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  1. Funny thing, it isn't THAT much bigger than the drop on Picnic-X, that I have hit on my hardtail (accidentally).
  2. The roll-in is nice and throws you up the otherside wall for a higher wallride. Fun stuff. The drop - F-that. I'm too old and fragile!
  3. Shit out at Snail just got real. Bike for reference
  4. OK, am I the only one who thinks that some of the new "rules" need to stick around: 1) Specific hours/days for elderly/sick/disabled get priority shopping 2) EVERYBODY outside! 3) Families forced to eat together, game together, actually speak to each other 4) Alcohol delivery/pickup with meals. Hell yeah. Just this one. That is all I want to keep. 5) Parents all of a sudden realize how shitty their offspring are to TEACH for our UNDERPAID teachers and being grateful that elementary/middle/highschool is not daycare. 6) Work from home: This shit ain't hard with technology. I'm right now in the garage on the computer, listening to Metallica on pandora, and GoToMyPC app running answering emails. This needs to happen more often!
  5. On the bright side - I have ridden more the last 2 weeks than I have in a while. Although, my liver really disagrees with how much I have been drinking! I love the new FB meme - "I always thought I didn't have a clean house because I didn't have enough time. Guess it was something different. I just don't want to !"
  6. LOVE 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9. Have to add Fight Club (probably going to cue it up tonight) Totally agree with your list. Will add: Remember that BCpov is husband/partner to Van Girl Kuka and is in the van at same time If you like Van people: Paul the Punter Don't forget our partners over the seas: GMBN For something completely different, but REALLY creative: DUST - SCIFI podcast of user built videos. You can really get lost in here TED Talks - There is no better vessel of vast information and imagination CORRIDOR and CORRIDOR CREW - visual artists doing what they do best, most of the time just 'cause! Let's Game it Out - cue's up small/indie/early access video games just to really break them. He does to video games exactly what you want. Best phrase "omg, why is this possible!"
  7. My new flares are AWESOME! Hit some random things today on my wander around the 'hood route. MUCH more stable than skinny roadie bars. Getting rid of all my 42/46cm bars that are useless. Flared for the Win
  8. Rally fun little Bianchi road bike. Converted to SS with BMX freehub and flipflop fixie hub if you want to go fixie. Also modded to flatbars (they are old motorcycle bars so nice and WIDE) and BMX stem. Origin8 front ring and saddle (Brooks lookalike). Was my son's school bike but he decided he wanted something new. Everything works perfect and it's a blast to roll around. $200 obo or Trade for basic mountainbike (size medium)
  9. I'm in - Have a 20Gauge and a 22LR. I can porch-pickup if you want.
  10. Shinerider


    I'm giving away some stuff on the PIF thread in the main forum. Dont wanna crosspost!
  11. Believe it or not, this is only the second time I have rolled over to dumptruck. And I think the first picture of it. Yesterday's ride.
  12. i cant delete my post, so - SOLD
  13. Your welcome. My handchainsaw just didn't have the umph to finish it off, and since nobody was on trail, didn't have any help.
  14. Middle one is best 27.2 -and 230 from center of rails to min insertion point. Yours
  15. Specialized Seatbag - medium size Shimano Carbon Road shoes - size 46.5 Various Road bars (have about 5 left) - various sizes Terry Saddle Various Seatposts - Various sizes ADDED: Specialized seatbag - size medium. R@^D tires- brand new (Continental super sport with PLUS casing - 700x25, and Mavic YKsion Po - 700x23c) Get this shit out of my garage. I'm keeping the gravel tires - just in case
  16. And now they are coming out of the woodwork https://austin.craigslist.org/bop/d/round-rock-cannondale-frame-and-fork/7095542559.html "Crack'en'fail"
  17. Um. Sure dude. I'm not even sure it was worth that when it was released! https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/round-rock-cannondale-super-700/7096446255.html CANNONDALE SUPER V 700 For sale $900 only for serious buyers. The bike is very clean some riding ware but minimal at most, the bike is in excellent condition. And ready for the spring riding “CASH only” no exceptions. Don’t waste my time, & I won’t waist yours. The Super V 700 comes with Mountain Mix and Shimano components, including a CODA stem, an oversized, sealed Cannondale headset and grip-shift, Shimano, SRT-400 Sachs Waved shifters & Mavic Sun rims.. I have all the purchase paperwork and bike manual, & specialized wireless specialized cyclo-meter included. "for serious buyers only!" I won't "waist" your time!
  18. My "gravel" bike. Back in the day, these were dubbed "monstercross". Cyclocross but with bigger tires. Handles singletrack like you wouldn't believe.
  19. Carbon Shimano road shoes size 46.5 Shoes are $20 obo
  20. Well, at least they are reasonable on the price https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-gently-used-specialized-mountain/7057913979.html Yours for ONLY $2150. Me thinks somebody hit the 0 instead of . And for extra credit https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-bycicle/7061451398.html It definitely appears to be a Bycicle!
  21. I am so paranoid, I throw it in the car if I can't see it.
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