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  1. Yep, just the other day passed a guy on uni at bcgb. He was skilled and looked in his 50s. And , it was just after thinking how I had not seen one in years, that maybe it was one of those things that a such a small percentage of people engaged in that once they had moved on, the trend died.
  2. Once again, I've caught someone else pulling on door handles on cars - he's been arrested. Caught a bald man walking his bike down the street around 11:35 PM this evening pulling on car door handles again in our neighborhood. Thank you to the neighbor who helped me out and confronted him as well, apologies if I seemed scattered as I was on the phone with 911. He was arrested and police said he had a very nice bike he was riding on, so if anyone has had their bike stolen, a Niner Sir9, I have a case number for you. .
  3. Yeah, saw it on news last night. I was in CO last week and there was smoke from fires and it looked a lot like that. Thanks for replies and overlooking post to wrong sub.
  4. Anyone know whats up with the haze today. I check online and air quality index is good but was up in NW hills area and couldn’t really even see buildings downtown.
  5. S/M -- anytime. Also, Kali has their own version of MIPS with same idea of protection against torsional force.
  6. Really like my Kali Interceptor- well vented, light mount, crash replacement (which I’ve used - no concussion fwiw). Used several Fox and 6d helmets in the past.
  7. My book: They like primary colors like red and blue. The darker, the more they like. They are the worst the 7-14 days after any significant rainfall in the months of July and August. When they are literally hunting me down, I stop pedaling and keep them off my torso and arms by waving a bit, and encourage them to land on my legs. They will. And just before they bite, they are completely vulnerable and you can rather easily slap them into oblivion. It kinda detracts from a ride , but it gets the most aggressive ones that will otherwise follow you and likely bite you as u ride. One particular ride on S16 GB i killed something like 17 of them - few years ago. Now I mostly avoid areas with water nearby after any big rain.
  8. Also of note, the Montopolis bridge over the river is closed while they restore and renovate it. It makes connecting to Govalle and South WC trail from Lady Bird via Guerrero, less pleasant
  9. Are the devices expected to last lifetime or do they eventually have to be replaced?
  10. And those winter rides to look forward to. Sour grapes, I’m truly just jealous.
  11. FWIW: I just put a 9point8 31.6 x 175 up for sale. Its new and in the box.
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