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  1. I have younger kids. My rhyming game is on point.
  2. There has been a surprising amount of El Paso talk on here lately. Is anyone going to be riding there over this next weekend? I'm heading there with the family Sat - Tues. I wasn't planning on hauling the bike because it will be a short trip with Christmas and in-laws and the drinking that allows me to remain sane around the in-laws, but if any of y'all were planning to be there too, I wouldn't mind getting out in the mountains a little.
  3. So, he just replied directly from you ad with those comments? No previous discussion on these items? Yeah, I agree with you then and sorry to throw doubt your way. That dude's an asshole.
  4. I'd be interested in what the conversation was leading up to those replies. I mean, you do have a history of rubbing people the wrong way.
  5. notyal

    Spider Mountain

    Have they taken care of that spider infestation yet?
  6. notyal

    Bad news for town lake

    That kid is either yelling at it or trying to take a bite out the saddle. Devil's Advocate: I would love build my kids' love for mountain biking (and I'm trying). The problem is that I am selfish. When I have the time to ride, I want to fucking shred. I ain't got no time to be waitin' for a scrawny kid to play catchup. Sure, I bet it is expensive, but if I had deeper pockets I'd buy one for my kids.
  7. notyal

    Bad news for town lake

    Hard to say. Once the machines collectively decide to start killing, it will happen very quickly. This scooter thing just furthers our reliance on the machines, making it that much easier for them to destroy us. It will happen so quickly, we won't see it coming. You: "Hey Alexia, what's the weather going to be like today?" Alexia: "It's going to rain blood puny human."
  8. notyal

    Bad news for town lake

    They will go away after humanity is overtaken and enslaved by the machines. After all, why would a robot need an electric scooter?
  9. notyal

    Bad news for town lake

    You overlooked one factor. The average fat/lazy American will always pay $5 to avoid walking somewhere.
  10. notyal

    performance bike deals

    Perfect! I'm a XS/S/XXL in helmet/shirt/penis size. Not really. I'm a solid S across the board.
  11. notyal

    2019 Death March

    Are you asking about drug testing policies?
  12. First comment is solid gold: "If you want to find out more info on these supplements that strip the body of fat, please don’t start by googling fat strippers ????"