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  1. In Colorado Springs there's always the USAFA Falcon Trail. I rode it last Aug on my way up to Breck. It's a fun ~13mi loop w/ 1,300 ft of elevation change that has a bit of everything. https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/269633/usafa-falcon-trail
  2. https://www.gobreck.com/experience-breckenridge/arts-and-culture/how-to-find-the-breckenridge-troll/
  3. 👍 thanks that's good news as I'd like to hit some of the trails on Baldy above Sally Barber.
  4. Nice. I'll be there at the end of the month but am worried about the amount of snow they got this year. How are the trails looking?
  5. Exactly that's the spot. on an unrelated note I saw a hawk dive into my back yard this morning and haul off a snake so this is shaping up to be a snake filled summer.
  6. Just be careful. I rode right by this guy Wed night, didn't notice until I was right beside. It startled me a bit.
  7. 1/4 I think it's more difficult east to west than the other direction. DD I've only ridden east to west.
  8. Ditto. I can't believe I never considered the straight up approach but will try that next time.
  9. Yes there was one flat turn just west of the new side walk that was loose but overall I thought the trail was in great shape. FS 29er running 19psi front and rear, I pushed hard for me (mid 16's) all three laps and only had a couple of brief moments. Overall it was a great event so a huge thank you to all involved before and during the event.
  10. I've not noticed much difference but I've not pushed for a fast lap recently. I do however think the heat/humidity has impacted my exertion levels riding overall.
  11. LOL That would be me and I'm sure there were others. It's actually easier now than it was before.
  12. Nope neither but it was really random, only once or twice a year and only for a few seconds at a time. The only time I picked it up I was getting ready for a run with my HR strap on and it happened. When I looked at the graph it went from the 50's then jumped to around 200, back down to the 50's and the line from that point forward was normal during the run. In the 4 years that I've been supplementing with Mg it has yet to happen again.
  13. I had the same thing happen randomly pretty much all of my life but was told not to worry about it unless it was prolonged or regular since the Dr's were never able to observe it. Strangely the Dr's never considered magnesium deficiency. As soon as I started supplementing Magnesium to help with sleep/dreams it completely went away. Only then did I learn the two can be linked.
  14. I've come across several rat snakes on the Brushy path in the evenings and of course Mittens on 1/4 notch the summer before last.
  15. What I've heard is that steel provides more flex than aluminum which is more brittle thus needs to be stiff. Meaning steel takes the edge off of all of the small bumps and impacts you encounter out on the trails. However I've also read that this is dependent on the grade of steel used (cheap vs quality butted) and how the frame is designed.
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