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Bentonville - 8.5 hr drive from Austin


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"You're in for a treat. If I only had 2 days, then this is prolly what I would do.
(1/2 day prologue)- Some portions of Slaughter Pen [phase 2?]
Day 1- Coler Park in the morning- Eat Lunch; Then Lake Atalanta (w/Railyard) in afternoon
Day 2- Back 40. The Back 40 was superb. Any and all of these trails will be a highlight of your trip
Here are my Strava files from my 3 days there. I covered a lot of ground. There's brief descriptions and photos in all the files

I stayed in Bentonville & road everywhere)" ~ CBaron


"I did the back 40 clockwise and agree that it would probably be better ccw. Honestly, there is enough flow on that system that either way is worth it. Coler was awesome if you like gravity fed lines. Slaughter pen was ok but not epic like the back 40. Super cool place to ride. They have it figured out up there." ~ Tree magnet

"+1 on your assessment, except Coler also has (at the time) an 'unpublished' loop west of the creek valley that runs along the park they called the NICA loop. It was very good stuff. So I'd recommend going over to Coler and playing on the gravity fed stuff, then explore over to the NICA trail and make a loop(s). If you look closely it can be found in my Strava file above (day #1)" ~ CBaron


How much time would you allocate to ride the back 40?
"I would budget 3:30. You Can ride it XC marathon pace in about 2:30 with a couple of casual stops. If you will be stopping a lot or with a group of 3-4 strong riders I would budget 3:30-4. Weekend warriors will get smoked out there by the climbing, so 5ish?

I would also do the recommended route and ride from the end of the Blowing springs parking lot, ride in CCW with "ledges" included. If you are feeling good when you get back to the truck, roll straight into a ~ 7 mile lap of Blowing springs.
I've ridden it both directions. My clockwise direction was plenty of fun as well. We rode out from crystal bridges that day which was about a 40 mile out and back.
I also recommend checking your brake lines to make sure they are tight before going out on this journey." ~ FJsnoozer


"If you have several days, I think the Back 40 and Blowing Springs is worth a full day. Some of the best runs are in the middle of the system, so if you just do the outer loop, you are missing some really good stuff. Some of it is one way downhill goodness. Of course in order to hit all of it you need to hit some sections twice. I ended up riding 50 miles of singletrack (parking at Blowing Springs) and still didn't hit every section." ~ Shredhead


"All trail recommendations are spot on. I would add Bike Rack Brewery>Pedaler's Pub. Their pizza is fantastic.
Air BnB is cheap as hell there. From where we stayed we could hit the downhill flow trail at the middle school at the end of the street and ride up All American into downtown. We did that with lights the first night and rode in to have dinner then rode trails back home. No car needed." ~ Browndog


"Kessler in Fayetteville is pretty amazing too. About 45 miles south of Bentonville. Plenty of climbing, some rock gardens as well as some huge boulders to ride through, and some swoopy bermy downhill stuff too." ~ Kpomtb  


"So we stayed in Rogers about 40 min from Bentonville and 9 miles from Hobbs State Park. Because of unforeseen circumstances and time crunches we didn't get to spend a lot of time in Bentonville like we wanted but we did get in a solid 9 mile ride in at slaughter pen last night before dark. It was a blast.
I have to say Hobbs State Park seems to be completely underrated in my opinion. Total XC course but man is it FLOWY. I was locked out the whole time but I had some serious fun. I think if you stay in Rogers or ever get enough of Bentonville, Hobbs State Park Little Clifty Loop is a must. It's like Rocky Hill on steroids and the descents are definitely smile inducing. https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7001770
We also took the kids to Lost Valley for cave exploring and it was really neat. Best of all, all of this stuff is free. Slaughter, Hobbs, and lost valley were all free. It's been an awesome trip." ~ Afrothund3r

"Speaking of free, You got to go to crystal bridges museum!" ~ FJsnoozer


"We were up in Bentonville for Spring Break. It was amazing. Here is my take on it all:
Take a couple of extra tires. Our group had at least 4 sidewall tears.
If you plan on arriving Thursday afternoon, plan to ride the trails that are located in the city. There is a fun downhill starting from Crystal Bridges that will feed you into the rest of the trail system there in town (Slaughter Pen and whatnot.) 
The gravity lines at Coler Park are well worth the climb and they have multiple lines depending upon skill level. You could do both Coler and Slaughter Pen in the same day.
If you are not in super good riding shape, I would recommend you save the Back 40 for your last day as your legs will be spent when you are done. Go counter-clockwise. Members of our group rode it both directions and said that ccw was much more fun. Blowing Springs is a good place to start. The Back 40 has incredible flow (except for the trail called Flo-Ride---it sucked balls, not because it is technical, mainly because the first half actually lacks flo) and you will enjoy it quite a bit. Much of the trail crosses roads, which is fine as drivers are very mtb friendly there. However, plan on making bitch climbs up to almost every crossing (thus the spent legs at the end.) Fortunately, those climbs are rewarded with some pretty sick downhill. Whoever said that if you just do the outer loop you will have a great time is right. The only two inner trails I rode were Flo-Ride and Rago. Rago is super fun going East to West (outside in, I guess). Going the other way would suck, I think.
On your way home, I suggest you stop in at Mt. Kessler in Fayetteville. You can ride for an hour or 2 and have a great time. There is climbing, but it is well designed and well rewarded. Egg Beater is fun if you like rocks (reminded me of the easier portions of the BCGB). We started down Crazy Mary, but somehow wound up on Chinkapin Oak, which was amazing.
We had so much fun that Hoss and I have already booked some days for a return visit on our way to Michigan this summer. I can't wait to check out some of the other trails that Cody mentioned in his post.
Oh, and if you want to try out the local beer, Bentonville Brewing Company was our favorite." ~ Moc 5


"Bentonville definitely lived up to the hype as far as trails go. Even though the weather wasn't great, we still got to ride every day (although maybe not as much as I would have liked). I could have easily spent a week there riding new trail and then going back to hit the stuff I liked again. We rode pretty much all of Slaughter Pen, all of Blowing Springs, and a little bit of the Back 40 loop. I may post a more comprehensive write-up at some point, but I have to say Slaughter Pen was amazing. Miles and miles of professionally built and maintained trails with a lot of variety and fun features sprinkled throughout. We also ran across a couple of sections where they were building seriously big, gnarly features that made me clinch involuntarily just looking at them. Blowing Springs was fun, with lots of gradual climbs and some fun, swoopy downhill sections. One stretch was a bit more technical with some rock gardens and off-camber stuff, and the section that goes under the rock ledges was fun to see (although not that fun to ride, in my opinion). We only did part of the Back 40 loop which included a trail called Rago. Rago was a weird mix of pretty miserable climbs, boring sections where you are riding right next to and across streets, and unbelievably fast, fun downhill sections. We barely scratched the surface of the Back 40, but we got the sense it was more XC oriented. Everyone we ran into on the trails was super nice and Bentonville seems like a nice little town, although everything seems to shut down by 8 or 9 in the evening during the week. We had a great trip and are already talking about when we can go back again." ~ Olddbrider 


"Just back from a Bentonville trip with a very diverse group. Myself (cat 2 roadie who rides on dirt alright),a friend similar although perhaps less adept on dirt to me. my younger brother with no fitness who loves doing trials stuff, and lastly a friend who had never ridden a mtb and has a propensity for crashing on the road. I can say we all had fun and my brothers legs are destroyed (shoot my legs hurt from lots of 1-2 minute climbs).
We didn't get to checkout Coler due to weather and trail conditions, but did do Back 40/Blowing Springs and Slaughter Pen.
Slaughter Pen: It's great crowd pleaser stuff, I feel like anyone can have fun here no matter how good or how suck they are. The "downhill trail" is pretty much all tables, no gaps no drops. You can roll over the jumps just as well as send it over them. There is some blue stuff in the first "phase", choo choo is a sinewing group of berms, it's fun. It's not hard to ride at all but it is simply fun. Boo boo has some jumps, and a 2.5ish foot "drop" that you can ride fast enough to drop just roll down slowly. These and the downhill flow trail were the most impeccably groomed and built of the trails in the system that we found. None of the jumps were huge, I could clear about most of them, it was fun. In phase 2 east there is a pretty fun looking but too intimidating for me free ride section consisting of multiple 5 foot drops and then a bigger drop at the end. I think all but the last (which there was a B line around) is probably rollable (but I didn't ride it so I can't confirm). The "play area" is pretty fun but pretty small and pretty beat up, from what I heard go to Coler if this is what you are looking for. The whole slaughter pen area was super packed on the weekend, our first day out was friday and it was dead.
I didn't get to see all of the back 40 due to a slashed sidewall, but what we saw was pretty fun. It's not a perfectly groomed downhill track, there are sections more perfect than others (Brakes were used to make many turns, speed moderation is necessary at least for me). We rode a smaller loop CW one day (Back 40 to Summit School to pinion creek to ledges). The next day we went out with intention to do all of back 40 CCW but I slashed a sidewall not too far in, what little we did ride was better CCW. Not sure if ledges would be better one way or the other.
It rained half of saturday most of sunday. We consulted a local about what would be rideable when (the Back 40 was in pretty good condition only 6 hrs after a rain storm (didn't pick up anything on tires, didn't leave an ruts), most of the more built up stuff with berms and such seems to be built with hauled in clay type soil so we avoided anything like that.
My friend with no previous MTB experience walked a good amount, especially when we rode ledges but still had fun. He has fitness so was able to do the climbs. At the end of the trip group had 5 crashes total, and no broken bones so it was solid.
We rented two bikes from Phat Tire, they were pretty decent (Fuel EX 27.5+ Aluminum Frames) a little on the pricey side (75/day). My Fuel Ex 29 was pretty perfect for the trails I thought, my friend with a Top Fuel would have liked more suspension in places. I greatly enjoyed the use of dropper post for all days of riding." ~ Joroshiba


"Ok, I just got back from Bentonville. This was my 60th birthday present from me, to me. I didn't disappoint myself smile.gif
We drove up on Thursday and I rode Friday and Saturday. We headed down to Fayetteville on Sunday, which I planned on riding, but I was just too trashed from the previous two days of riding to feel like getting back on the bike again. Drove back to Austin on Monday.
Friday - I started at Crystal Bridges at All American. Great starter/warm up trail with a taste of what's to come.
Note: They are currently building more trail extending All American towards town, and it looks awesome.
I was disappointed that Choo Choo and Boo Boo were closed, but they were building more trail on that section, and some crazy looking drops at the bottom of Boo Boo. I did the end of Rim Trail, and then continued over to Black Apple Creek, Tiger Trail and part of Apple Turnover. All great, but don't miss Leopards loop (I did it twice just to make sure). I kind of got mixed up in the Urban Trail, but a local pointed me towards The BoneYard, just to check out the crazy shit they built. A must see! Some of you crazy fawks will probably do it, but it's worth seeing none the less. Played a little at the dog park, then headed up to Medusa and Talamagouche, followed by the Downhill flow trail. Holy shit that was fun! I did and out and back on Armadillos Last Stand, and then continued out to the beginning of Blowing Springs. After all the messing around I was into the ride for about 4 hours, and decided to head back to Crystal Bridges (our AirBNB was 2 blocks away) so I could have something left for Saturday.
Saturday - I started the ride again at All American with the goal of hitting Blowing Springs and parts of the Back 40. On the way out, I jumped across the road and hit Schroen Train and Free Time. Free Time was above my pay grade with all the skinnies and drops, but there's a pussy line around everything so I was good. Don't miss those two! I continued on my way out and hit Blowing Springs Loops. My face hurt from smiling while riding that damn trail! Nothing tech, but so much flow!! I could hear other riders hooting as they rode it. Once I made my way to the trail head for Back 40, I decided I would just make a loop that included Rago. You guys weren't kidding about all the road crossings, but all the drivers I encountered were very conscious of bike traffic, and I had no issues on any of those crossings. The first 1/3 of Rago, pretty much follows along the road, and I was starting to question my decision to take that route until I got to the Bike Skills Park. From there, Rago goes into some amazing machine cut flow trails. By the time I got to the end of the Back 40, I was pretty much toast and slowly rode back to Crystal Bridges.
Downtown Bentonville was pretty lively on Friday and Saturday night. We ate at the following:
Peddlers Pub - Good Burger and Beer selection
All American - Good hearty breakfast (but this weekend was their last time at that location, not sure where they are moving to, but it's still in Bentonville).
Oven and Tap - Excellent pizza and large beer selection.
Press Room - Breakfast was good, with a slightly upscale menu.
Crepes Paulette - Awesome huge Crepes. There was a ton of MTB'rs there, but the service was slow, so plan on post ride maybe.
My wife really enjoyed the Crystal Bridges Art Museum (plus they have a happy hour), and the Walmart Museum is a must!
The local riders were really nice and helpful with trail advice. The visiting riders seemed to be having as much fun as I was. Whenever I mentioned I was from Austin, most of the locals noted that they see a lot of folks from here. Also, I met three groups of riders that were from Springfield MO, and they hit Bentonville on a regular basis. Several of them talked about the trails that are being built in Springfield by the O'Reilly (Auto Parts) family similar to what's going on in Bentonville. It's about 2 1/2 hour drive North, but might be worth checking out if someone had and extra day.
I ended up with about 40+ miles of riding trails over two days. For this busted up old drunk, that's good for me!!" ~ Yosmithy

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Those are great insights. I just used the times from google maps (downtown to downtown). We can adjust the drive times in the thread topic based on general feedback. I'm also going to add some summary information to each of these thread headers based on feedback from historical posts, general info from MTB Projects, etc.  

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I've compiled many of the reports from the old Mojo site into the main post in this thread for future reference. Hope nobody minds me doing that. Lot's of good info that I felt would be beneficial and prevent folks from having to repost. Each post is in quotes with the OP credited.  

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My gf and I made the journey to Bentonville in June.  It was awesome.  It took 8 hours each way and we stayed a few miles from downtown.  The Back 40 is, IMO, the crown jewel of that trail system.  So great.  I did much/most of Slaughter Pen and all of that was just a blast.  We tried Coler, but the gf wasn't having it, so we bailed for SP.  Also did Blowing Springs and a lot of the fun stuff near there, Sally, Wonderland, etc.  

As much as I rode, I still didn't get to a lot of it.  So, that means I/we have to go back...over and over until I have ridden it all.  Then keep going because it's really something special.  I would hate to be there for just two days.  It really needs three, IMO.  Two if that's all you can do, but take three or more if you can.  It was great to be on trails that aren't solid chunder and chunk.  A local we met described one trail we had just ridden (I think it was Black Apple Creek) as 'rocky.'  After I did a double-take, we laughed...he has no idea what rocky means to a central Texas MTBer.  It's all so fast, flowy and fun...just be prepared to climb...then enjoy all that sweet, sweet payoff.  Can't wait to go back there.  Planning something in the Fall (maybe) and the Spring (for sure).  

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We are headed back at Thanksgiving for our 3rd trip this year. Last time, we hit Lake Atalanta, which was really fun--every single climb rewarded with fast, flowy down-hill. It had rained the day before, and Lake Atalanta was still good to go. Of course we hit the Back 40 and Slaughter Pen. There is a really fun section called Tristan's trail. In just over a mile, there is 7' of climbing with 156' of descent. I'm getting happy just thinking about it. I really can't wait to get back there.

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Just got back from a trip. Thanks to everyone here for posting their experience. It was a big help planning our trip. It was incredible. The town is clean and friendly. It has weird sort of vibe where this MTB tourism thing is being accepted and embraced by the whole community, but many of the locals don't really understand it. Like "just smile and take their money". Not in a bad way. It's just a fairly new development for them. 

Day 1: We pulled into town about 5 and had another guy who flew in landing about the same time who was renting from Phat Tire. Parked near the shop and took off on Slaughter Pen. We had to stay pretty close to town because the guy flying was taking an Uber to the shop and meeting us after picking up the rental, and we thought it could take a while. Credit to Phat Tire, he was in and out. With the time constraints and circling back to meet our friend, it did make us session the stuff really close to town. All-American, Choo Choo, and Ozone turned out to be some of my favorite trails of the trip.

Day 2: Back 40. We set out to do the main loop CCW (with Ledges detour). About halfway one guy crashed and ruptured him palm through the glove. It was really weird. The glove was undamaged, but there was a huge gash underneath. Instead of doing the whole outer loop, we cut through on some of the inner trails. From what I could tell, the green, blue, black system is mostly based on steepness, not tech. If you explore those inner loops, do your best to descend the blacks and blues and climb the greens. The ER near Blowing Springs is very nice. 

Day 3: It rained most of the night and into the morning. We drank most of the night and into the morning as well. We heard Hobbs State Park was a pretty chill ride and sheds water really well. It was perfect for us that day with all of us pretty tired/hungover and one guy with stitches in his hand. Plus, there was a big race in town, so we needed to avoid SP and Back 40. Hobbs was wet but not muddy with plenty of grip. The wet roots were a little slick, but not a problem. It was not technical at all, but the downs were fast with plenty of climbing back up. It was a bit of a haul. Under different circumstances, I would rather have explored the rest of SP and/or Coler, but if it's wet or you're looking for something more flowy XC style, I really enjoyed Hobbs. 

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Heading up to Kansas City early tomorrow morning. Thinking about a picnic and a little All American to stretch out and hit the road again. Wish I had more time. Buddy that I'm visiting up in KC lives a mile from Swope Park, It's kind of the Walnut Creek of KC with a lot more climbing, probably 18-20 miles worth of trails built and maintained by the local club.

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Heading up to Kansas City early tomorrow morning. Thinking about a picnic and a little All American to stretch out and hit the road again. Wish I had more time. Buddy that I'm visiting up in KC lives a mile from Swope Park, It's kind of the Walnut Creek of KC with a lot more climbing, probably 18-20 miles worth of trails built and maintained by the local club.

heading there over txgiving. where is swopes? last year rode shawnee mission park and really liked that place.
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On 10/30/2018 at 5:15 PM, hawkhai said:

I have some vacation time in December and thinking about taking family up Bentonville / Bella Vista.    Do they get much rain in the winter??  How are the trails condition for that time of the year?

From what I've found when looking up weather (also doing a trip the week after Tgiving up there) it seems like it can be hit or miss, but they only average 5-6 days of precipitation.  It'll be chilly (highs in the upper 40s, lows in the lower 30s) if it goes according to average.   

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On 11/1/2018 at 8:16 AM, attaboy said:

heading there over txgiving. where is swopes? last year rode shawnee mission park and really liked that place.

Swope Park is right at 435 and Gregory, keep going left after entering the park and the trail head will be on the left before the golf course.

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If you're bound to or from Bentonville for biking,

and have a hungering hankerin' hollowin' out your innards

you might find rural epicurean euphoria in Eufaula with an exit for


With a name like that I had to stop.

Had the BLT, of course. 😋


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Larlev, this VRBO is efficiency-size, perfect for two, and looks to have been recently remodeled. It comes well-equipped with pretty much any appliance or utility you need. Stocking the fridge is all that's needed. A Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store is a couple of blocks away.

5 minute walk to downtown for coffee, food, pubs, and Phat Tire bike shop. All American trailhead is three blocks to the East, and Coler is a short ride to the West.

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The Back 40 was not all out in the wilderness like I thought something called the Back 40 would be. Going ccw we just followed along the road at first . I would say you could see houses 60% of the time. Not that it had anything to do with the trail. It was just different from what I was expecting. 

Speaking of houses, I learned to dread seeing approaching houses and street signs from the trail. That indicated that a  killer climb up to that street was coming up.

Based on our nine guy's experience, you have a 25% chance of getting a puncture or side wall tear on the Back 40. Be prepared to repair out there. 

It took us slow guys just under five hours to ride the 21+ mile loop. This included four tire repair stops, two falling off a cliff stops for me, a couple of other crashes,  and one waiting for a driver to come take one rider to the ER stop. My Strava time was 567th out of 601 for the Whole Quesadilla CCW

Phat Tire Bike Shop prices were surprisingly reasonable on tires. And other stuff too. 

It is difficult for a newbie to figure the best ways to do all the Bentonville trails. You should have a good idea on how to prior to getting there. You might enjoy it without research of course, but I think it best to not waste time "exploring" because you will run out of time to experience everything.

We are in south Austin. It took us 10 hours including gas and one 40 minute meal stop. It was the same both ways. Google Maps will tell us it's 8.75 hours. We drove 75 mph just about the whole time. Go figure.

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Making the trip with The Tip, I'll add a couple of cents as well.  This was my second trip to BV, went last year in June.  It was hot but not intolerable.  Go now, it's perfect weather in the Spring or early Fall.  

Before the last trip last year, I watched a ton of videos, read about the trails and how they are in contrast to much of what we ride in a lot of central Texas systems.  It's almost ALL flow, very little technical bits and rocks are the exception, not the rule, as they are here on our local trails.  The Back 40 is my favorite section out there, it's a ton of fun...but you have to climb.  I prepared this year AND last by hitting the BCBG a lot (Ed's Bowl, etc) and Lakeway as much as possible.  You HAVE to have climbing legs to make the most of BV.  It's essential to having a good experience there.

The Back 40 is a giant loop, but it also has a number of inside segments that are great.  Floride is absolutely AWESOME.  All of them are fun in their own way, but Floride is just out of this world.  If you hit the Back 40, that's a MUST.  If you want to get your technical/janky fix, then the Ledges is for you.  Not only is it technically challenging, it's got some pretty serious consequences for a mistake (like falling down a cliffside).  Definitely the most difficult segment of the area systems.  That said, I love this kind of riding.  It keeps you on your toes and your skills sharp.

There is something for everyone, but it's overall I'd say it's aimed at the intermediate rider and above.  Some of the flowy fun stuff in Slaughter Pen would be fun for a beginning rider, but overall it's for experienced riders.  And climbing, you will be climbing.  It's not sustained slogs up hills, much of the Back 40, going CCW, you go up berms/wide switchbacks which sounds weird, but it's a pretty efficient way to get up a steep climb.  And there are lots of them...but almost all of them have some sweet payoff.

If you're thinking of going to BV, research it, study the trails, watch videos of trails, look at Strava rides, see the kinds of elevation that will be expected and then train by doing Lakeway, Ed's Bowl and stuff that requires climbing around you.  If you can't climb or don't like to, then BV isn't something you'd enjoy.  I did 103 miles which is just about everything in the whole Slaughter Pen, Bella Vista and a little bit of Coler and did about 8,000 feet of climbing.  Prepare yourself!

Our group of 10 riders loved just about everything about it.  My gf and I are planning on going back later this year.  The entire culture of the city is centered on bikes...and not just mtbs (but that's it's focus)...but BV is a biker's dream.  And it just so happens that for mountain bikers, it's AMAZING.  

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30 minutes ago, 2112Greg said:

If you're thinking of going to BV, research it, study the trails, watch videos of trails, look at Strava rides, see the kinds of elevation that will be expected and then train by doing Lakeway, Ed's Bowl and stuff that requires climbing around you.  If you can't climb or don't like to, then BV isn't something you'd enjoy.  I did 103 miles which is just about everything in the whole Slaughter Pen, Bella Vista and a little bit of Coler and did about 8,000 feet of climbing.  Prepare yourself!

I've been 2x's and when I was reading your cautionary comments about climbing, I did not recall it all *THAT* much more than what we do around Austin.  So I went back and checked my 3 Strava links at the top of this thread....and you are correct!  I ended up having about 122 miles and 14,000ft of climbing in 3 days of riding.  MUCH bigger stuff that I'd have guessed.  IMHO any time you get upwards of 100' per mile, your doing a legit bit of climbing.  Its also worth noting, that since I road to so many trails, I had a good portion of my mileage on nearly flat pavement (thus an even bigger climb/distance ration overall).

Now with all that said, its not the same kind of climbing style as big mountains in CO (or even Womble or Oauchita) where you send considerable time in a single climb.  The Bentonville climbs are steep and shortish...somewhat like we have here.  They just happen, over and over...



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