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  1. That beer is so hazy, even the can is out of focus.
  2. Yep. BCGB on the other side of the creek as HOL. Someone took the hammock down.
  3. I get that. I don’t wear my riding glasses for anything but riding. They have a nice hard case that I keep with the rest of my gear. I take them out of the case, go ride, and put them right back in the case. My everyday glasses on the other hand (which I typically spend more money on) get thrown around and scratched to hell.
  4. I’m gonna be soooooo pissed if I travel to Bentonville and there are leaves on the trail.
  5. How often are you guys losing or breaking glasses on the trail? Ok, I can see taking them off when you stop for a snack and riding off without them, but even then, I think I'd notice in enough time to ride back to the last place I stopped. As far as breaking, they are on your face. Last time something on my face broke in a crash, it was my teeth, and they were NOT cheap to replace. I am a certified cheap-ass (which is why I don't wear $250 Oakleys), but $50 to see the trail better? That's something I'm willing to pay for.
  6. notyal

    Gravel rigs

    That detail is incredible. I probably would have gone with an LED, but the classic incandescent GE 120V really works in this case. Well done.
  7. notyal

    Gravel forum?

    Move all forums to the MTB forum and rename it "forum". It's not like this forum gets an overwhelming amount of posts that need to be filtered down to a specific surface.
  8. I have some Tifosi glasses and really like them. They have 4 sets of lens, although I mostly use the amber ones for riding. I would put them in a midrange price category, but they are pretty damn cheap compared to Oakleys or other high end glasses. For me, the most important feature of a pair of riding glasses is staying in place on my nose when bouncing through the rough (which cheap safety glasses definitely do not). My Tifosi's have pliable earpieces, so I can really lock in the fit. Fog control I guess would be second, but I've had really nice Smith glass that claimed to be anti-fog that really sucked and cheap ones that were ok. I'd also consider some of these shield-type Blenders for riding. I have casual pair of Blenders and have been impressed for the price. I won't ride in mine because they slide down my nose, but the shield-type have rubberized nose pieces. My friend has some of these and they feel pretty nice. https://www.blenderseyewear.com/collections/mens-new-arrivals/products/bold-victory
  9. Yeah, I was half joking, but it is pretty lame to put your morals on other people by modifying a property you don't own. Unlimited cell data FTW.
  10. I saw a coyote today. I wasn't riding at the time, but he was crossing the road and entering an area that I do frequently ride.
  11. I had a good experience with Howler Brothers on some board shorts that got snagged and ripped in the dryer. No questions asked, sent a return label, and refund. Only problem was that they were sold out of my size, so I ordered a new shirt instead. They were the best board shorts I've ever owned (stretchy, fit well, and have two full front pockets and a velcro back pocket) so, I ordered a new pair when they came in stock. Not to mention, they are based in Austin. I have a bunch of their clothes now, and every item is my new favorite. Good, local company with solid products. Bike specific: https://bikeshoes.com/ I bought some shoes for my wife that didn't fit. They didn't have her size in the ones I originally ordered, so I got on the phone, the CS rep went to the warehouse while I was on the phone, and told me all the options in the same price range that she did have in the right size. They sent a free return label and shipped the replacements free of charge. They usually have some really good deals too.
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