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  1. No direct knowledge, but GC is a National Park and NPs don't allow bikes on trails. Probably plenty of dirt roads and opportunities nearby...
  2. I had the covid in early Sep. Diagnosed/tested pos on Labor Day (Mon). Minor symptoms, low temp and mild cold-like), for a few days. Went for short ride that Sat in mid-/upper-90s and my temp got over 100, then normal that evening. Soooo Sun I went to LGT as I was freaking about losing fitness as we approached EB. LGT was a hot mess and my fever came on with a vengeance (~103) and persisted for several days. I wore a mask that ride. By Sat temp was gone. Back physically at work (had worked at home mostly throughout) the next Mon, 2 weeks from onset. Waited another week before any exercise and then lightly after that. Built back slowly. Never felt any lingering symptoms or lung issues, but seemed drained of fitness after a few weeks off. Probably took another 1 - 1-1/2 mos to feel sorta fit again.
  3. Never tried, but if they're compressible enough to compress with clamps...
  4. Not sure if I came up with this on my own, but I've been clamping the tire on either side of that last ~10" using a pair of plastic spring clamps - see sketch. They squeeze the beads together/towards channel and prevent the bead from backing out if you let go before seating. Sometimes I still need to use a (pedros) lever, but not too often and it's still easier. My main concern with using a lever is tearing my rim strip. Another bonus is you can flip it over and 'stand' it on the clamps when adding sealant.
  5. Went cheap for a replacement for my Fox Transfer lever (which really sucked). Version I got a year ago was only $25 and it's been solid. This looks about the same but a different 'brand'.
  6. They're either plug n play or (ballast) bypass, but not both...
  7. FYI, Reveille Peak Ranch will be renting eMTBs soon with the pending arrival of an Austin Bike Farm satellite shop...
  8. Replacement locking Boa dials - for the taking
  9. Nice, but needs a new head coach...
  10. I've got a Salsa Carbon Rustler 800mm on CL for just a bit more: https://austin.craigslist.org/bop/d/austin-salsa-rustler-carbon-handlebar/7204118302.html
  11. I'll leave all 3 pair of times out for Teamsloan & schoolie in a box tonight by 7 until they're picked up. Sending pms with address.
  12. Not in my opinion. Lotta great aspects of times - bigger platform, mud/debris clearing, float - but I found them incredibly inconsistent. For mtb, pedal bars would deform and cleats wear quickly so they were never reliable. Get new cleats and they’d be great for weeks... Went back to SPDs and my XTs have been consistent, reliable, and durable. YMMV
  13. Sorry, no cleats (the only part that wears faster than their pedals).
  14. Got stuff: (2) pair Time Alium pedals (1) pair Time ATAC XS pedals (2) pair old M525 SPD pedals (1) set Shimano 105 levers and hoods (1) pair training wheels (1) Profile AirStryke I aerobar with armrests
  15. James Balentine with VeloFix - he's awesome! 512.800.9266
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