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  1. We recently did a trip to Bentonville and let me just say that if you have not been there or considered it, you need to put it in your plans NOW. You know how when you go to a ski town and every business caters to skiers, talks about skiing, and seems to be designed around the sport of skiing? Well Bentonville is like that - but for mountain biking. Best trails I have ridden anywhere in the world. For your cold weather entertainment, here is some info: Back 40: http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/united-states/333-back40 Coler: http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/united-states/335-coler Slaughter Pen: http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/united-states/334-slaughterpens Blowing Springs: http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/united-states/332-blowingsprings Hobbs State Park: http://www.austinbike.com/index.php/united-states/336-hobbs Yeah, we'll be going back.
  2. Expensive... But seems worth considering... https://www.outboundlighting.com
  3. There is no bad weather for riding a bike, only bad clothing choices 😉
  4. The one on south lamar was always a ghost town. I'm keeping my eyes on performance and nashbars sites for some pricepoint.com-esq deals.
  5. Yeah I rode 1/4 Notch and Double Down yesterday too. Trails were good weather was even better. At 40 degrees in the morning the temps are below my threshold.
  6. Yeah, me too. I think it has something to do with the name on the side on it. If it was a boutique brand it would have been gone long ago.
  7. I rode Double Down, 1/4 Notch, and Rim today and all were OK for anybody trying to go out in the morning. I'm out for this week though due to other commitments.
  8. I have Strava beacon turned on so, in theory, it should show the last place my Garmin sent in a location before it became disconnected from my cell phone. Locating a lost unit might be another benefit of the beacon feature. Sent from my LG-H810 using Tapatalk
  9. Skinnies are the new worldwide rage in biking...
  10. little bit of my work recently.. the digging never ends. will randomly update this thread with progress
  11. To Tony's point (sometimes he has one), you gotta enjoy the irony of touting how well a retention system works in the same post where you are asking for the return of a lost bottle.
  12. Probably a couple of Lime scooters laying about up there, by now.
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