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  1. I'd wager that riders of e-bikes encounter more dickishness on the trail directed at them than they direct towards other. (Just judging by the tone of this and other e-bike discussions)
  2. Then, I would post 20 extreme close-up pictures of anuses. Man, MoJo was wild.
  3. You can make the same argument for suspension, gears, etc., etc. Even if you are a 21 y/o in the peak of your athletic performance and have more fun riding an eMTB than a regular one, I say, go have fun young man. Ride the bike that you have the most fun riding.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking "this looks miserable" the whole time.
  5. Nothing's better than bashing something you've never tried. You guys are missing one thing - they're fun as shit. AB, let me add one more category: 2E. Vacationers who have 3 days to ride 200+ miles of trail, but legs that can only handle a fraction of that. Or same vein, "I have a rare day with no kids or chores, and I want to ride longer than I normally would and not suffer terribly doing it." I don't own one. I have ridden one on difficult, technical trails. It wouldn't be my only bike, but if I had the means, an eMTB would be the 2nd or 3rd bike in my stable. Why? They are fun as shit.
  6. Ride with one foot clipped in and one foot on flats. Best of both worlds.
  7. This Orange Seal story has the feeling of an online review where the package arrived damaged, so the reviewer gives the product 1 star and flames the product/company, but the real fault is with the delivery company. It doesn't seem like he would maliciously lie about one of the two wheels having a tube. He probably just forgot he hadn't set them both up tubeless. It doesn't seem like any of your disdain for Orange Seal comes from actual use of the product. Only a bad experience with someone affiliated with the product (not even selling that product to you) who could have made an honest mistake.
  8. notyal

    Prop A

    First off, I don't even live in Austin and had to look up what Prop A is, but for the sake of argument... Maybe it's stupid to have a law that ties personnel decisions to a crude ratio of cops to residents. Who came up with the magic 2:1000 ratio, anyway? Talk about a scare tactic. "Oh no! There are a thousand people here and only 1.7 cops. My life is in danger!" This is just a way for cops (and those who represent them) to protect their own interests at a time where many are questioning their effectiveness anyway. I guarantee you that there isn't a law on the books proclaiming that there must be a defined number of BS in Art welding Exhibit Coordinators per capita. Maybe if that Exhibit Coordinator was given more help, they could have an exhibit about not doing crimes in the first place. That would reduce the need for more armed police on the streets. What if future advances in crime fighting reduce the number situations requiring police officers to put themselves in dangerous situation? You're telling me Robocop couldn't handle 1000 residents on his own? Before you freak out and call me a commie or something, I'm not saying don't give them the money for training and more staff. I'm just saying that the magic number of 2:1000 is stupid. How could guaranteeing a number of jobs based on another metric that you can't control be a good idea? That seems like a recipe for corruption and greed to thrive.
  9. You know how there are certain things in life that if they work perfectly, you don't even notice them? I've been using homebrew for 8 years or so, and I don't think I've had a puncture flat in that whole time. I've been on rides where other people have gotten punctures with white goo sputtering everywhere. Maybe it's better. Maybe I've just been lucky. Maybe both. Here's a picture of my tire with a pinky sized cedar branch in the sidewall. I rode out like this. I even patched the hole and rode that tire for another month or two.
  10. I'm still using the Slime + RV antifreeze + latex mold builder recipe. I've never considered changing because it works, it's cheap, and relatively simple to find the ingredients. (The latex mold builder is sometimes a problem.) However, I am now intrigued by this Berryman Tire Seal'R.
  11. I passed a guy blaring a bluetooth speaker the other day. He said, "I'm riding alone." I said, "I'm not surprised."
  12. A few months ago we rode up on a hiker with headphones in SATN. Bell, bell, bell. No reaction. BELL, BELL, "riders back!" He finally turned around, definitely saw us, turned right back around and kept walking at the same pace in the middle of the trail. It was an open area, so we just had to go around him off the trail through some grass. We were both too confused or in awe of it to even be mad.
  13. I don't think I've ever seen a deer with red horns like this.
  14. Same here. I realized sitting at my computer with one hand up on the mouse and sitting in my car with the same hand up on the wheel was causing a pinch in my left side. Squats and deadlifts have helped me. I should probably do more planks, but I hate them so much.
  15. Bit of a rant here, but what happened to plain old velcro straps for bike shoes? Everything is BOA or a ratchet these days. Velcro straps are lighter, simpler, and can't break if smashed on a rock. Or there are laces that can get caught up in the drivetrain. A lot of times on lace shoes, it seems like they add a velcro strap to secure the laces as much as any sort of retention purposes.
  16. I've never tasted a beer and said, "You know what this beer needs? More lactose." I couldn't even tell you what lactose taste like (or maybe it's just for mouth feel?), but for some reason that's where they lost me. Until I read that, my interest was peaked.
  17. Right! I almost forgot about how much I hated walking in those shoes. The soles were hard plastic and very slippery if there was any moisture.
  18. notyal

    Random Dogs

    This thread is for random dogs, not random dots.
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