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  1. notyal

    Get out and ride

    Well, it is the desert. Missed you, buddy!
  2. notyal

    Get out and ride

    Not in Austin, but I had a couple good rides this weekend.
  3. Let's just hope they use this newfound income to make their community a better place to live. No more homeless children living on the mean the streets of River Place!
  4. Buy it. Do it. Buy it. If you buy a new FS (even a pure XC bike) these days will have a slacker HTA than 68*. Why obsess over whether this trend lends itself to our geographic region or not? I was going to sum it up with the same words as Motopail. Confidence inspiring. Now, go buy a big, plush, slack bike, slam it into some rocks, and remember how much fun it is to ride a bike.
  5. notyal

    walnut creek paper map?

    Just keep turning right.
  6. I heard somewhere that Inks Lake has some underrated riding. If it's made of that same water resistant granite magic dirt, that could be a fun change from RPR.
  7. Doesn't hurt to ask for some sort of replacement/compensation.
  8. notyal

    You 'ol narcissist you...

    You could make an argument that anyone who would prefer not to die is a narcissist.
  9. notyal

    Brushy Creek

    Why don't you just go ride it and find out? I mean, it is public land, so you can do whatever you want on it. Plus, ridding muddy trails is just a part of mountain biking. YeeHaa! *joking
  10. notyal

    tracking lost bike with gps

    I had an extra Tile, so I put it in my bike. I have Stumpy with the SWAT frame storage compartment, which made it really easy to hide in the frame. I live way out in the sticks, and the only times it picked up the Tile network was when it was in the big city shop for a couple of days. After about a year, I started getting notices from the Tile saying it was low on batteries and the whole thing needed to be replaced. If it ran on a replaceable watch battery or something, I'd probably keep using it. It's wasn't worth it to me, and I now have a dead Tile jammed in my frame.
  11. notyal

    Flats, or clipless?

    No. We. DON'T!!!
  12. notyal

    HELP! I'm bleeding....

    The good thing about a failed brake bleed is that when you take it to the shop, you can just say "yeah, I don't know, they are just kinda mushy". This is far less embarrassing than showing up with all the pieces of your fork in a grocery sack.
  13. notyal

    Austin Ridge Riders... FR512...

    What was the deal with Lone Man Mountain again? I remember reading an old thread on Mojo but forgot the details. I live out here in Wimberley now, and there is not much within a 20 min drive. The popularity of the sport has grown greatly since 2004 or whenever that was. I wonder if they would be open to the idea again.