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  1. Took my ebike to my Dr Appt today and when I came back to the house in my Cul de Sac was an ebike, an eScooter and around me were 2 other scooters. These people were door knocking selling windows or some such but what an easier way to cover more of the neighboorhood.
  2. I pulled my Osprey Seral out last week to hike in CO. I still have my same main issue and frankly using it hiking was better than biking. The magnet that holds the hose to the pack is absolute garbage. I should really just put rare earth magnets on there or some other solution. The pack while biking constantly needed to be retightened. I didnt have as much of a problem hiking last week. I wont try it again until I fix the hose issue.
  3. I love my RadRunner 2 for just cruising around the neighborhood, quick grocery run and would absolutely use it for commuting if I didnt work from home.
  4. I bet you only 25% of the ebikers I saw were college students. Maybe another 25% were commuting what I saw was people just using them for transportation. I probably saw half a dozen of the Mom Wagons- Dutch style with a front wagon hauling kids around.
  5. Just returned from 2 full days in CO touring Colleges with the youngest. I have never in my life seen so many eBikes on the roads and one on a trail. I would say in commuting situations they were greater than 50% use in Boulder, and I saw all sorts of configurations.
  6. Still didnt work, tape is now marred. Calling in the Professionals tomorrow... 2.5 hours was way too much time spent on it.
  7. I like this option- the compressor can push much more air this way.
  8. Well the adaptor didnt work last night, tried for an hour. Went and borrowed buddies park inflator and still cant get the damn tire to mount. Air just leaks out wont bite. Inflator is pushing ~50 psi its just a stream of air.
  9. @AustinBike the Mrs found it on the porch ... "Someone dropped some bike $hit off for you again"
  10. My neighbor likes the Race version. If you come out to my hood this weekend I'll grab it from you.
  11. I use this for seating but I don't keep my compressor on and rigged up for everyday use/ general inflation. It took me a few tries to get these to work... because my dumba$$ was screwing them all the way down which closed the presta valve and wouldnt allow inflation. Once I backed it off some it works flawlessly.
  12. I just tube it, I have the strips but I find it either seals or just wont. I actually had a puncture that broke the rim strip seal not long ago so it was coming out the core.
  13. The Monocog set up is different using the Axle Bolt to hold as well (like a BMX).
  14. I had two different Redline Monocogs that used that type of Chain Tensioner. Worked great with Rim Brakes but not with Disc. I hard rear brake would shift the tire against the frame every time.
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