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  1. Not sure that there is a perfect set up. I've been playing with my lighting for a couple of years now but I'm still not set on the helmet light. Currently I'm running a Niterider 2800 enduro on the handlebars it's a great light but the battery pack is heavy and takes a couple of minutes to put on so if I'm being lazy I'll just throw my Lumina 1100 on. As far a helmet lights I usually alternate between a Lumina 950 but it's a bit heavy and a Sigma Buster 200. The Buster 200 is nice and light but light output on the Lumina is way better.
  2. I love their saddles and didn't know they had bars. maybe worth a try in the future.
  3. Just got back rode Peddlers and Picnic trails are great right now but the bugs are out in force since the sun went down.
  4. This also cleaning the area with alcohol before putting the patch on helps the patch stick.
  5. Suunto 9 Baro here. I use it because it does just about everything. Wrist and strap heart rate, displays heart rate zones, altitude, temp, built in GPS, steps, sleep tracking, recovery time, etc. I use a mount for the handlebars when riding and wear it all other times. Battery life is great too. I have it sync'd up with Strava and trainingpeaks. I do use a basic garmin 25 to load routes when I'm riding in a new location travelling or for things like gravel grinders to make sure I stay on track. If I had to choose one it would be the watch as I use it every day.
  6. I rode their earlier in the year and for me a big piece of why I enjoyed riding Bentonville so much was the combination of the town and trails. As far as the town is concerned there are lots of dining and drinking options, it's all walkable and the people were very friendly. Add in the aspect of being able to drop into smooth flow trails with fun features and connect that into a variety of other trails depending on what you want to ride from a difficulty standpoint. I think staying outside of the town would take away a big part of the enjoyment as you can only ride so many hours in a day.
  7. I had a set just like that built XM481 w/ I9 Hydra, DT comp double butted spokes and black brass nipples. I ended up ordering from Bicycle Wheel Warehouse because the price was too good to pass up. Looking right now they have a 30% off coupon on orders of 899 or more. I just built another set on their site and with the coupon the total price for the wheels would be 647.50. Makes me tempted to order another set for the SS. The wheels I had built are still true after ~1k miles including a day at Keystone, Spider mtn and weekly rides on 1/4 and DD at brushy so I'd say they're bell built.
  8. Same thing here. Skied for years and years to get to where I'm at skill level wise. Tried snowboarding and when I realized it was going to take a long time before I could ride the stuff I could ski easily that was the end of that.
  9. Thank you for clearing those out. that's a bad place especially when heading west and catching a bit of air going down into that creek bed. Major dick move by the person that put them there.
  10. Peaks Trail Breckenridge yesterday.
  11. In Colorado Springs there's always the USAFA Falcon Trail. I rode it last Aug on my way up to Breck. It's a fun ~13mi loop w/ 1,300 ft of elevation change that has a bit of everything. https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/269633/usafa-falcon-trail
  12. https://www.gobreck.com/experience-breckenridge/arts-and-culture/how-to-find-the-breckenridge-troll/
  13. 👍 thanks that's good news as I'd like to hit some of the trails on Baldy above Sally Barber.
  14. Nice. I'll be there at the end of the month but am worried about the amount of snow they got this year. How are the trails looking?
  15. Exactly that's the spot. on an unrelated note I saw a hawk dive into my back yard this morning and haul off a snake so this is shaping up to be a snake filled summer.
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