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  1. They are also easier to shotgun if they are a little warmer.
  2. If there is a problem ball tanning can't fix, I haven't found it yet.
  3. notyal


    No, it's a pretty faded Texas Tech flag.
  4. notyal


    I forgot to update this. The pool was done a few months ago. Current DIY project is building a deck around the backside of the pool.
  5. It seems like there should be more of a discount for buying beer in a refillable keg.
  6. Do they send you the beer or expect you to find it, buy it, drink it, then write about it?
  7. I had one of those Ryobi pole saws. Typically I'm a fan of the Ryobi line, but this one sucked. It stopped working reliably about just a few uses. The problem is that the pole has little power connections that have to touch each other to work, but you are actively pulling them apart as you cut. I tried a little to fix this for a little while, but it was also underpowered IMO, so I just gave up on it. Maybe I just got a dud. The 40V battery would be much better for this saw.
  8. I know what and where I posted. Unfortunately, it's a weird proprietary seatpost and not that easy to swap saddles.
  9. We have a stationary trainer that my wife and I share. She rides it way more, so it's more important that she is happy. On the other hand, I'd like to ride it without the pain in my groin that the current saddle gives me. It's like the blood flow is cut to my inner hamstring area. The saddle is too soft and squishy for me. She doesn't mind it, but I think it's because (even though she loves simulated bike rides) she's not a cyclist and hasn't experienced a decent, more supportive saddle. I swapped a couple of options off my bikes for her to try. After brief tests, she didn't like either because they were too hard. In the end, it's her bike. I need to pick one that she'll love, and I just won't hate. So here come some questions: What's the difference in a women's specific saddle? Would I (a male) be uncomfortable? (I've never been too particular about the saddle I've had on any of my previous bikes.) Would going to a wider (150mm) saddle give her more comfort? (Neither of us are particularly wide in rear.) Since it is a stationary trainer, things like weight, durability, and maneuverability aren't really an issue, so I'd prefer to keep it on the cheap side. I really think anything will be an improvement over the current saddle. Also, I have a Jenson gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so it's gotta be from there. A few I was looking at but open to others in the same price range: https://www.jensonusa.com/WTB-Koda-Steel-Saddle https://www.jensonusa.com/Ergon-SFC3-Fitness-Gel-Saddle
  10. notyal


    I redesigned my whole kitchen myself using the IKEA designer tool online. Then I took it into the store and they pulled up my design and made a few very good suggestions. I'd consider trying out that tool even if you don't go that route. It's really easy to move stuff around and see what you like. If you do go that route, there are contractors that specialize in IKEA installs. We've been very happy with the IKEA cabinets. I did a lot of the work myself, but also had a contractor who did the harder stuff. The entire kitchen with floors, backsplash, counter, and cabinets cost about the same as the quote we got from a custom cabinet maker just for the cabinets. We had the same weird box thing above the cabinets. We were lucky, but the contractor said that a lot of times there is some ductwork or other stuff hidden in there. Any of that stuff can be relocated, but the cost goes up accordingly. Same with power and plumbing for the island. I assume you are planning on new flooring in there anyway. Pictures of the current layout may be helpful.
  11. It's an EP institution. Everyone has their own way of eating them. Some drown the tacos in sauce and cheese (that how I do it), some dip, some even bite the tacos and wash it down with a sip of sauce. The first time I ate it, I thought it was not good at all. Then I found my way of doing it, and now it's probably my favorite of the El Paso guilty pleasures.
  12. I'd recommend the chili cheese hotdog sandwich and an a green chili cheeseburger. They're small. One is not enough so I always get two and feel like a fat kid, but when in Rome...or El Paso.
  13. My wife grew up there, so we usually hit her old favorites. Chicos Tacos, Charcoaler, and J&R's Mexican Food. Not exactly health food, or good beer selection.
  14. I cheated, so I won't divulge the answer. I'm heading to that part of the world this weekend for a wedding. Would you recommend trying this place out?
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