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  1. Sometime last year I was looking for lights and came across a mention of this light on bikemojo. I bought two of them, and use them on the bike and around the house. They are incredibly bright. $26 for the N6 is a good deal. After I got them, I tested their run times. On high, both of mine lasted 2.5 hours. On low, which is still decently bright, they ran for more than 4 hours IIRC.
  2. I don't think WC got as much in this last round of storms. Conditions on Sunday afternoon were primo: tacky and grippy.
  3. I rode 1/4 notch (E-W) and Rim Loop yesterday afternoon, there are a couple spots at the start of 1/4 that were like putty, and one with a little water. The rest of these two trails were good. Tacky dirt, and dry rocks. I expect DD to be the same. But I spent most of the time on cement for some distance, and didn't check other trails.
  4. Yes, I too like to serious mountain bike rock climbing.
  5. Huh, leaf-spring based suspension on the fork. The distance between fork legs is huge given the wheel size. That hints at the obvious - that they expect both sides of the suspension to allow the wheel axle to pivot away from purely perpendicular to head tube axis. In practice it probably doesn't move much, but they certainly don't show a head-on shot over gnarly terrain in the video.
  6. Yes! I went out at 3pm, did deception, rim loop, a couple others. Fantastic conditions.
  7. Two weeks ago I visited BSS at Parmer for new gloves and to try some grips. The Ergons were available in two sizes, and Specialized had similar grips, also in two sizes. I picked out the gloves, then tried the 4 different grips. For my hands with those gloves, the smaller Specialized Contour grip fit the best. The larger Ergon felt better without gloves. I'm pretty happy with them. They're lockons, so easy to set and stay.
  8. I went early to try some new additions to my standard lap, and by about the 9 mile mark it was thundering, and I called it quits. Got back to the lot and my gear loaded up as the first drops were falling!
  9. That's even easier, with BSS being at Neenah which turns into Lakeline Blvd as it crosses Parmer.
  10. Where are you coming from? I live near Parmer and Anderson Mill and sometimes ride up through the Forest North neighborhood (Broadmeade, etc) to Lake Creek Pkwy, to Lakeline Blvd, then to Staked Plains near the train station. From there, Staked Plains goes northwest through Avery Ranch, and dumps you right at the BCRT.
  11. About 0.5" of rain yesterday along parts of Parmer, not enough to hinder WC. Today, WC is dry and dust-free! All that fine chalky powder got wet down into the trail again.
  12. I'm not able to ride tonight, so I went for an hour this morning and did 8 miles. It was 65 F when I started, and it was perfect.
  13. New FS design: The Mother Forker https://www.pinkbike.com/video/507110/
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