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  1. I've made plans to come out and help -- anything I need to bring besides personal water/snacks?
  2. Excellent! My shock took two attempts, though. Tim fixed it, I rode it and the inner seals failed a couple miles out, resulting in the stuck-down problem. Tim took another look and replaced that seal last week, but I haven't had a chance to ride it yet. Probably tomorrow. How do you like your Ghost Kato?
  3. I started coming to Austin trails in 90 or 91, that's when I first struggled a lap from Emma. IIRC, the direction was changing about every 2 years back then. So if the last change was 2010 or so, it's been a while!
  4. When was the last time it ran clockwise? Thanks for your work on this. I always liked having it switch every 2-3 years.
  5. Man, this is fantastic news! Definitely need to thank the city for this.
  6. Beautiful! And I don't see any blood on the beartraps.
  7. Yours had the update frame with extra suspension link off the seat tube. That's quite a tube split, it just tore apart. I remember a few Mojos cracking the Titus frames. That is actually something I've watched for, especially with the dent on the right seat stay, but so far no cracks in this frame. When I cleaned it yesterday, I checked around the headtube and BB as usual. This bike is XC through-and-through, and does not invite larger hits at all. Even though the rear suspension is ~4", it feels like half that. @mack_turtle, once I do some rentals and decide on The Next One, I'll retire this bike.
  8. I wasn't ignoring you, keep scrollin'. Pretty funny, I think I may have gotten your post notification about the same time I got Tim's call. Here's the deal. I keep bikes a long time and keep them running. Last Saturday, I finally sold my 1993 Trek 8700. This was Trek's half carbon, half aluminum bike. All XT, total weight was 26lbs IIRC. That bike took me on the MS150, and was perhaps my favorite ride for Walnut. Regarding the shock, Tim @ Cycleast finished up my shock today, and he said while the internal seals were shot, everything else looked fine. No problems rebuilding it, all internal seals were replaced, new damper fluid, and a fresh nitrogen charge. So, for entertainment purposes here's my 2001 Titus. The original owner was the founder of Hammerhead bikes, I forget his name (Charles?). I'm the third owner and got it around 2005. After a quick clean and reassembly: XTR hubs and front derailleur, XT rear derailleur. Besides 4 or so small rock dings on the bottom side of the down tube, the only damage is the punched seatstay below. That part of the stay is slightly bent, but it was like this when I got the bike. I had a fall on cheesegrater that punched it even further though, but it's been like this for many years now. And top tire choices for Austin, for 2008. I'd like to point out, the rear tire is a full 2.0 inches. Besides normal maintenance, here's the total work I've had to do on this bike: Replace original Marzocchi Bomber fork with the Recon. It was a huge improvement, low cost, more travel, smoother, and except for its weight, is not a bad shock at all. Disassemble, clean, and lube the front derailleur shifter. It works perfectly now. Done 3/2019. First rear shock rebuild, 2009ish? Sent to Fox. Second rear shock rebuild, 4/2019 It's been a great bike. The rear wheel needs truing, but nothing major. Thanks, everybody, for the various shop suggestions that allowed my bike to get fixed so quickly! I appreciate it.
  9. Boom! After a brief chat, I took the shock over to Tim at Cycleast. So it's under the knife now, and might be ready on Tuesday. When I got home, I had an email from Fox with a RA# for the shock. The employee I talked with said "no", but their online returns person says "yes". I'll keep the RA# on hand just in case Tim runs into a difficulty. I appreciate the tip, Matt.
  10. Halfpipes must have a roof to be considered luxury.
  11. Yes. I envision the replacement shock to be appropriate to the frame it's in, definitely a Fox float variant. The rest of the bike would be something like: 1. Disc brakes. Ha ha. Seriously. Disc brakes. But this is a given. 2. Looking at the 130mm travel bikes, 27.5". Trail/all-mountain category I guess. 3. Less than 30lbs 4. Prefer a DW link suspension, but I want to test ride some rentals with different setups. There are a few bikes that would work as mere carriers for the new shock. Yeah, and that green medium frame+fork that's up there now was tempting. Honestly, at this point I don't want to spend too much effort reviving this relic. I want to get the shock working so I have a bike to ride for now and ultimately an intact bike to sell, but when it comes to spending more money I'd rather apply it towards a new bike. Thanks for referring Tim. I'll call today and see what he says.
  12. Man, this isn't looking good. BSS said it probably needs a factory rebuild, after I described the leaks and age. Cycle Progression actually does factory rebuilds, folks! BUT, they were hesitant about this one due to age / parts availability. I was able to talk to Fox. They won't even touch it now. CSR says, "We only service 8-10 years out." I have contacted Risse Racing in Oregon, since they rebuild classic MTB stuff. I'm waiting to hear back from them. I disassembled the shock yesterday, and the damper is leaking at the pushrod. It's pretty much lost its nitrogen at this point and is bleeding out. Cycle Progression didn't say no, so I may ask for a mercy service just to see if something can be done.
  13. The funniest instance of this was between two friends on a ride. They had wired earbuds, and mumbled to each other over their phones the entire ride. Normal to them I guess. I usually ride solo, so there's only moderate amounts of talking.
  14. I'm going to rent a couple different bikes, try some different frame designs. I completely tuned out bike changes and equipment several years ago (not 18, though), so when I started paying attention to it all again this year, it's been a surprise. Good stuff, @Cafeend. I'm totally on board with all that, but when it's time to cut the check, current bike prices are insane. Anyway, I'm not rushing out to get a new bike yet. First up is talking with Fox. If I can't get this shock fixed, my bike is useless.
  15. I just showed your post to my wife. She hates you, but I love you. Yeah, it's an oldie. It's from 2000 or 2001, and has been a fantastic bike and has lasted thousands of miles.
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