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  1. I actually used a 10 speed chain on my '91 Trek when I converted it to a 1x7. It was a stamped steel, Biopace, ring though.
  2. You say that until you spend $500 on a rim who's warranty will be void if it's not tensioned properly.
  3. I have an old Wheelsmith tensionmeter I really like, and use all the time. I actually bought four Parks for work a while back and they showed up reading 40kgf different from each other. I sent them back to be recalibrated, they returned with a business card someone scribbled "a-ok" on and still had a 30kgf spread. Needless to say I can recommend that thing, unless you feel like finding a way to actually calibrate it correctly.
  4. I'm no doctor but I think it helps in a few ways. First it will rinse some of the pollen out of your throat as you drink, drinking it ice cold may also reduce some of the inflammation. Second it will give your body what it needs to produce snot and tears. Which sounds like a bad thing, but if you drink enough they come out "pure" and actually flush away irritants without leaving a mess. Last, filtered water can actually leach minerals and such from your body, so maybe they are taking some of the counter productive things that come from eating and drinking the regular crap I do away.
  5. One Zertec and about a gallon of filtered water a day works well enough for me. I kinda stumbled on the filters water things one day when my water main broke but it seems to make a huge improvement.
  6. Shit. That's cheaper than I paid at dealer cost when I bought my Phantom.
  7. Definitely rode it the right way, as confirmed by the signs and the other person I rode it with, and my data collecting app. Definitely pedaled more than I coasted. Also, had to stop and clear two trees. Definitely NOT a "flow" trail.
  8. You're crazy. I literally rode Flowride an hour ago and pedaled 90% of the time. Huge disappointment. Imo the only trails on the Back 40 with any redeeming qualities are Ledges, What the Chuck, and some parts of Pinyon Creek. This is actually my second time out here and I was only convinced to come back because people keep telling me that all the good stuff is inside the Back 40 loop. After today I can confidently say they are full of shit. The Back 40 is currently on the top of my list of worst trail systems I have ever ridden.
  9. I rode The Back 40 and a good chunk of the Womble and came out wondering what the heck people were raving about. I'm going back in October because I must have missed something based on the way people talk. Plus I'll ride the Lovit. Tent camping at the Bella Vista RV park is a bit lacking, as it's just a small feild next to an RV park you get to camp in, but the facilities are pretty nice. Camping near the Lovit and Womble are much nicer. Arkansas does have one of the nicest campgrounds I have been to, the Shady Lake state rec area. We got there a day after a tornado though so I didn't get to ride the nearby trails.
  10. Taking a dog to the national park can be tough. Ime you have to hike around to really get the experience and your not allowed to leave your dog in the car, nor should you, and they aren't allowed basically anywhere cars can't go. We talked to a lot of people who had boarded their dogs just for this reason, and one woman who had drove out (something like 3 hours) to the nearest kennel in the middle of her stay just so she could do things. The bends are no place for pets anyways. Everything is hostile out there.
  11. Any word on dates yet? I'm thinking about coming to town for it but also have a wedding in Phoenix in late October to attend so I'm hoping both are possible.
  12. 8 speed shifters will work too. Just black out the extra number on the visual indicators as to not confuse any beginners. I just put some old LX shifters on my partner's cheap dual sport as an upgrade to the Tourney stuff that was on there.
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