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  1. They are heavy and a bit of overkill for many trails here. [emoji2201]
  2. they are great now, but it all depends on what happens tomorrow. it’s supposed to rain in the morning and then clear out. if we get quarter inch, should be okay within a day or so. if more, it’s likely going to take until saturday or sunday
  3. but they put fake paw prints on the other sections. at the least they could have just left it, no?
  4. Couldn’t they have just used a bit of concrete in tracks and smoothed it over? Or, just leave it? They really needed to tear it all out?
  5. Yes, with an occasional muddy spot.
  6. Went past a group of 4-5 police ATVs on BCGB main trail last week— they were stopped and it was near that ledge. I’m glad if they’re planning on having a presence so as to have some semblance of enforcement of any laws. But the trail damage has to add up.
  7. Yeah need more of the failure vids to help show the actual risk. Way too many vids with people riding high risk stuff with impunity- distorts the reality. It’s like golf coverage way back when they only showed the best shots. I loved it when with Tiger they began showing whole rounds. A very different perspective.
  8. Albert, how was route from terminus of SWC bike path to Walnut Creek park? I’ve often wanted to find a decent way there for a loop but nothing looks that safe on maps. So, I usually back track down SWC path to the Y and then take 51st to airport and then Northloop back to Shoalcreek. However, there is no way currently to cross 183 at 51st. They are building a pedestrian and bike bridge there that will be nice. And, 51st is protected bike lane.
  9. It’s just a 4 wheeled e-bike. Jeeez, such bias against e-bikes in the mtb community.
  10. Great, can I just swing by your place about 5:25-- assuming we're riding over there.
  11. Billy's On Burnet 2105 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78756 (512) 407-9305 https://goo.gl/maps/UV7SAyveGb82
  12. First timer wanting to join in. I’ve had some near misses but never made it. Gotta get bike and gear now tho and leave from office. Is urban ride confirmed, or is walnut ready? Gotta have right bike!
  13. http://www.kut.org/post/cdc-will-conduct-first-its-kind-study-scooter-injuries-austin
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