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  1. Yes. My Pixel 3XL uploads to several other websites but Strava is broke. The online forum knows the problem.
  2. Looks like all they have to sell are the shelves and racks.
  3. May her birthday be the best ever. I can relate to the struggles you have been through after losing my wife to cancer last year.
  4. Post the bikes on BikeIndex.org.
  5. Check out this website for San Antonio: https://stormmtb.org/
  6. texbiker


    I don't think it would be a crit exactly with the road changes but the racing might be like it.
  7. texbiker


    I think you have a point about shortening the stages, especially the sprint ones. The peloton cruises along until about 10 K to go and then starts racing. Maybe have 25 K sprint stages where everyone can go all out.
  8. List them on BikeIndex.org. Sorry to hear about this trip killer.
  9. Sounds like a Chromebook would work for your needs. Look at the Samsung Chromebook Plus.
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