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  1. If something happens to it their insurance would buy me a new Chumba. It's a win-win.
  2. Dropped my bike at Bicycle House this morning for a new rear wheel rebuild and a dropper post service. I have never been able to get the dropper collar off. Will report back on their service quality, could be another option for Austin.
  3. Homer Simpson: There are three ways to do things, the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way Marge Simpson: What is the Max Power Way? Homer Simpson: The wrong way, only faster I bring you "The Max Power Dog Trailer Extension": And actually it works. If it works well after out next trip I might actually cut the bottom two pieces. But at this point, I might even push the trailer mount down a notch as it still sits a bit high.
  4. I see... In unrelated news, 5-6 people in my neighborhood all tried to get the tripod when I put it on the neighborhood newsgroup so apparently I probably live near swingers. Who knew?
  5. Yeah but you can't film amateur porn with an aquarium. At least I think you can't.
  6. I think the hardware store will probably help me solve this, no need to over-engineer it. Well, until I've under-engineered it 😉
  7. Somebody needs a camera tripod, right? Ping me, I want it gone:
  8. That design was specific, there are two bolts on the dropout so the large cutout at the top would allow the plate to be secured by both and prevent the piece from moving back and forth. There is another option that I am thinking about: Basically get a pair of these and use the bolt plate: Two of these plates, one from each dropout mounting and then joined together by the V at the bottom could probably do the trick. I'm gonna hit up the hardware store tomorrow and see if I can find something that might work. I could probably also double up and use four total for extra strength.
  9. It's a good thing to combine with RHR. It's so close, so why not.
  10. Deep Eddy Orange, along with some TopoChico and a splash of cranberry juice is a perfect post-greenbelt drink if you are into day drinking. And if you are not, you should check it out, it's definitely under-rated.
  11. I have a dog trailer for my bike and unfortunately the whole thing was designed for a 26" bike and it is on my 29", meaning that the trailer is tilted backwards. In my simple train, it seems like I just need an extension that is ~1.5" lower and then, theoretically, it would work for a 29er. Here is the mount: Basically this goes through the QR skewer. What I think I need is a simple plate that hangs down 1.5" that I can bolt this thing to. Something like this: Anyone have either a simple way to address this or some mad skills with a drill press?
  12. @Albert if you want to ride out there, midweek, in the next couple weeks, let me know. I can be flexible.
  13. At 11 miles this might be a fun double loop day to make it worth the drive and the fee.
  14. I have been redeemed. For a moment there I thought I was the most anal-retentive person out there.
  15. I can tell you that on a road trip, where I brought bike tools, I ended up having to buy a bottom bracket tool, despite having two at home already. Next year, I am bringing a toolbox with all the tools instead of just the "usual suspects."
  16. Yeah, I have one of those chain breakers. I could put that in the pack because if I ever needed it at home, the pack would be home. I tossed a 6mm in my pack for now. I am thoroughly convinced that the multi tool market a.) has too many choices and b.) even with all of those I can't seem to find the one perfect tool. The only reason I had resisted the "just put one more thing in your pack" is that over the years there is always "just one more thing" and then you realize that you are dragging half your garage with you. I'm done for now. The closest thing at this point is a Park AWS-11 multi-tool along with a Park CT-5 chain breaker. I have an AWS-10 and it has 3 small Allen heads that are too small and do nothing for me except some brake lever bite adjusting. The 11 has an 8MM for pedals and cranks; and that is more used in my opinion.
  17. Yes, my replacement has a 2.5L but I still have the 3L from the original. In August, 3L is the minimum.
  18. Yeah, I am frustrated that this bolt has come loose several times. It is torqued up to spec right now and I am going to loctite it (blue) the next time it comes loose. Luckily it is metal to metal connection and does not involve carbon. Carbon still freaks me out, even with a torque wrench.
  19. This looks like a good idea, need to start training. Sitting the saddle for that length of time is the real challenge.
  20. That looked really good, I like Topeak stuff, but then upon further review, the Allen wrenches seem pretty short. Here's the challenge I have: With the Allen wrench in the bolt the body is too wide to turn it because of the linkage. The Park tool works, but no chain breaker and no 8mm: It's long enough that the linkage does not get in the way.
  21. I also have a Topeak Alien, Liked it and might go back to that one. It was a lot bigger than I need, so when doing repairs there always seemed to be a couple extra steps involved. But it did have everything. Maybe too much, but I never had a time where I wished I had more.
  22. Yesterday my shock was loose and I went to tighten it up, but my crank brothers tool was too short to do the job. I have a longer Park tool that I can toss in my bag but that has no chain breaker and no Torx bit. Anyone have a recommendation for one they like that has longer keys on it? Bonus for being lightweight, extra bonus for being rustproof and extra, extra bonus if it has an 8mm Allen head for pedal and crank adjustment. This is the crank brothers one that I am not happy about. you can see the length of the keys is pretty short. Generally not a problem except for that shock.
  23. There is a bypass to the chain that many of you may love or may be a real sucker for a bypass. Anyway, about 2-3 weeks ago there was some massive remodeling. Today I was not paying attention and literally hit a barbed wire fence. So, if you are hitting the GB, the chain is your only option. Just upstream from the chain there is a spot where you can cross to the Northside. Oh, and I found some new stuff too. If you are having a beer with me, ask me about that, not posting here.
  24. Watching this thread, I have wondered the same. Are you going to do any hiking? I am real interested in hiking destinations as well.
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