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  1. I’m planning a trip with my family to bentonville in august. It will be my wife and I and our 2 sons (2 and 6). Any thoughts on the best area to get a house rental? I’m looking at downtown bentonville just so that we can walk places. But I’ve never been before so I’m flying blind. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. I ended up getting my fork and shock rebuilt at cycle progression. It took them a few weeks to get the parts in that they needed but once they had then they gave me a call to come drop my bike off. Turnaround was just under a week and everything seems to be functioning correctly. Good experience overall.
  3. Good to know. Thanks. Has anybody used Dirtlabs or a similar mail-in place?
  4. I reached out but unfortunately he’s not set up for servicing the damper. He suggested cycle progression.
  5. My SB130 is due for an annual fork/shock service. 812MTBSuspension doesn't seem to be operating any more. Who's the go to now? I'm happy to pay more to get it turned around fast (24-48 hours) and avoid sending anything in to Fox. Thanks.
  6. I just bought a California air tools 8010a and an air hose reel on Amazon. It’s awesome. Super quiet compared to my old one. I haven’t touched my pump in weeks and I also use the air to help dry off the bike after washing it. I also picked up an inflator with a digital gauge. Highly recommend it.
  7. I took my 6-year old down there for the day a few weeks ago. It's a great pump track and I wish it were closer. The trails at McAllister are mellow so we were able to hit the pump track for a couple of hours and then ride some trails before packing up to drive home.
  8. Has anybody tried waxing their chain with something like Molten Speed Wax? I’m skeptical, but it seems like there’s a group of riders online that swear by it and claim it’s particularly good for dry conditions. It seems like a lot of work, and I’m not quite willing to be a guinea pig... especially if somebody else here has tried it or knows somebody that has.
  9. That’s a shop that gets it, IMO. I had basically the opposite experience with a local shop last year. I bought the bike from them for msrp and it took arm twisting to get them to make a warranty claim. They were perfectly content for me to be without a bike for a month once they shipped the part back to the manufacturer despite me asking if they could get me a loaner part for my bike. I ended up reaching out to competitive cyclist to purchase a replacement part and they overnighted it so I wouldn’t miss any riding that weekend. Competitive cyclist also offered to handle the warranty claim for me even though they didn’t have anything to do with the original sale. The warranty claim got handled in the end (via the local shop) and now I have a backup if the part ever fails again in the future. And I’m left wondering what exactly I got for buying local and paying full retail. I’m looking to get a new ride right now and take a wild guess about who I am and am not talking to about the purchase...
  10. Walnut is open. BCGB is closed. https://austintexas.gov/page/pard-facilities-closures
  11. Deception this evening was fine at about 7. It should be in great shape in the morning.
  12. I've got a fox transfer that I really like. I did have a warranty fix on mine though and bought a second one to ride while it was at Fox. I now have the fixed post back from Fox so I've got 2. If anybody needs a 31.6/175mm post (non-kashima version), I'll make you a good deal.
  13. Makes sense. I'm certainly not a medical professional but was taught that you don't pull out anything impaling somebody in the field unless it's preventing then from breathing.
  14. I picked up a gopro 8 and recorded a demo and my thoughts on the Outbound Lighting downhill package:
  15. It’s probably 100 yards west of the church.
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