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  1. Car prices are more ridiculous than real estate these days. At least real estate tends to appreciate.
  2. My buddy from Santa Fe brought me some New Mexico IPAs to try out. This one won the gold at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival. I can see why. Delicious!
  3. There's not going to be a lot of stress on those corners. I think you are overthinking it. "L" brackets are overkill. Clamps that big are not cheap. I'd probably just apply some wood glue (Gorilla makes a wood glue but it's not the OG "Gorilla Glue") and tack it in place with some finishing nails. One of these (https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-18-Volt-ONE-Cordless-AirStrike-18-Gauge-Brad-Nailer-Tool-Only-with-Sample-Nails-P320/203810823) is about what you'd pay for one clamp and has a million uses. Well, just one use - shooting small nails - but I use mine all the time for a million different projects.
  4. That's great. RPR would be a tough place to dig a hole.
  5. Looks sweet. What exactly is a field destroy? Does that mean you have to smash it with a hammer and send them photo evidence so it won't be re-sold?
  6. Wimberley resident here. I prefer Madrone to Purgatory, but Purg can be fun too. Both are rocky, but Purg has more sections where the average skilled rider has to get off and walk. It is also an out and back with a higher number of hikers. It's possible to connect Ringtail Ridge and Spring Lake as a big loop around town, but it's too much city traffic and roads for my liking. I think they have been adding trails to Purgatory, so maybe it's cooler than last time I was out there, which it has been a while. And yes, there is definitely a section that is closed during Warbler nesting. On the other hand, it is always fun to check out a new trail!
  7. I was wondering about this. I got my first and currently in that 3 week window until my second. Admittedly, I've been way more lax since getting that first one.
  8. No, that's called good parenting.
  9. I got my first round on Tuesday. Being 39 with no underlying conditions, I was going to wait patiently until it was my turn, but there was a local clinic here with extras so they were taking walk-ins. Why not jump at the opportunity?
  10. My guess as to why people buy full-on DH bikes around here is that they have a trip planned to AF or some other park and think "I'll spend every other weekend at Spider Mtn and go to AF at least twice more this year if I buy this bike." Then, don't.
  11. I only wish he was wearing cutoffs.
  12. Dude, we need to work on your definition of a "joke".
  13. They've had that SMaSH on sale at my local HEB for $8 or $9 a 6-pack. Pretty good at that price, but I kept getting like a metallic copper hint. Not too off putting or anything, but wondering if it was just me.
  14. That is trippy. I seem to have Yanny trees. This is the Berenstein Bears thing. Truthfully, I always thought they were the Bearnstein Bears, so I must be living in a third dimension. (Thanks Seventeen Magazine. Never considered myself a "fangirl" but this was a well done video.)
  15. I looked it up, got the full explanation, but still don't get it. It is a Berenstain Bears situation?
  16. Yeah, but does the Mars Rover shred as hard as I do?
  17. My little peach tree is doing awesome. (I'll try to remember to post a pic later) Fig tree and artichoke (thanks Sluggo) look pretty good, too. I've got either a red or spanish oak that looks exactly like Chuckt's above. My live oaks show no signs. They battled oak wilt before I was there, so they are already weak. Fingers crossed because they are my favorites. I haven't seen any life from any of my crepe myrtles. Mountain Laurels are about 50/50. I was going to cut one of the big ones down to make room to punch a gate in the fence. Looks like Mother Nature decided which one for me.
  18. I've seen a lot of posting by this seller (big dumb red bow). Most postings seem like overpriced junk with inaccurate descriptions. I don't have any personal experience dealing with them, but I would be cautious dealing with any bike flipper like this.
  19. I don't know if he is still on here, but @pulpwoody blink twice if you can hear me.
  20. Sounds like you should burn your house down, collect the insurance, then sell your lot...twice. (remove bikes first)
  21. Nice thread resurrection. It's going to be sweaty chamois season pretty soon.
  22. That's a good find. It is a rear thru axle, so may require an adapter to pull the trailer. On the other hand, if the OP is serious about giving MTBing a good honest try, this will be a more enjoyable experience right away over a used or entry level hardtail. Keep pulling the trailer with that cruiser. And now is when the new rider learns the N+1 rule. You need one bike for trails and one bike for the trailer. (and a single speed, and an enduro rig, and a gravel grinder, and...........)
  23. Yeah, 1x is nice for sure. Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, it can be a simple upgrade. You could technically go to a 1x9 (or whatever number of gears that cassette has) by simply buying a cheap narrow/wide chainring and throwing the front shifter and derailleur in the trash. Of course, you'd probably want to go to a clutch derailleur and wider range cassette while you're at it. Looking at your trailer setup, you may run into some compatibility issues with the rear hub if you go with a new bike. Most newer bikes use a thru axle, so you can't use the skewer that most of those trailers use. I think there are adapters, but it's just one more thing to keep in mind.
  24. Here's one with room in the budget for a few upgrades. https://austin.craigslist.org/bik/d/austin-2009-gary-fisher-paragon-29er/7288953680.html
  25. CBaron is generous to offer this, but one piece of advice, don't ride a nicer bike that you own (or can afford to own) if you are not ready to buy it. A used, quality hardtail 29er for under $1K is not hard to find. Be patient. Similar to the advice above, the most expensive upgrade you can make to a bike is $5000 carbon full suspension bike you'll want to buy after riding a crappy entry level bike for a few months.
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