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  1. Not necessarily. Its kinda like English language rules - “I before E, except after C” https://sandiegomountainbikeskills.com/2018/02/14/how-to-jump-your-mountain-bike/
  2. I find Cal 56 doable, its Highlander IIRC thats’s the bigger challenge out there.
  3. you can slide fore and aft on raxter. but u can also do so with 1up. So thats a push. the 1up trays are at slightly different heights, which helps some. i usually have to lower dropper posts in both bikes and then all fits well.
  4. I’m a former Raxter owner. Used it for 5 years. I agree with much of what RF has to say; however mine did have some shortcomings. The velcro straps did degrade and have to be replaced. Also, those nylon arms didn’t hold up to off-road use. I take some 4wd rodes at times and on rough sections when there is side to side rocking motion, the bikes would push the arms open. I’d have to stop while on the trail and push them back as they are held in place with friction at the pivot points. Trays are parallel and this sometimes made fitting bikes on difficult. Also, mine did fold up and so I couldn’t keep on the truck for garage parking. Purchased 1Up double heavy duty a few years ago and couldn’t be happier. Those problems were solved as well as having improved departure angle given the stacked height of the rearmost 1Up tray.
  5. New bike in March and then LIFE, so just now getting to to this. Bike is a lightweight trail ripper - predictable and nimble ride that's as light as it is smooth. Bike has been meticulously maintained, is in great condition, and includes high end components/upgrades -- Chris King hubs, NOX carbon rims, RaceFace Next SL cranks, XTR brakes, XX1 drive train, 140mm Pike fork converted to coil via PUSH ACS3 with new Charger 2 damper (it's sweet!), Avalanche custom valved rear fox RP23, Thompson dropper, Cane Creek Angleset 1.5 degree, Easton 35mm carbon bar. Rear rim and only has a few months riding on it as do new pivot bearings. Both wheels are hand-built by Dave's Speed Dream wheels. New chain ring and chain. Rear derailleur less than year old. Front triangle less than year old -- warranty replaced.
  6. remembered how to post vids. first one was from GB. came around the corner and these two were wrapped around each other and had their heads about 2-3 feet in the air. after a bit they noticed us and slithered away this was at RPR and my friend nearly hit this one. it struck his tire. my guess is it was thrown by the heat from the tire
  7. Rode Emma last eve. Wet in many areas, water running through parts, a few mud bogs, several sizeable puddles. Gouged and rutted as it has been in recent years. This place used to dry first. I heard Walnut was good yesterday. Things change.
  8. Wow, just when I thought projective assessment was a thing of the past. You people may be single-handedly bringing it back to relevance.
  9. Seen Coral snakes multiple times on BCGB 3-4. Copper head on Thumper just to add insult. Western Diamond back on RPR (video) and two engaged in fight or mating not sure which on BCGB (second Vid). That was rather spectacular as they were wrapped around each other with their heads in the air about 4ft high, right in the middle of the trail. Video was after they finally noticed us and were leaving. How do you post vids?
  10. I guess it could be worse. Just saw this. Houston area rain ride - Are you tough enough? https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=23347&share_tid=1102144&url=https%3A%2F%2Fforums%2Emtbr%2Ecom%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D1102144&share_type=t
  11. Oh, snap! Is THAT what that bucket is for? Sorry!
  12. I saw that for first time back in January. For some reason I thought it looked like a hiker group built it.
  13. I’ve been on Nox rims i29 width for 5 years now. I have loved these rims. I noticed the improvement first ride coming from my flow front and newer (then) flow ex rear. They stay true and hold tension as if new. They handle strikes better than al and the higher tension from offset is nice. I have to admit the flows have improved dramatically since my last set, with exception of the flow version of MK3 from what I’ve heard. Honestly I think well designed and manufactured carbon rims don’t save weight so much, but are stiffer (positives and negatives to this) but will stay truer, and hold tension and last longer than al. Early Al 29er rims were too flexy imho. In addition to design improvement in 29 al rims, boost probably made as big of a difference. I’m on my first set of boost (Nox again) rims and they are definitely stiffer but wheel builder took that into account and used smaller gauge spokes. Also, re earlier posts about tire pressure- a 2.6 at same pressure you run 2.3 or 2.4 will feel like a rock. Not only do you need less pressure but the higher the volume, the more sensitive to 1-2 lb difference the tire will be.
  14. Ah, okay! Didn't catch that, or see it on their website. Curious how the shuttle works/is done. Anyone tried it yet?
  15. Had 2005 4Runner since then. Approaching 200K miles. It’s no dog cuz V8. Best auto I’ve ever owned. Still love the thing, but it’s getting old.
  16. I musta missed something. What’s the other lift assisted bike park?
  17. They are heavy and a bit of overkill for many trails here. [emoji2201]
  18. they are great now, but it all depends on what happens tomorrow. it’s supposed to rain in the morning and then clear out. if we get quarter inch, should be okay within a day or so. if more, it’s likely going to take until saturday or sunday
  19. but they put fake paw prints on the other sections. at the least they could have just left it, no?
  20. Couldn’t they have just used a bit of concrete in tracks and smoothed it over? Or, just leave it? They really needed to tear it all out?
  21. Went past a group of 4-5 police ATVs on BCGB main trail last week— they were stopped and it was near that ledge. I’m glad if they’re planning on having a presence so as to have some semblance of enforcement of any laws. But the trail damage has to add up.
  22. Yeah need more of the failure vids to help show the actual risk. Way too many vids with people riding high risk stuff with impunity- distorts the reality. It’s like golf coverage way back when they only showed the best shots. I loved it when with Tiger they began showing whole rounds. A very different perspective.
  23. Albert, how was route from terminus of SWC bike path to Walnut Creek park? I’ve often wanted to find a decent way there for a loop but nothing looks that safe on maps. So, I usually back track down SWC path to the Y and then take 51st to airport and then Northloop back to Shoalcreek. However, there is no way currently to cross 183 at 51st. They are building a pedestrian and bike bridge there that will be nice. And, 51st is protected bike lane.
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