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  1. Any word on dates yet? I'm thinking about coming to town for it but also have a wedding in Phoenix in late October to attend so I'm hoping both are possible.
  2. 8 speed shifters will work too. Just black out the extra number on the visual indicators as to not confuse any beginners. I just put some old LX shifters on my partner's cheap dual sport as an upgrade to the Tourney stuff that was on there.
  3. How was the bike secured? It be interesting and helpful to know what kind of trouble these thieves are willing to go through to get our bikes.
  4. I'm gonna put that on the list of reasons I'm glad I left Austin.
  5. Stay away from bigger brands like Mongoose, GT, Haro, etc. They are run by people who don't ride and will try to sell you a bike that is mostly shit based in a few "nice" parts. Smaller, rider run brands like Sunday and FBM do a very good job at putting together a bike that will work in the real world because that have to experience to work with. I'd go to Empire because those guys all ride and won't steer you wrong, but at they very least talk to someone who rides BMX on a regular basis before you buy. Fwiw I ride a Sunday, but it's an older model, and it's been a great bike.
  6. Rain? I just got the parts to rebuild my Juice and it started snowing this morning
  7. This is pretty much my stance on it. Just open it up and I'm sure there will be people who step up to the challenge.
  8. It's sold with a 140, so its probably designed for a 120 knowing Surly.
  9. https://www.srsuntour.us/pages/dtyd Nothing beats first hand experience.
  10. Someone wanna lend Mack a fork? Come to think of it doesn't Suntour have a demo program where they will ship a fork right to your house?
  11. You kinda fucked these days if you want a hardtail with less then a 120mm fork, unless you're a racer boy. That being said suspension is getting good enough that what seemed like a lot of travel a few years ago is surprisingly manageable today. Mack, I think one of your biggest problems is you have a pretty unsophisticated fork. Imo something with a stiffer chassis and better damper will make the 140ish fork your bike was designed for feel much more reasonable.
  12. Thank you. This. Most cassette lock rings have a knurled interface that should never come bloomed so if it's properly tightened and it comes loose something is wrong.
  13. I just got the 1/4" drive and 3/8" drive ones last Friday for $9.99 each, plus a 24 pack of batteries for free. I was kinda saving up for some nicer ones but I did some research and it seems the HF wrenches seem to be fine.
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