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  1. Big_papa_nuts

    Pace Bend Trail Sanitizing

    I have to agree with RA. It's common practice on well used public trails to have feature bypass lines (PB actually already kinda has some).
  2. Big_papa_nuts

    El Paso over Christmas

    I was there for a day a month ago and won't shut up about it. It's a rock crawling, corner drifting, mountain climbing good time. As far as I can tell anything in Franklin Mountains State Park should be a solid option. I rode the Mini Puzzler race loop (on MTB project) and enjoyed every second, except for the lack of trail markings.
  3. I went in knowing I would only be able to do one ride and had herd many people talking about The Back 40 so I decided to do the whole loop. Did 22 miles in about 3 hours. Again, not impressed. There were a few fun things but there is maybe 5 miles of good trail on that whole loop IMO. It's totally possible that I just missed the best stuff. I'm actually going back next spring, on my way through, so if you have some suggestions I'll check them out. April. It'll be interesting to see what has changed when I go back. The quesadillas with backed potato is highly recommended.
  4. I have to strongly disagree. The Back 40 had almost zero technical challenge, which is a big part of what I enjoy. It also lacked senic appeal and had very little flow, both of which would have made it better. If you like steep climbs and wide gravel trails you'll probably love The Back 40, but if I'm making a drive I'm going to El Paso where they have chunk and vistas.
  5. Bella Vista iirc. Literally right at the trailhead, nice bathrooms, laundry facilities, and super friendly staff. I don't remember them being to expensive either. I'd spend a week there if I liked the trails more. Actually, I'd still spend a week there.
  6. Agreed. I only spent a day there but I'd rather ride SATN or Walnut then the Back 40. Honestly I enjoyed the landfill trail in Hot Springs I did on the same trip more then the Back 40. Thought I will say the campground that's on the trails in Bentonville is something special.
  7. Big_papa_nuts

    Let's Go Aero Black Box

    The trailer was actually very stable, I mostly didn't like maneuvering in traffic, parking, backing up, stuff like that. Plus it's a pita not just having everything in one vehicle.
  8. Big_papa_nuts

    Bad news for town lake

    I used to work with a guy that would ride his longboard to work using one of those things, the guy on the One Wheel just had a standard plastic SUP paddle. They just seemed to be making their way through the trails as best as they could. I just thought it was weird.
  9. Big_papa_nuts

    Bad news for town lake

    There were two of them out there. We encountered them on log loop. They were both standing in the middle of the trail next to a little root step. One of them when had a SUP paddle for some reason.
  10. Big_papa_nuts

    Cold weather and shorts

    IMO you're all doing knee/leg warmers wrong. I have to put them on before my shorts in order to get them high enough to stay. I also had to add some silicone patches to the outside of the upper cuff, but that may be because I bought them big as I don't like tight clothing around my knees.
  11. Big_papa_nuts

    2019 InnerBike Tradeshow (canceled)

    I stopped going in 2012ish. The big issue I had was the 60% of the people there were not doing business. Most didn't even work in the industry, they just knew the folks at the local shop and came to hang out. I had to fight my way through crowds trying to get autographs, swag, or just free beer to get anything done. And by day two even most of the people working were too hung over to actually work.
  12. Big_papa_nuts

    I screwed up.

    Tim is at Cycle East currently FYI.
  13. Big_papa_nuts

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Taylor IIRC. The Empire So Sick Man Jam out there was my first trip to Austin, in 2004 I think. They went under a while back, for various reasons. Skatepark of Austin was actually in town, near Cameron and 290, and went out of business too. Rising rent costs back around 2010. I'd be down for a skills park under the highway. My first thoughts would be where SATN crosses under Mopac near DN, but VCT construction probably makes that less then ideal right now. And someone would probably run over the jumps with their big 4X4 after too long.
  14. Big_papa_nuts

    Let's Go Aero Black Box

    Recently started the trip with a 6x12 enclosed trailer and had to double back because we disliked it so much. I'm trying to get the bikes out of the van so we can just sleep in there. I agree though, the price is crazy and a small trailer may be a good compromise. Though I have found that I HATE towing.