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  1. I've always been under the assumption that most cheater lines at CP are cut by the motos. It's a lot harder to carry a dirt bike up a huge ledge than a mountain bike.
  2. Is it one of the new Sierra's with the 132 function tailgate?
  3. I've run ESI's for years. I tried to go back to the Specialized lock-ons that came on my bike, but that only lasted one ride. ESI's last for a really long time if you don't care that the ends look like they were chewed up by a beaver. That's not the part that contacts your hands anyway. That and those plastic plugs only last one ride. I use wine corks instead. Ghetto, yes, but I don't really care. If that stuff does bother you, Red Monkey Klampz may work better (never tried them personally). https://www.jensonusa.com/Red-Monkey-Klampz-Lock-on-Grips-Orange-W-Black-Clamps?pt_source=googleads&pt_medium=cpc&pt_campaign=shopping_us&pt_keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_5rtBRDxARIsAJfxvYCmeQSkRygaP--ad5oGVK7thG_BIrT2tqXAS8wXKgsqCzMBtcxod6YaArw5EALw_wcB I've dealt with a lot of hand/wrist pain and numbness. Having a job where I'm on a computer all day sure doesn't help. A grip can only go so far. I've tried all kinds of things like crazy sweepy bars and Ergon grips. The two things that have really help me are brake lever reach and angle. Rotate the brake lever down so that your pointer finger (while resting on the lever) is in a straight line with your forearm. (i.e. no bend in the wrist) Another thing that has helped me is to adjust the reach or throw of the brake lever as close to the bar as possible. It puts excess strain on your hand to reach out with one finger while maintaining a deathgrip with the other four. The closer you get to making a fist around the bar, the better for your hands.
  4. I just got my fanny pack in the mail and started transferring stuff. Holy shit am I a pack rat! I'm going to have some decisions to make. Is it more likely that I'll need to close a large wound or take a trail dump? How many types of goos, bars, and tablets are needed on a 2 hour ride? I've carried a Leatherman for years and have used it once or twice. However, one of those times was literally the last time I rode. I just now remembered that my phone and keys are supposed to go in there too!
  5. notyal

    Gravel rigs

    What bars did you go with? I'm pretty confused when it comes to curvy bars and what to target in terms of width, drop, and flare and how stem length would come into play. I'm wanting to try a flared bar on my CX bike, but it's much harder to *try* a different style bar when you have to re-wrap it vs. a MTB where everything just bolts on and is easily adjusted.
  6. The whole ranch is about 2500 acres. They were trying at first to sell it all ($20-$25M IIRC), but now it is subdivided into 5 tracts. It sounded like other counties, nature conservancy groups, and the CapTX Boy Scouts were all trying to make a play for the other tracts. The tract that Hays County is trying to get has about a mile of riverfront.
  7. Yeah, I was prepared to pay each way if they did upcharge me. I didn't weigh the case by itself, and my bike is no featherweight. I took all the tools and camelbak out when I was initially packing it, and it was still over 50lbs. So I just packed it heavy and hoped for the best.
  8. I recently had a great experience flying Air Alaska with my bike. Rented an EVOC from BSS for $10/day. With case, bike, helmet, a few tools, a fly rod that never got used, and usually stuff in the CamelBak, it was about 60 lbs. The agent checking me in from Austin said "Oh is that a bike? $30, best deal in town." Didn't even weigh it. Similar story on the way back. She was less friendly and made me put it on the scale, but then she said, "I just like to put an overweight sticker on it to let them know. It's still $30."
  9. Tonight, I attended a public meeting for El Rancho Cima, the former Boy Scout camp on the Devil's Backbone between San Marcos, Wimberley, and Canyon Lake. There is a very promising opportunity for Hays County to purchase a 500+ acre tract of the property for a public park with access to the Blanco River. Other than the riverfront, which would be open to public swimming (by reservation only), the other 500+ acres would be set aside for conservancy habit for Golden Cheeked Warblers with limited trail access on the existing Boy Scout trails during non-mating season. Unfortunately, everyone I spoke with at the meeting, including the woman who presented the master plan for the property, were less than open to the idea of allowing single track to be built in the park. I'm not going to preach to the choir here about the benefits vs. impact of allowing singletrack on public park land. As I was making my case in that crowd, I started to realize that I was sounding like a crazy crackpot spewing rebuttals to arguments that hadn't yet been made yet, and I didn't even have the fact to support my side. What I need is help from the MTB community who have taken up this fight already here in Central Texas. I've never been one to stand or organize a fight for something like this and really don't know how to accomplish it, but it is something I'd like to try. I plan to contact the County Commissioner who is leading the charge for this park. I didn't have a chance to talk to him directly, but the story he told to open the meeting was about driving by the property with his 10 year old daughter on the way to New Mexico for a ski trip. Family, outdoor recreation is obviously dear to his heart, so focus will be on how mountain biking can offer healthy, family-oriented outdoor activities. I need to back it up with facts about 1.) Success stories of communities who have grown stronger due to mountain biking. 2.) Studies supporting the idea that trails can coexist with wildlife, especially the GCW. 3.) Examples of how ARR and other groups have worked with other local parks like Pace Bend or Pedernales Falls. I know there is plenty of fodder on here and MoJo about all this. Can y'all help me remember where the best published articles and studies are? How else can I drum up support? Right now, it seems we are on the outside looking in to a chance at an incredibly beautiful piece of park land with some gnarly terrain.
  10. I reached the paralysis by analysis phase. Each seemed to have some strengths with one a glaring weakness. After realizing that it's just a facking funnypack, I pulled the trigger on the Dakine 5L. That seems to be the crowd favorite. My main motivation for ditching the backpack style pack is that I think it may help with the shoulder pain and hand numbness I get.
  11. Cons: 1) Possibility of getting punched repeatedly in the face.
  12. What if you're into older women with piles of cash? Hello Mrs. Howell.
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