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  1. That's good thanks for the update. 👍
  2. Bummer last time I was over there was pre-monsoon early May the 10th and the drops, jumps and unfinished whale tail were all still there.
  3. Thank you for posting this. I was thinking that 1/4 was probably okay but will do some bike maintenance instead. Hopefully no rain tonight/tomorrow so hopefully something other than the path will be rideable. I know wishful thinking.
  4. +1 wondering the same thing as I'll be there the week before Xmas. Will keep an eye here, keep looking and post up if I find anything.
  5. Yep Cresson in the summer can be brutal but never had any issues getting tire temps up though. Come off the track dunk your head in the cooler throw a wet towel over your head and drink water until the next session then repeat.
  6. The Colorado hikers vs bikes issue does seem to be mostly around Denver. Only ever had one issue with an upset hiker between Breck and Dillon and none around Winter Park. However along the foothills just west of Denver it's a different story. Strangely never had any problems around Boulder though, I got more dirty looks when carrying in my rock climbing gear than when in my bike. With Brushy you never know what you're going to get from the hikers and bikes some great people but a fair number for dbags. Maybe it's the proximity to metro areas.
  7. That's a fun section of trail. Hope that nobody has actually gone off cause that would suck.
  8. Hell yea I was already thinking about heading that direction next spring.
  9. Exactly if no dropper then why not full rigid with 2 inch tires, rim brakes, 500mm bars, etc. Not saying you couldn't do it but why would you want to?
  10. I picked up a set of bibs from The Black Bibs for last weekends Bluff Creek Blowout and they were very comfortable and ~47.00 shipped. Not going to use them regularly but will for all day and endurance events.
  11. I have knee and elbow pads but only wear them when riding park where I'm going to be pushing my limits. For Knee pads I've got POC VDP and G-form. I prefer the POC pads as they flow air better and are more substantial protection wise. For elbow pads I have Forcefield armor pads. They offer great protection and have good airflow but are a bit heavy. Sorry no experience with Leatt or local shops with availability of anything other than G-form.
  12. Last time riding there I came across a big hog. I think it was as startled as I was. Neighbors that also back to the open space have a game camera set up but they've just seen cows, coyotes, roadrunners, bobcats and of course the hogs.
  13. I'm a 7 1/8 and the POC is a M/L 55-58 and the Giro is a M 55-59.
  14. I really like my POC Tectal Spin also have had great luck with Giro. As others have said it really comes down to head shape. I tried a Bell super but ended up giving it away as the pressure on my forehead was painful and led to headaches.
  15. Just a couple of things to add to the responses above. I would recommend the new trail next to Ozone that's called Hammer Down. It's got a a drop, fun jumps and a big wood bridge that you can jump or catch air on the backside if you choose to. it meets up w/ ozone so you can use that to climb back to the start if you want to do loops. If you choose to continue down Ozone look before you hit the line with the drop as it's not small and you'll want to scope the landing and run out. Also I really enjoyed the red barn area in particular Barn burner (gap jumps and berms). Masterpiece is short but fun and an easy climb back up to session. I did take the Rich Drew Jump clinic. It takes place in a park using the MTB hopper ramps. The class lasted 4hrs 8-12 and everyone got a ton of reps on the different ramps. It's not cheap (~380 w/ taxes) but I highly recommend it if you want coaching and lots of practice. As far as restaurants go. be aware that most of the restaurants in Bentonville are closed on Sunday's. Last Sunday the choices were pretty much Peddler's Pub, Tavola, 8th street market or Tusk and Trotter (great brunch and bloody mary flights). The speakeasy in the basement of Preacher's Son was pretty empty on Friday night but I had a great old fashioned there. Most places are doing indoor and outdoor seating. Oh and the bartender at Pressroom said that Monday's are even quieter than Sunday and did say there were a lot more options in Fayetteville on those days.
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