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  1. Big_papa_nuts

    SRAM Goes Wireless...

    That's why they are getting paid.
  2. Big_papa_nuts

    SRAM Goes Wireless...

    EIGHT HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS! Vyron is half that.
  3. Black text is near invisible when using the dark mode, FYI. I understand the advantages of carbon, but it'll never be worth the premium over aluminum to me. Even if that premium is getting smaller. I have never broken an aluminum frame, don't care about a quarter pound, don't need my bike to be stiffer, ETC. The adjustable geo, 6 bikes in one thing is cool though.
  4. Big_papa_nuts

    Carbon Chameleon

    Didn't the get bought by some investment group about 2 years ago?
  5. Big_papa_nuts

    Best "Budget" MTB

    I know droppers are the new hot thing but the fuck I would buy a hardtail with anything bigger then a 27.2 seatpost. Bigger diameters transmit to much force and make the ride feel harsh. Anything with a Tourney drivetrain, including the 820, isn't suitable for off road use imo. Not to mention that usually means it'll have a freewheel so the axle will likely snap too.
  6. Big_papa_nuts

    Best "Budget" MTB

    I work in a Trek dealer and can tell you full stop the 820 is not a MTB. It's and ATB at best, and a heavy, clunky one at that. The Fuji and Spec are basically the same thing with an aluminum frame. If some one told me they wanted a sub $500 bike I'd tell them to keep saving and try to get to the $1000 price point. There are lots of great hardtails for roughly a thousand bucks. Though if they twisted my arm I'd tell them to order a Nishiki Colorado and bring it to me to properly adjust it. You could nickel and dime one of those into a really good bike that'd probably serve you for years. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tnKVG8SJmso
  7. Big_papa_nuts

    El Paso

    Been in El Paso for 4 days now. Rode Palisades Canyon day one and it was a lot of climbing and a decent amount of walking up hill for not much pay off. Honestly I'd skip it. Rode the Mini Puzzler course again. It was still awesome. We actually we're out there during the race but didn't realize it until we rolled through the start/finish a few miles in and saw the commotion. We walked up to Mundy's gap, which is part of the mountain loop, to see the eclipse. I honestly don't think I'd wanna ride up there as it's just a very steep Jeep road but if anyone who has done the loop thinks it worth it they can chime in. We rode the west side of the mountains today and I honestly think they are better then what I've rode on the east side. The guys at the Trek shop over there are awesome too. I'm gonna have to do some more research on the city itself but I think I may rather winter here then in Austin.
  8. Big_papa_nuts

    Pace Bend

    Any updates?
  9. Big_papa_nuts

    Getting Shorted

    A-Fing-men. I fell in love with my Club Ride Phantom shorts a few years ago. I bought four pairs and when one blew a zipper I want to buy another. Turns out they discontinued them and none of the new ones are the same fit. I have actually spent more time.e and effort repairing the pairs I have then it like would cost to replace them. REI actually has a pair on their "used gear" site right now that I'd be all over if they weren't charging more then they did when they sold the new ones on clearance.
  10. I bought a bunch of JIS screwdrivers for the shop when I learned this 6 or 7 years ago. Spent a decent amount of time looking for a percision driver (the one with swivel handle) to keep in my apron for quick access. Then SRAM and Shimano switched to allens on their limit screws and my screwdriver use dropped off drastically.
  11. Big_papa_nuts

    Pedel Less MTB

    Stealth has been basically doing this for like 10 years now. I actually got really excited about one back when I rode Moto because I never liked the size and complexity of a gas burner. I'd have gotten an H-52 if they weren't over 10 grand. But it'd be treated like a Moto and only used on Moto trails.
  12. Big_papa_nuts

    Flight destinations with easy MTB logistics

    I actually moved out of Austin about 8 months ago because...many reasons. The more I travel the more I think Austin might be one of the best places to live as a MTBer. Decent weather all year, 100 miles of trail accessable from many parts of town (including downtown), good food scene, stuff to do, ETC. I just need to find a garage to rent in the right part of town. But I digress.
  13. Big_papa_nuts

    RockShox Fork Service

    CP's suspension guy, Tim, has moved to Cycle East. They may still do service but if you like the results you've had in the past CE may be your new go to. As a shop manager I can tell you supporting suspension service can be tough. There is just so many seal kits and fluids (usually sold out from major distros) that I'd usually have to make customers wait just so I could get small bits. This is another reason to do it yourself. You can just buy the seals and oil you need for your fork. Rock Shox are nice because you don't even need special tools.
  14. Big_papa_nuts

    El Paso

    Couldn't agree more. One of my favorite trails out there. Super chunky but unbelievable amounts of traction. Sooo fun.
  15. Big_papa_nuts


    As a pro mechanic I can say that manufacturer's air pressure recommendation are one of the more frustrating when it comes to helping customers with suspension tuning. Those charts don't take into account bike setup, riding style, a rider's proportions, ETC. I have been as much as 80psi off a manufacturer's recommendation to get the proper sag (then it obviously took some work to get the proper spring rate), but people will still argue when I tell them I recommend anything but what the sticker reads. Bottom line, set your sag by taking measurements and then tune your fork/shock with that as your baseline.