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  1. This seems to perfectly capture the current zeitgeist: (cartoon credit: F Minus by Tony Carrillo)
  2. Good photo spot for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Tough handful of days packing, driving, and unpacking with little to no help, but we are 95% complete. Large pour of Buffalo Trace on our new balcony in the 80127. First ride tomorrow. Not sure which bike to ride or how I will fare. My legs and lungs are shot right now. LETS GOOOO.
  4. my Saris rack was missing a bolt. I got on to the site and see Cindy 🙂
  5. Shelter dog acquired. My cats are disgusted, hopefully they get over it.
  6. When a tree falls across the trail and you didn't bring the Husqvarna.
  7. Earbuds aren't the problem. it's volume. I've used earbuds for several 10hr NUE races and Enchilida Buffets maybe even a TMBRA or two. At low volume you can still hear everything, even riders calling to pass or getting on your wheels. Road training rides too. Never had a problem. Not saying all others have a brain or care tho.
  8. They would call the APD and they will do their jobs free of personal bias to uphold the law which is what WE pay them to do.
  9. Businesses should be able to reserve the right to refuse service for whatever reason they see fit. It's their business. If they don't want to sell bikes to APD, they shouldn't. Just like if someone didn't wanna bake a cake for someone, they shouldn't. If profit drops off, they'll have to live with it. If I get refused service somewhere, I'll gladly take my money elsewhere. Just my 2 cents.
  10. There was a discussion on Nextdoor about someone at the Veloway getting hurt. The original poster said always wear a helmet and don't use headphones. I chimed in because wearing a helmet is "the only thing I preach about." I rarely post to Nextdoor because it is thick with the crazies. But I was compelled to. After saying it's not if a helmet will save you it's "when." I commented on wearing headphones. It just came to me so I said, "Using headphones that blocks outside noise is just as dangerous as not wearing a helmet. And this danger is not only to you, but to those that crash into you, because you didn't hear their warnings. It's almost the same concept as wearing a mask at the store. Your mask wearing saves other people. So you being able to hear warnings saves not only you, but other people too."
  11. I appreciated that rant, I could identify a good bit with it. But this right here is the true nugget in your comment. All of the politicians suck. But now that we've all been successfully divided into tribalism with Red on one side and Blue on the other.....then its always 'the other guys [team] fault". -CJB
  12. I planned to use this tool once and it didn't even make it that far. however, the fact that I broke the tool doing this might be an indication that the job's fate was sealed from the start. I should leave it alone and just get used to getting my bike un-stuck with this tool instead: Yes, that's on my bike now. I need a name for it. how about "The Compromise." I only know one person who could convince me that, instead of buying a bicycle that fits me and suits my needs, I should zip tie an old toothbrush to my bike instead.
  13. Unique...put on your headphones for this one. Filmed at Philmont Scout Ranch. Lots of good memories there. https://vimeo.com/444387842
  14. Of all the bloated budget that APD has, I don’t see this as the most impactful place to want to cut or “defund” them. I thought we liked bikes here. Let’s look elsewhere in the budget…like maybe…armored military vehicles and UAVs? The term is “defund” not “un-fund” the police. Just because something is affiliated with APD, that doesn’t mean we need to throw it out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. where were all these anti-maskers when the patriot act was being signed again and again? oh yeah, i forgot it's easier to punch down, and mock people who wear masks than to acknowledge the actual tyranny that has been taking place in the name of defense contracts........er i mean "national security" for decades. we are devo
  16. I never wore a helmet as a kid. So let that be a lesson to all. I should do one of those scared straight programs going from cafeteria to cafeteria haranguing children about the dangers of ending up in financial analytics middle management.
  17. I have given up on trying to convince texans to do things for the good of society or to help others. Everything needs to be expressed specifically to appeal to them and only them or they immediately push back.
  18. This reminds me of one my far far far left wing fanatic friends. For background she thinks 100% of all income should be taxed and then evenly distributed among everyone. Very anti gun and thinks all should be banned included from police and military. We were talking about end of the world type stuff a while back and she of course likes to get her shots(pun intended) in about the guns I own. She's a gardener and actually has a really good small/medium garden/farm in east Austin. She has no guns and told me I should get rid of my guns and focus on gardening and farming so I can survive the apocalypse like her. I simply said why would I do that when I can simply take yours by force? I have guns, you don't. Easy peasy. Needless to say she wasn't happy with me. I love arguing with the extreme left and right folks. They are all crazy.
  19. when I was fighting with the city to keep cat open they admitted that natural erosion was much larger than anything people would do. Erosion is a big deal when you are building a subdivision and all that dirt clogs up a waterway. But erosion doesnt always matter. In santa barbara, erosion is eating cliffs and threatens to destroy homes. In most of our area erosion is a complete non issue. The city also said that trails create impervious cover..
  20. ill add my crap 2c I have friends who are cops, from patrolmen to detectives. I also have friends that are protesters. There's definitely a disconnect in humanity between the two and it sucks. Modern day police are stretched further in their job description than ever, for more hours and shittier pay and benefits. A lot of small town/suburban cops have side jobs. I know one that mows lawns to supplement income. Most are far from getting piles of cash. I also know a few sheriffs dept swat guys that love nothing more than slamming redbulls and kicking down doors. Some cops are also sociopaths (takes one to catch one right?). I know some that are lazy good for nothings that get "promoted" to SROs and basically do nothing all day long. I also know some that are just good people trying to earn a living. Point is, they are just like us and a reflection of our society. Problem is, the cops have a monopoly on violence, and they are the stick the state uses to beat us with. In the end, it's the lawmakers who are truly fucking us and should be receiving the public's ire. They are shorting cops, schools, fire depts anything that serves the public is getting cut. Now the bloated police budgets need to be dealt with just like the military budgets. Just because we spend "X" dollars on a department doesn't mean the people on the ground see much or any improvement in their lives. Military is full of poor motherfuckers, yet 60c of every tax dollar collected goes to our mercenary military. Same with the police. The fact that it has become so militarized is the main issue for me. Storm troopers dressed in all black with armor doing driveby policework. 1033 was a total recipe for disaster that shifted the arms race internally when the USSR collapsed, and needs to end. People are angry, scared and really desperate right now. Understandably so. Their leaders have failed them by refusing to stand for anything leaving them no alternative other than to march. They are also flawed, just like the cops. My biggest concern is the lack of central leadership from both sides coming to the table and having real open discussion on how we got where we are, and what we're going to do moving forward. This leaves a vacuum for people who want to stir things up and go buck wild until the state drops the fist on all of us. Those guys snatching people and throwing them into enterprise rental caravans are downright scary. Yet, the mayors and governors are not activating the state police to stop them because the cops are pissed at the protesters as well. It's a big fucking mess, just like everything else we are doing right now. How anyone knowing what lance has done in his past, will now draw a hard line on this, is beyond me. Outraged snowflakes for the sake of being outraged.
  21. defund the police is actually about taking away many of the jobs that armed combat trained officers arent best for and moving those to another agency. It isnt about throwing things out but moving them to another agency where the culture is different
  22. There is a LOT of confusion about this for a LOT of people. Shuffling money, and responsibilities around is not a bad thing. Keep what works, and fix (or shitcan) what doesn't.
  23. That brings up a good question: When riding through fire and hot coals are you guys weighting your front wheel or back wheel? I just don't feel like I am getting traction cornering through a burning forest.
  24. This reminds me... NBR PSA: there's a recall on HF jack-stands. And a recall of the replacement jack-stands as well.
  25. No, I believe that people are upset with Mellow Johnny's ownership for kowtowing to a handful of kneejerk ninny employees. It's hard for me to believe though. It's such a strange line in the sand for them to draw. Has anyone verified that any of this is true? I know I'm reading about it on the internet, so I KNOW it's true, but it would be interesting to see if this is really happening.
  26. Oh I heard the sirens from my house getting ready for my ride. When I rode past the veloway entrance there were 2 fire trucks and another truck & trailer for the rescue ATV. No idea what happened but it must have been serious. On the veloway everyone should be going the same direction ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You know just after that I got stuck behind someone going down terminus with headphones and one of those roadie helmet mounted rear view mirrors. He never saw me and didn't hear me and was going annoyingly slow so I bailed out on the sneaky shortcut halfway down. Headphone users are the worst.
  27. In that situation you would still just call the police and they would respond pretty much like they would now. But if the systems where in place your partner may have gotten the help to deal with things before they got out of hand, or would be able to receive that help now rather then simply being locked up (or killed for being upset). I also have family in LE and as a BMX rider have A LOT of experience with others while on the job and I can say definitely, echoing other comments from this thread, that they are just people. Some good some bad. I will also repeat, no reasonable person wants to completely get rid of the cops. But I think everyone can agree that there is probably a better system then we have now.
  28. Anti maskers and Chump2020 Mouth Foamers Militia of course, duh. oh and Karen. Back to the point, MJ was a rip off anyways, kinda like 'ol one nut himself.
  29. lol I wonder who they will call once one of these tent-castle bums or someone else breaks into their shop and jacks a bunch of bikes.
  30. Maybe it's all the gasses escaping from the poop bags that create a high-pressure dome over Walnut Creek and the surrounding area.
  31. Okay...question. Are they making the BS fan noises for the athletes? Like, at the stadium over the speakers? For motivation? Or is the noise just on the broadcast for audience comfort? Like for Big Bang Theory fans? Or dummies that like their letterbox movies choped to fit their 16:9 screens? In either case society sucks. Burn it all down.
  32. It felt like 10 minutes, I thought we were all living life by how we feel now?
  33. Wait...seriously? Are they doing the sports equivalent of can'd laughter?
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