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  1. For the past two weeks DD has been bone dry (last seen dry last week). On this morning's ride I drop down into DD and it's flowing, with bright green algae. Totally unrideable.
  2. How was the traffic back then?
  3. I'm just at the point where I can ride Mulligan without stopping, but I'm not doing the big final drop. The rooty ledge feature up the left, around the oak, and back down on the right was giving me fits back in March, but on my new bike I have two lines up, and two lines down I feel comfortable and am able to take cleanly. Between the tree gates and roots, Mulligan has some surprises if you aren't watching. I don't think I've ever wiped out at Walnut Creek, although the fresh powder conditions on Severe Consequences tests me. But certain trails in the BCGB have knocked me on my ass more than once.
  4. One difference I saw in these rebranded droppers was the bar lever orientation. Some pivot downward (horizontal axis), while others swing forward (vert axis). Ah, a second reading of mack_turtle's response makes sense to me now - saying the same thing
  5. +1 "More research is required."
  6. And to toss another idea out there, it may be cleat placement. About 10 years ago I started running, which changed my feet and caused numbness on some rides (using SPDs). It was a more general numbing across all my toes, not as specific as yours. IIRC I moved my cleats heel-ward just a couple mm, and that was enough to relieve whatever pressure was going on. Hope you get it figured out.
  7. Thanks, that's good to know. I hope the new director can make the changes.
  8. This morning I went out to DD to take some pictures, and saw the glob of epoxy left behind from the previous rock placement. What a mess, but no new rocks that I found. I also hiked up the entirety of DD to the chain link fence; the natural creek way was wet all the way up, with a small trickle coming from yet further up. But "further up" means due south from this point where the retention areas are. BTW, this is the driest I've seen DD since March but it still has a wet center; it's just not flowing very much.
  9. James Clayton? I just found this, it looks like he died in 2012 after serving a little time. https://www.austinchronicle.com/news/2012-01-06/bicycle-thief-deceased/
  10. All it needs are toe clips and a U-lock!
  11. Wow, somebody tried gluing handholds. That's ridiculous and infuriating. DD has been a frustration. When I finally discovered it this year, I hesitated because of how slick it was. Then I started the waiting game for a dry run. It never came. I finally rode down in the wet when it wasn't so bad back in May I think. Not too bad - but it has everything to do with how much algae is there. It's such a cool feature. How long has DD been part of the trail system? 5-6 years?
  12. Work and other obligations have been tough this week. I got a good morning ride in on Monday, but I'm not dickin around tomorrow after today's cool temps. Biking comes first. Forecast is 70 at 8am. I'll take it!
  13. My ride Monday morning was good. On PP the new berm work is eroding, and the berm skeletons are showing -- half of the dirt we put on them is gone with the underlying rock coming through. Many turns are turning to powder on the outside half.
  14. Yep, and some new lawnmowers have a "check and fill" feature regarding their oil where the oil never has to be drained or entirely replaced. From an engineering perspective, I imagine they have planned for a regular consumption of oil that is fast enough to remove oil volume before the oil is overly contaminated. I'm sure shock manufacturers know the abrasive difference between (on average) fine, dry dusty conditions versus (on average) muddy conditions. Maybe it's really not that large a difference w.r.t. seal performance.
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