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  1. Yes. If you hit the emergency button on your locked screen (iPhone) a medical tab pops up that you can enter information in and tag an emergency contact in as well. That contact can be called with your phone without unlocking it.
  2. Congrats! You’re gonna love it!
  3. I own a 2018 Hightower and have loved it. Big enough travel for Bike Parks and still a lot of fun in BCGB. Very versatile. I’ve heard this new version is even better.
  4. Agreed. I walked latta Greenbelt this evening and most trails were tacky with just a couple of wet spots. One day of sun shine should expose some hero dirt!
  5. I can put those to good use.
  6. Yup, rode it this past Sunday. I forgot how much fun that trail is. Yes there are 3 or 4 big trees down across the trail. We managed to move 1 smaller one but the others will need a saw. I think all were on juniper ridge trail, west side.
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