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  1. Thought about posting another bike name pun, but didn't? Thank you.
  2. Ahh, that's why the singlespeeders love ano so much.
  3. That should work. My question is, is it that important to have your rear axle precisely torqued in the unfortunate situation of replacing a flat? You're already running compromised with a tube. At home, you're going to remove the wheel to replace the tire and can reset the torque there. So, you're going to carry an single purpose tool for every mile of every trail ride just to have the exact torque for one bolt for a handful of miles after a flat?
  4. Evangeline's Hank Williams platter. Jambalaya, crawfish pie, filé gumbo.
  5. I'd wager that riders of e-bikes encounter more dickishness on the trail directed at them than they direct towards other. (Just judging by the tone of this and other e-bike discussions)
  6. Then, I would post 20 extreme close-up pictures of anuses. Man, MoJo was wild.
  7. You can make the same argument for suspension, gears, etc., etc. Even if you are a 21 y/o in the peak of your athletic performance and have more fun riding an eMTB than a regular one, I say, go have fun young man. Ride the bike that you have the most fun riding.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking "this looks miserable" the whole time.
  9. Nothing's better than bashing something you've never tried. You guys are missing one thing - they're fun as shit. AB, let me add one more category: 2E. Vacationers who have 3 days to ride 200+ miles of trail, but legs that can only handle a fraction of that. Or same vein, "I have a rare day with no kids or chores, and I want to ride longer than I normally would and not suffer terribly doing it." I don't own one. I have ridden one on difficult, technical trails. It wouldn't be my only bike, but if I had the means, an eMTB would be the 2nd or 3rd bike in my stable. Why? They are fun as shit.
  10. Ride with one foot clipped in and one foot on flats. Best of both worlds.
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