
  9. 10 what? km/hr? mi/hr? m/s? mi/s? ft/s?
  10. Yes, that does help. I dislike horses and ATVs far more than a few tree gates. I'll keep that in mind next time I labor through them.
  11. Now I question if you have even ridden Juniper ridge. With 780mm bars, you cannot go through some of those "tree gates". They aren't even features; they are just hazards.
  12. Juniper ridge trail was always in need of a widening. Why don't one of you guys with a saw take care of all those trees that have been smashed so often by bars that the bark is ripped off? Then at least it would be rideable.
  13. If you ride a lot, you should do the lowers service yourself. At the shop, the tech is usually going to pull up the pdf instructions for video and follow the steps, just like you would doing it at home. If you make less than $60/hr spending money, it makes sense to do it yourself. For damper service and seal replacement, you can find a good shop or diy. You should have an Excel spreadsheet with all your suspension units listed - their model year, date purchased, and ride time. Yes, ride time updated at least monthly. Follow the manuf. instructions on service interval at first. If your oil or foam rings still look pretty good, you can fudge on that. If they look terrible, go more frequent. Riding in the dry with a mud guard protecting the stanchions, my foam rings and oil still look good at 2x the Fox recommended lowers interval. But I service my shock more often than recommended. Air suspension performance begins to degrade from the moment you throw a leg over the bike. It's not in your head.
  14. Just download their "new" map and give it a good eyeing. It's useless! I'm avoiding the place for now. Jimmy at Flat Rock does an awesome job in comparison with marking trails, improving trails, and keeping the public posted on the facebook page.
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