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  1. Yeah, I think this guy's name is Jeremy and he's been at it for years. I've never bought anything from him, but for a while, there was another guy who kept post stuff like "Hey Jeremy, quit shit posting 20 bikes every day" and telling him to at least post in the dealer section. Apparently, he didn't listen. Also funny, most of his post say "Without a doubt, this is the PERFECT bike for Austin!" If you're selling 20 different bikes ranging from entry level hardtail to full DH race sled, they can't all be "Without a doubt, this is the PERFECT bike for Austin!"
  2. Took me a while on that perspective too. I thought at first he had some weird rigid lefty fork.
  3. I'm confused. Did I miss something? Does someone need to go check on TheX?
  4. Does it say if/how they are validating if a person is vaxxed? (Yes, I know I could read the article myself, but that would rob one of y'all from the satisfaction of posting an answer. No need to thank me. You're welcome.)
  5. Last week they were reporting that 99.7% of new cases were unvaccinated people. To know 2 different fully vaxxed people who got it in the same week is crazy.
  6. I play on a coed beer league softball team. Currently 4 players (2 couples) on our roster have covid. None of them vaccinated. I don't think they got it from playing on the team together due to the way the timing of each one's symptoms, their resulting quarantine, and the game schedule has played out. (Not that this really matters. Just an interesting sidenote.) At this stage if you are not vaccinated, it's pretty much a choice not to due to your political leanings and which news channel you watch. I feel bad that my friends are sick, but this was preventable. Now we are going to have to forfeit all our games the next couple weeks if we can't find some replacements. Yes, I realize that beer league softball games are very trivial when so many have been hospitalized and killed. It just sucks. We all have fun playing softball. The choices of a few are now affecting everyone on the team. It feels like a metaphor for America right now. Those screaming "let's get back to normal" a year ago are now the ones who are not getting vaccinated and preventing everyone else from getting back to normal.
  7. Cross post: what if a non-vaccinated person was approaching, coughing and I could immediately tell that their sense of smell and taste was altered. I yell “I fell threatened, don’t come any closer!” The sick individual keeps approaching, so I pull out my concealed handgun and drop the MFer. I blow the smoke out of the barrel and smile into the camera. With a wink I say “social distance, scum bag”. [roll credits]
  8. There's not much pedaling at Windsor. The lack of suspension is really the problem (assuming you have good brakes). Not that it's not possible, but it would be much more enjoyable on a trail bike. Why not figure out how to pull the pup trailer with your full suspension bike?
  9. Are you going to shuttle Windsor on a rigid SS?
  10. Or bring both. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  11. Vigilante justice at its finest. Driver intentionally hits Cyclist A with car. Cyclist B decides this warrants deadly force. My initial reaction was "good, fuck that guy". Not that the driver's actions are at all defensible, but does that give a bystander the greenlight to shoot the guy? Did the shooter get arrested/charged with anything? Would he have if the driver died? If so, how would that play out in court? Seeing that this is Texas, and the driver's name is "Jose Angel Hernandez", the shooter probably would become an NRA folk hero and gotten off any charges.
  12. I bought that variety pack and re-tried the Moon Walk. I wouldn't by it alone, but it wasn't as bad as I remember.
  13. The Cosby case is Cosby money vs. the legal system. Britney's case is Britney's money vs. Britney's money.
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