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  1. Actually looks like it would be real fun - especially if I lived near water!
  2. Anybody want to barter/trade? https://austin.craigslist.org/bar/7545170184.html
  3. RE: zipper lube - I use candle wax. Stays on a bit longer than soap.
  4. I'm very confused on who sits where and grabs what handlebars! https://austin.craigslist.org/bop/7542820918.html
  5. Pardon my french, but WTF is that? Looks like hairless dog front and back of O'possum.
  6. I should be able to pick it up on Weds. DM me your address and I will stop by then.
  7. I'm in for this. My sons hardtail needs it. Where are you located?
  8. Ditto. Original steel MTB converted to Drop-bar SS. Fun as heck. Done plenty of 50+ milers to downtown and up the S Walnut trail as well as RTTR Suburban/Wilco/Everything in between - always fun and sporty. Feels good to give up the gears and suspension for some sport.
  9. Looks like someone wants to burn a specific structure.
  10. It's more fun to build and walk trail and your focus goes from things you know you can roll over easily to what am I going to twist my ankle on!
  11. So I guess a MTB trail along the Lower San Gabriel.? Crazy to tie the Upper San Gabriel to the lower! Would make for an epic loop. Where is it planning ending?
  12. Awesomesauce https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-cannondale-road-bike/7463619592.html Just serviced, but the chain doesn't really reflect that. And looks like he ran it into the wall with that fork rake!
  13. Was fun on my SS gravel bike. Dewayne was cruising the roadie.
  14. Whatever tape I have laying around. That includes Gorilla, packing, even 3M electrical tape. Hey - what can I say - I'm cheap. I don't understand how Stans/et'all can re-badge tape and charge 300% or more markup. It's not like Stans payed for the development of said tape. They just found one that was available and worked, and then told the mfr to only roll 10' onto a roll and charge WAY more. And those who bitch about the cleanup of Gorilla - I have had to do that twice....took an extra 10 minutes with isopropyl, a rag, and scrubbing watching youtube videos to clean it. I've had worse messes just simply using sealant than gorilla tape.
  15. I would love it. Can porch pickup tomorrow
  16. Lemme dig thru my pile of offhand brake levers. Some might fit the bill. I have ridden ones with the shifter hacked off with no issue.
  17. I have a non-pivoting one sitting on my workbench. I don't have a wall free to mount it. Was going to mount it to a fencepost outside, but since then, I modified my 2 bike rack into a 1 bike rack that stays on the car. It's yours if you want it.
  18. Already popped up on my Nextdoor. And of course, the haters and trolls have chimed in.
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