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  1. My wife and I did the MS150 years ago and thought we were badass with the 185 mile total for the weekend. These racers are doing that every day for two weeks. It's awesome how good these riders are.
  2. Sophiane Sahili just crossed 1000 miles, at 9:50pm.
  3. Has anyone heard of a cyclist being ticketed for going over Austin's limit of 10mph on a trail?
  4. I can't wait to get back out to Spider Mountain and check out the new additions.
  5. Hmm, so you need better restraint than a leash? How about: Look how happy that dog isn't.
  6. Hows the sizing? Did you have to order a 1/2 size larger?
  7. @AustinBike, should you be interested, I have an old Burley trailer with a ratty top that I want to get rid of. The aluminum frame is in good shape though, as are the wheels.
  8. Ha ha! She was also woo-hooing constantly through there. So worth it.
  9. Yuuuupp! The two turns we worked on through the black clay pit are totally different and much improved now. I was really impressed with how much rock was moved to form that first right-hander berm.
  10. Not much breeze today, but I went out and did two laps of PP, then Mulligan, and rim loop + ditch. PP is drying out; some of the roller valleys had putty-like mud, one had water. It looks like the large ~280° berm we made at the workday a couple weeks ago needs another slathering of dirt. Its skeletal rocks are emerging from the ground, so it needs more cover. The other big berm (someone called it 7-11 berm since it's across from the 7-11) is packed in and rides well.
  11. Any timeline one can expect before Guide brakes go bad? Are the latest ones still affected by the eventually-sticky master cylinder?
  12. I'm not picking on strava because there are many ride-recording and sharing apps out there, but the unrestrained recording and posting of detailed routes is nothing good. It comes down to community expectations and discretion. I'm interested in hearing what you find out. Are you going to contact USGS? Other riders will know of more trails than I do, but I didn't find other trails on the US Topo maps (and I have never found GPS tracks for these trails online over 15+ years). I just happened to notice "Buffet" on that snippet of Walnut Creek. I did think it was unusually detailed that they had many of the trail segments in Walnut Creek named. I looked at both OSM and OSM cycle maps, and neither of those have it.
  13. From about 2003-2009 I recorded many of my rides with a GPS receiver and made maps for personal use. This week I revived my setup to update some old maps, and make new ones for the BCRT system. But, while browsing the "US Topo" maps, I happened to see "Enchilada Buffet" on the map south of Walnut Creek. Just outside Walnut Creek (Mark's Art is at upper right): I wonder how this got included, if it was submitted by a rider, or picked up from the various ride logging websites. This is a good reminder that THEY are listening.
  14. I'm running into this with the "Trail Conditions" forum. When I view it, the topics are always listed alphabetically. I can change the "Sort By" option to "most recently updated", but when I come back to the forum it is listed by title again.
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