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  1. Seems a little half-baked to me. I like my bridges to span the entire lake, thank you very much.
  2. Forgot to mention, if there is a new, legitimate effort to build out there that I haven't heard about, please let me know. I'd be happy to help.
  3. As a Wimberley resident myself, that would be awesome. We have next to nothing here. I'm not sure where your Lone Man Mt. idea came from, but I did hear from someone in the Parks Dept that Mt Edith could receive some singletrack if the city can acquire that land. https://www.kut.org/post/wimberley-residents-want-buy-mount-edith-protect-it-developers
  4. I remind myself not to pull into the garage with my bike on the rack by putting so much shit in the garage that it is impossible to drive a vehicle inside.
  5. We almost bought a house next to only one of those tall garages. No house connected. I'm guessing there was a loft in there or just RV storage for one of the houses in the adjacent lot, but it was pretty out of place looking.
  6. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stuff-you-should-know/id278981407?i=1000355150231 Good podcast on speech trends.
  7. I'm not really at the point of considering anything at the moment. For now, I'll just try to enjoy the twilight years of my Stumpy 6fattie. (I'm not getting any younger myself.) However, yes. I'd probably start there with option to go as wide as 2.8. I'd also like to compare it to a 29er running 2.6" rubber.
  8. Thanks for making the original video unwatchable?* (*Question mark only used to imply an upward inflection.)
  9. I was straight up "29er 4 eva" until I demo'd and purchased a 27.5+. Then I thought I was surely an early adopter riding what would no doubt be the wave of the future. They are still around obviously, but the plus sized movement hasn't swept the MTB world as I imagined. Now my beloved 27.5+ is closer to retirement than being new again, and if I had to buy a new bike tomorrow, I would have no idea which way I'd go.
  10. Because to the entry level bike buyer, 21 > 8. I can't tell you how many times someone who doesn't ride looks at my bike and says "nice bike. how many speeds is it?" as though the number of gears is a direct representation of the bike's value.
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