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  1. MJ's is actually using this as an easy excuse to close shop because they can't afford Austin taxes anymore.
  2. Still there, but not open till Thursday.
  3. It's yours. I'm in RR, but work South. Can meet just about whenever.
  4. Frame/wheelset for a 26'er Beater Bike. Soul Cycles Loki frame and Sun Rhyno Lite rims.
  5. Not a bike, but saw this on Ninjas today.
  6. Ended up with 24.23. Plan your route/pack your gear. There's lot's of nothing out there. Next time out, I plan on starting/ending in Granger. There's a brewery and BBQ in town. Proper motivation to make it back alive.
  7. Gravel Map got me around Lake Granger this AM.
  8. Of no one is actively maintaining/building the trail, then take charge and make it happen.
  9. Thanks for the update. How did it handle in the tight twisty stuff with the drops?
  10. BTW. Not me. Saws this on a hike/trim mission.
  11. It's yours. I'm up in RR. Just need to coordinate a drop spot.
  12. Gotta blue Camel Bak Mini-Mule (kid size) with no bladder. Free to good home.
  13. ~1" of rain. Trails will be dry in a couple hours.
  14. Let me know what you end up doing with it. I had a fear of commitment and stuck with flat bars and bar ends.
  15. Think the stem rise will work for you? Typically use a high rise stem to allow for riding the drops. Looks fun except for the lack of gears.
  16. E-bike?! This post has been reported to the moderator....
  17. Unfortunately, GUMBO finally died. Happened about 2017. From time to time, I still get out and ride parts of the old route.
  18. Downtown GTown during a multi-surface ride before the rain.
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