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  1. Pricing is definitely attractive. Does it come with any Propain accessories?
  2. I have coal rolled on me from time to time; I think it's a fun game. But if you can't do it safely, time to be executed. No sympathy.
  3. I used flats a couple times, felt like I lost 50 watts of power. PASS
  4. Been using the latex/propylene glycol/water home brew for years, worked fine. Then someone was blowing out Stans for $12 a bottle so I bought ten. Never got into experimenting with chunkifying the mixture. Found it was more important to ride with any fresh sealant than where it came from.
  5. The human body is only 25% efficient, so if a strong rider is putting out an average of 250W for a ride, he has to dump an average of 750W of waste heat through convection and evaporative cooling. A weak rider putting out 150W only has to dump 450W of heat. So there can be a big difference in how much coolant is needed from rider to rider.
  6. I started at daybreak and finished at 11am. Pretty good trail. Has its moments. After 10 it was hot af and theres no refill on the south side. With two bottles, I did run out about 5 miles from the end (Tejas). I did clockwise. There is water at Overlook park. Water fountain at the bathrooms. Definitely a trail for heat casualties. But the only casualty was my rear hub.
  7. If the maximum distance between refill points at LGT is 10 miles, and I average 10 mi/hr, I only need one water bottle for the ride. Given a safety factor of two, that is two water bottles.
  8. That is good to hear. I will give him a few months to get everything in ship shape and then go out there in the winter for my first ride at RPR that wasn't irritating.
  9. That is a good point. But I rode Government Canyon in the rain recently so my skills have been sharpened. An odd thing I found, it would be a federal misdemeanor to carry a 9mm on this trail.
  10. I think I'll ride a loop at Georgetown this weekend. Any problems with starting at 5am with lights?
  11. Who are these people who can't get to HEB for a free vaccine?
  12. You have to wear tight baggies like Nino does.
  13. It's a good thing we're vaccinated, now we have nothing to fear. The un-vaccinated are pretty much irrelevant.
  14. nitwits could always carry guns so this will change nothing since criminals and nitwits don't obey nanny laws anyway. There were loads of "there will be blood in the streets!" cries back when concealed carry was being debated in the 90s....nothing happened. Then again when campus carry and open carry were being debated in 2016...nothing happened. Then yet again this year, the same sky is falling cries....but the >dozen other states that have had permitless carry don't have a problem. I've carried every day for the last decade, never came close to drawing. The two dogs that chased me had short legs haha.
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