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  1. notyal

    Random Dogs

    My buddy riding shotgun.
  2. That seems like a reason for cancelling plans.
  3. My wife had a 2010 4runner. We both loved that car. She totaled it (the day I was leaving for a week long bike trip to CO, but that's another story). She wanted to go down to the Toyota dealer and buy another 4runner. I talked her into the Pathfinder (2014) because of the 3rd row seating with our growing family. I've regretted it everyday since. However, I will say that the newer Pathfinders are much more car-like than the early 2000's. I've been thinking about a 2000ish 4runner for myself lately. I drive very little, so my priorities are decent reliability, low entry cost (don't need anything depreciating un-driven in the driveway), easy to find replacement parts (and less computerized bullshit to break), and 4 doors good for dropping kids off at school. I'll be interested to see where this thread goes.
  4. notyal


    What's up with the way they are trying to guard Harden? It's like they are so scared of him going to his left or taking the step-back 3, that they are literally bodying up on his left butt cheek and letting him have free access into the lane. I mean, I'm a Rockets fan, so I say keep doing it, but WTF?
  5. Uh oh. Hide yer goats, boys. We have an unsatisfied wookie on the loose.
  6. I just had a strange thought. Now, I don't know all the details regarding the whole distributor and minimum pricing rules, so let me know if I'm way off. Here's my understanding. Local shops have to buy from a distributor (QBP). QBP sets a minimum price that shops must follow. Bike manufacturers and foreign internet shops can buy directly from the component companies, which is why you can ALWAYS find the same part at a fraction of the cost online. Now that Walmart is a bike manufacturing company, and they are already kings of distribution, will they be able to sell good bikes parts online or even in the store at a competitive price as the foreign online retailers? Will I be able to go down to Wallyworld and pick up a new XTR chain and a pack of hotdogs?
  7. Was this from the Madrone trail? I know there are a few out at Lakeway too.
  8. I could be wrong, but my guess it the "beginner" reference has as much or more to do with the 27.5+ wheels than the price. I've been riding a mid-fat for a couple years and have always gotten the old "How do you like those wide tires? I think my wife/child would like that." as though an experience rider couldn't benefit from the increased cush and traction.
  9. "...As I said..." LOL... Are you able to see the irony in your own above speaking, RidingAgain? I'm still waiting for you to explain irony to me.
  10. I'm still offended over how many times RA called hot dogs "shitty food". Sure, the Great Value franks from Walmart are not going to give the same flavor and mouthfeel of, say, a Hebrew National, but don't hate on people because they can't afford a premium frank. A well cooked Great Value weiner on a upgraded bun can be pretty enjoyable with the proper condiments. However, to mack turtle's point, there is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig - unless of course that lipstick is chili and cheese, but at that point, is the hotdog or the chili really the star of the dish? But we all know they are best on a grill
  11. Like I said, sure must be exhausting being right all the time. I love hot dogs, btw. I have no beef with them.
  12. Sure must be exhausting being right all the time. All hail! The great defender of shitty bikes!
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