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  1. Dang, some of those bikes are torn up. Must have been ridden by noobs.
  2. lol, I bet I hit the same tree. My buddy and I argued over whether we should go somewhere else to ride or finish it out. I was getting pretty tired of all the dead trees across the trail.
  3. They seem ok to me. I do think most trail runners I pass give me too much space and interrupt their workouts too long to let me by. All you have to do is move aside at the last millisecond, like turn your shoulders to the side so my bars fit. It should be easy. You don't have to jump off the trail.
  4. Seems odd to close it for day use mountain bikers. All the trails are so wide that there can't be any traffic issues.
  5. ok, I like my 27.5 with 2.6 tires and I'm 160lbs. Rider weight is another parameter because that affects ground pressure - a light rider's "drifty" tire is a heavy rider's hookup tire.
  6. I have both. I prefer 27 when using heavier tires. The 29 tires are heavier and farther from the axle, it's just less fun to muscle them around tech terrain. If all I rode was dirt highways like mtb yum yum the 29 would be fine. Advantages - market saturation of lightly used 27 bikes an wheels.
  7. Yes, most of HCNA's trails are shyte and Ice Cream is mostly unrideable. This creates a condition where the trails are immensely fun and satisfying for very fit and skilled riders. If you are not one of them, it is scary and unfun. A lot of the fall line trails are washed away to the point where you are riding in a narrow tunnel up to your seat post collar over egg to fist sized rocks knocking you around. Challenging up hill, dangerous down hill.
  8. The new Wunderground 10day is pretty sweet. Yesterday I rode for 2 hours pretty hard at 4pm. Drank almost a gallon of water while riding and still had to put back a few bottles in the a/c to feel 100%. That was almost too hot!
  9. I don't understand what you're trying to say. There are very rarely long enough descents to build up enough speed to spin out a 30x10. This isn't Colorado.
  10. It's so flat around here you can put a 30t on the front and run a 10-40 or 11-40 and very rarely run out of gear. oh and just so you know, 40t is a bigger gear than 50t.
  11. I'd be interested in a competition dedicated to carry pistols. Since we actually carry them and all. An air rifle? nah. Sounds like what those British and Australian people do to console themselves since their government doesn't let them have real weapons.
  12. My family has been in the Austin area since the mid 1800s. So there! Some of these dog owners are pants on head stupid. They're like the "my baby didn't do nuffin" mothers you see on tv after their son murders a kid over a bag of weed. He wuz a good boy.
  13. What's the best route in Pedernales to maximize the amount of singletrack you ride?
  14. $200 for a pro to fix it. You can save a lot by not having it finished to match. Leave an ugly carbon wrap for all to see so he can think about taking care of things in the future.
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