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  1. Typo + drug reference = quotes from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  2. I've dabbled in bike shoe repair. As others have said, not the same as when they were new.
  3. My expectations are already pretty low.
  4. I ordered the size I usually wear in any shoe (9.5). I haven't had a chance to ride in them yet, but they felt fine walking around the house. I have another pair of 5-10s in a 9.5 that I bought for a short lived flat pedal experiment, so I felt pretty good about the sizing.
  5. Judging by the way they spell "tyres" it may be 16000 Euros, but still a lot. This is what happens when every single component on the bike gets computerized. Much like the current trend of $100,000 trucks.
  6. Plus, I doubt you can do a backflip with a cargo bike. (Or pop up a curb)
  7. Gotta give thanks to RA for that 5-10 deal too.
  8. I picked up a pair of these for $75 last week. Looks like I should have waited. They are down to $60 now. https://www.adidasoutdoor.com/five-ten-kestrel-lace-mens-mountain-bike-shoe/FT18.html?dwvar_FT18_color=Onix&cgid=sale_bike#cgid=sale_bike&start=5
  9. Was it a steak knife with the handle wrapped in duct tape? If so, that's my friend Hobo Jim's knife. He is usually huffing paint behind the Walmart if you'd like to return it.
  10. Well if the Taliban likes them, they must be good. Aside from that whole jihad thing, they are very practical folks.
  11. What size bike do you need? Sluggo still has his SB5+ available. Great price for that bike. You could probably buy it, ride it at the gathering, and flip it when you get back.
  12. Your phone may not be the best GPS tracking unit, but it is terrible at shifting. Another good question for this discussion is how recently have you refreshed your 3x9 drivetrain? If you go with the new GPS unit, when are you going to need to replace these wear-and-tear items anyway?
  13. 1x with a wide range cassette, clutch derailleur, and narrow/wide chainring is really, really nice. The added bonus (and really should be considered part of your 1x upgrade) is getting an under-bar mounted dropper switch. Right thumb shifts. Left thumb drops. You'll immediately find yourself using your dropper more often and more effectively.
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