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  1. There was a Cedar Park City council member that made the news by saying something about how bikes don't deserve to be on the roads. Can't find it currently, but if I could I'd vote that prick out. I will also say the Mel Kirkland came by the shop after it happened to apologize on the council's behalf, so he seems cool.
  2. Anyone have some of the Specialized Body Geometry Contour grips I can try?
  3. I did a quick estimate recently on what it costs per year to properly maintain a dual suspension MTB, that gets ridden regularly, per year and it's somewhere near $2k (if your taking it to a shop). That was enough for me, someone that owns four MTBs, to quit looking at the numbers.
  4. Leave town on 89a going west, in about 10 miles take a right on FR525, stay right at the fork and then just drive in a few miles and find a empty lot. It's all BLM land out there so no services, but it's also free and beautiful.
  5. I've ridden it. Felt like an enduro bike.
  6. My favorite trails in the country actually. There's all kinds of great riding that's assessable from the campground at the state park, just to the southwest, or check out the Puzzler race loop if you're on the east side of the mountain.
  7. I'd be interested to know if genuine Shimano brake fluid was always used in the system. According to Shimano other's "compatible" fluid can lead to system failures, but the internet insists "it'll be fine".
  8. His brakes look to be 501s. If this is correct the part number for the master cylinder/lever assembly would be EBLMT501RL, UPC 689228686588, with a retail of $50 or less. I didn't look as far as just the lever blade but those are available for most modern Shimano hydro brakes.
  9. If you pull it quick and hold will it pull all the way to the bar? I'd guess that fluid is bypassing the piston in the master cylinder. I'd plan to replace the master cylinder/lever assembly.
  10. https://www.jbi.bike/site/product_details.php?part_number=66384 Available at your lbs.
  11. I thought Lancey Pants wasn't connected to MJ's anymore. Well now I have a reason not to shop there.
  12. I would buy a cycling cap/desert hat hybrid in a heartbeat.
  13. 40cm wide Bontrager RL ISOzone road bars.
  14. Or you could recycle all the metal.
  15. In that situation you would still just call the police and they would respond pretty much like they would now. But if the systems where in place your partner may have gotten the help to deal with things before they got out of hand, or would be able to receive that help now rather then simply being locked up (or killed for being upset). I also have family in LE and as a BMX rider have A LOT of experience with others while on the job and I can say definitely, echoing other comments from this thread, that they are just people. Some good some bad. I will also repeat, no reasonable person wants to completely get rid of the cops. But I think everyone can agree that there is probably a better system then we have now.
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