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  1. I actually had some back and forth with a BSS employee about a year ago and she gave me some intel, that she probably should have, about them shrinking the Guad store to service and pick up only. That actually makes a lot of sense in that location. Not sure what Trek will do though.
  2. https://www.bicycleretailer.com/retail-news/2020/12/18/hill-abell-it-was-just-right-opportunity#.X97EvM1MEqm Apparently BSS wasn't doing as good as I would have assumed (through I never go in there so I wouldn't actually know).
  3. They have a list of brands they are allowed to stock. Last Trek shop I was in had as many Maxxis tires as Bontrager. That store isn't actually that big. They have a lot of storage in the back but are probably about the same size as MJ's.
  4. There are a bunch of options on the market that will allow this. SRAM EX1, Microshift Advent and Advent X, Box Prime 9, SENSAH, ETC. Go, buy, do.
  5. https://www.fieldandstreamshop.com/p/stealth-wildview-trail-camera-12mp-20wviuwv1212mprxxtch/20wviuwv1212mprxxtch?camp=SEM:FNS_92700040565754029_nonbrand_pla-562973300528&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwf39BRCCARIsALXWETx2nUyXuwjeflddoLI_8DudiiKk5BqjIjfRm21aCFGRG9spBYcnur8aAqwUEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds I actually proposed just taking up a collection at C&D a few years back to give to Karl so he could get a cheap camera to investigate some troubles on another trail at the time. I'd also invest in some metal zip ties, or such, to keep it somewhat secure.
  6. Did he give you a discount based on the number of hikers you ran off the trail? I kid, I kid.
  7. If it's got traditional rivnuts for cage mounts you can just remove the lower one and snake the cable through there. It can also be replaced pretty easily if you ever want to go back.
  8. Thw Bike Shop business model is pretty broken, for a lot of reasons, so I'm not surprised.
  9. Take the tubes to REI. They send them to Alchemy to make bag out of.
  10. There was a Cedar Park City council member that made the news by saying something about how bikes don't deserve to be on the roads. Can't find it currently, but if I could I'd vote that prick out. I will also say the Mel Kirkland came by the shop after it happened to apologize on the council's behalf, so he seems cool.
  11. Anyone have some of the Specialized Body Geometry Contour grips I can try?
  12. I did a quick estimate recently on what it costs per year to properly maintain a dual suspension MTB, that gets ridden regularly, per year and it's somewhere near $2k (if your taking it to a shop). That was enough for me, someone that owns four MTBs, to quit looking at the numbers.
  13. Leave town on 89a going west, in about 10 miles take a right on FR525, stay right at the fork and then just drive in a few miles and find a empty lot. It's all BLM land out there so no services, but it's also free and beautiful.
  14. My favorite trails in the country actually. There's all kinds of great riding that's assessable from the campground at the state park, just to the southwest, or check out the Puzzler race loop if you're on the east side of the mountain.
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