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  1. It is. I don’t mean to spam the forum, but the site is made to solve exactly the problem you were having and I couldn’t help it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Alright, your bike is in. I wasn't able to pick all the house brand parts, but it's a good starting point to guide future replacement/upgrade routes. Have fun... https://cyclingbuilder.com/list/JNGfrH
  3. You've got it right, that should work just fine. I wish we had your frame modeled in our database, this is exactly what our site is designed to help with. Give me a little bit, I'll enter your frame in and then you can check all the part compatibility you want. 🙂 https://cyclingbuilder.com/list/rRBPxr
  4. I usually crimp by the 22-18 part to the RIGHT of the pivot. I crimp right near the opening of the cable end nib and then crimp again in the middle of the nib.
  5. Oh I misunderstood, I thought you pulled the trigger on a v2. A lot of people have apparently liked the result of the angle set. I didn’t go that route with mine and I think it’s fine. My build list is linked in my sigline, but I’m loving the i9 hubs. I have considered getting them relaced to some Chinese carbon hoops. I’ll have to edit my parts list as things change. The reviews I read describe the ripmo out climbing the ripely on techy climbs, while the Ripely shines on long fire road type ascents. I’m really interested to see how much lighter the bike can get and how much lightweight wheels will help it. Mine’s right around 30lbs. Either way, I really think you’ll be pleased. Post up pics when you can. I haven’t seen very many others around here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I love mine. I got the v1. It climbs so freaking well for a 145mm bike, it makes it kind of fun. Now they squeezed 2 more mm out of the rear end without sacrificing the climability. Also, they fixed the one complaint I had with the v1. The routing for the dropper cable house now is completely internal, on mine it exits the frame on the downtube and re-enters the seat tube. The frame has internal cable tunnels so it shouldn't make it any harder to route. Building this frame up was wonderful. BSA BB shell, ZS headset, and simple cable routing. You're gonna love it. I've ridden 4C a few times on it now and I am definitely the weak link in the equation. The bike wants to get to the top and then blazes down too quickly for my reflexes on the way down. I have to reign her in, but that's because of me. BCGB is this bikes happy place though. Which is good because it's my happy place too. My first demo was bombing the HOL which was awesome, but it sold me when I turned around and climbed back up in to Ed's Bowl. Are you building up the bike, or did you go with a pre-built? Either way it's definitely a rainmaker...so thanks for that. FYI...I demoed an Evil Following at Outerbike Bentonville and it changed the way I looked at Evil Bikes. I always thought they were kind of an enduro-bro, park oriented brand. While the Following didn't climb as well as the Ripmo or Revel Rascal, I was impressed with how well it rode. It definitely favors going down more than up though.
  7. Cables. My only hoses are provided by Hope :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hate to inform you, but your bike and now SUV are contaminated with radio active waste. I don't know where you rode, but it wasn't worth it to avoid the 'rona.
  9. <looks at the fleet> I've got Jagwire cables on every bike in the garage. 😛
  10. It’s kinda silly actually. They just cut fast and easy. I like the ergonomics of it and there’s a really satisfying snap they make when they cut. It’s really nothing more than a housing for a spring loaded razor blade. It’s just one of those simple tools that are really effective. https://www.worldwidecyclery.com/products/jagwire-sport-hydraulic-brake-line-cutter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Just get the dang tool. It's not expensive and it totally fits in to the "Right tool for the job" category. When you use it you'll be like, "Well, that was SO easy!" The same thing goes for true cable housing cutters, hydraulic brake line cutters (not the same as cable cutters), and fork steerer tube cutting guides. These tools are rarely used, expensive, and SOOO effective at their job that it's completely worth it!
  12. I remember figuring out that I could slide the striderbike a certain way through the back handle of the chariot and take it along with us on rides. Little guy got to ride around town lake, and then we’d take a break and let him stride around on the pedestrian bridge. His first coasting was in the Parmer Events Center Garage on one of those rides. Love the bike-sidecar-Mount! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Looks like a Geax/Vittoria Goma to me, which is a good thing. Staying tuned for the skin wall version 😉
  14. SRAM just announced Force AXS. Now you can mix and match road and mtb AXS components. Ultimate gravel touring setup #2.
  15. It’s from that blinged out Revel Rascal build that’s all over the bike journalism sites. …and a 9t cog? Only E-thirteen makes that. Better off with a bigger chain ring. Fun discussion on reddit about this. My favorite comment, “9 teeth is a polygon not a circle. Even 11 sucks really.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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