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  1. The best bang for the buck posts are from PNW or One UP. They perform well and hvae nice remotes. The absolute best post I have experience with is the Bike Yoke. A bit more expensive, but is super smooth and doesn't break.
  2. On a serious note, it was a new experience on a bike. If you can call it that. I get one ride a week to get my exercise in and after the ride Tuesday I felt like I wasted my ride. I wasn't the slightest bit winded. Pedaling the bike was less about pedaling and more of just giving it throttle. The bike has the typical bosch system which has 4 power levels. I used the 2nd lowest setting most of the night which was probably too much in most places. I kicked it up to Turbo only on the zero tech stuff. There were a couple times, like Bambi, I had to pedal hard to keep the pace because the system has a 20mph governor. Any speed above that and you're on your own. I also somehow accidentally hit the power off button on E-spank and had to slog that heavy thing for a while on my own. I didn't want to stop the group just so I could turn the power back on. It was a chore to get through the twisty stuff. Maybe part was getting used to a different handling bike, wide bars, different tires, etc... I was slower in the twisty stuff on this bike compared to my normal bike. Going up technical rock climbs was a breeze. During the ride I felt that the extra momentum you carry with this bike necessitates more robust riding gear. If your toe/foot his a rock or stump while pedaling it's going to be an ouchy. I've heard the argument that someone would want to put their slower significant other on an Ebike so they could keep up easier. Perhaps on the road, but I wouldn't want my wife to ride this bike on a trail. It certainly seems to have a higher potential for injury. It was a fun experience. For me, I'd rather ride my normal bike. I still have this at the shop until the ORbea rep comes to get it so if anyone wants to ride it tomorrow swing by in the morning and grab it!
  3. I killed it at Crank and Drank the other night. No one could hang on the Drip Drop ascent. Then we hit the Davis climb and those Nica kids exploded in my wake!
  4. These guys will make you scratch your head a little more. Lol. I use the 2 degree EC44/ZS56 to make my bike steeper. https://www.workscomponents.co.uk/20-degree-headsets-15-c.asp
  5. Had a good ride on the Southies today.
  6. I barely have anyone asking for 27.5 bikes anymore. I quit stocking them and having demos in that size. My brands have scaled back the the 27.5 offerings for 2020. 29ers were pushed to popularity being driven by the consumers. Later the 27.5 size came around being manufacturer driven.
  7. Is that lone man mountain? There was an effort to build train on that years ago.
  8. Tools! https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/collections/tools/products/pack-pliers Socks! https://www.sockguy.com/bike-1
  9. You need to spend a lot of time on that plot of land hiking around to get a feel for it, looking for cool features, etc... Would you be able to share the coordinates to the land? I'd be interested in peeking at the google earth view.
  10. I've found a few factors can contribute to hand discomfort which are not related to grips. First, is the angle of your handlebar. What I have found that works best for me is to angle the sweep of the bar to just above my shoulders. Second, the tilt of your saddle can increase hand pressure. It's a fine balance point to get it right, but if the nose of your saddle points down it will cause your hips to roll forward increasing hand pressure. If the nose it up too much the boys will not be happy. Also, related to saddle position is that all of these new bikes have super steep seat angles. It's great for climbing, but does cause extra weight on the hands. Third, I've found that any gloves that have gel or extra padding in the palm cause hand issues for me. The extra bulk in the palm causes the forearm muscles to work harder to grip. I LOVE these lizard skin gloves. https://lizardskins.com/mtb/gloves/aramus My favorite grips are the ESI silicone grips in Regular chunky. https://esigrips.com/mtb-grips/chunky-grips
  11. Wow, under 1200 for an Industry Nine carbon wheelset is a great deal! https://www.dirtcomponents.com/product-page/29-xc-gravel-29-1mm-dirt-industry-nine
  12. Maxxis Tires with the EXO casing have proven to be the most durable for our terrain. As you can pretty much gather from the Data on this tread there are a lot of choices and opinions on what works. Everyone is different. We don't always have the luxury to demo different tires due to the high cost. I think I go against the grain in liking narrower 2.2 Maxxis Ikon tires and I sort of have the ability to demo lots of different tires.
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