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  1. Athletic Brewing has some good products. They have two IPAs that I really enjoyed. And they are VERY active in donating to trails, They gave a lot of their beer to us for the SATN Social. And they donate 2% of sales to trail projects. Really amazing. I was drinking beer all day at the SATN Social. They kept me sober enough all day. One beer, one Athletic Brew, one beer, one Athletic Brew. An excellent system!
  2. Be honest. I know your vacation environment skews your perspective, but does that hold up to Real Ale's Devil's Backbone? My perspective might be skewed also because I'm just finishing my second of the evening. And that's all it takes! (8.1)
  3. On my last ride (three hours) I took great satisfaction that I didn't run out of water, I had just a swallow and two very small ice cubes left. A perfect mix!
  4. I'm sorry. I simply cannot support taking a weed eater out of the hands of a potential trail maintainer! What the hell?!!! And I'm an ECHO man myself anyway. 😉
  5. And it might be genetic. Somebody mentioned they didn't sweat much so riding in the heat was difficult. I don't have a problem sweating! The problem is in those high heat/low humidity situations is that you don't feel yourself sweating so you forget to drink enough. Played golf in Las Vegas when it was 118. Had to force myself to remember to drink water.
  6. I don't mind the heat. My record is 120F at Palo Duro Canyon. But it's a dry heat!
  7. The Vegas handicapping services have posted the line on this event on how many riders will complete all four routes. The over/under is 8.5. The opening line was 13.5 but some heavy west coast money came in on the under because of the weather and moved it down. 68 dirt miles will be a challenge in the heat. Hydration and nutrition will be even more important
  8. My new bike came with Stan's. Everything else I have has Orange Seal. So I got a puncture on the new bike and the Stan's worked. Quickly. But then the next ride that same puncture came open again. It sealed up again but that reopening thing has never happened to me with Orange Seal. Based on my very limited experiences I will now say that Stan's works quickly and well, but doesn't stay. Orange Seal takes a little more time/losing air to work, but will last the duration of the tire.
  9. $473.99 at Home Depot. Looks like the same thing, https://www.homedepot.com/p/Wilton-5-5-in-855M-Mechanics-Pro-Vise-28811/306368153
  10. Of course. It's a business decision for bike shops to sponsor things. But I was taken aback yesterday when, due to a couple of different things, the porta potty ended up costing them $1,400. Guess what we are NOT going to have this next week? lol And wait until you see the swag table next week. There is a lot of stuff to give away in the ticket drawing. 2022 SATN SOCIAL, Saturday, June 11th, 8 am
  11. The rain disrupted things. But there still was riding and the after party was great fun. BUT...it will happen again this coming Saturday, June 11. Same bat time, same bat station. Bless ATX Bikes for being behind this.
  12. It's probably been said. Probably by me at least me three times! But it can't be said enough. It was really amazing what it did for my shoulder after suffering for six months or so. Immediate results. Not totally cured, but huge progress made that very day.
  13. Tried it a different way. Can y'all see it?
  14. No registry. Show up before 8 am and be ready for wheels down at 8:10. Be back 8 hours later. Show Strava to ticket issuers. Speaking of swag for the raffle, the Santa Cruz rep just this week donated ten Giro helmets. There are lots and lots of smaller things too. The picture above of the shirt still shows for me but here it is again. $20 Saturday. cheap enough
  15. LOL! Well then, how about putting this out there AND a pre-ride talk? My concern is how to disseminate this information to people starting at different times during the day.
  16. I would like your input please. I am going to put the following out on the internet. It's in lieu of a pre ride long winded speech. Does it make sense and convey everything that needs to be conveyed? Also, who of you are going to attend and what are you going to attempt to do? How many of the four segments? Anyway, here's what I have right now: SATN SOCIAL 2022 The SATN SOCIAL’s purpose is to share the joy of The South Austin Trail Network. Not only the 120 miles of single track, but also the fantastic SATN community of mountain bikers. Please give a big thank you to our sponsor, ATX BIKES, located right in the center of the SATN universe. Next time you go buy something there, tell them it’s because they sponsored the SOCIAL. Hopefully we can trick them into continuing to do this thing! We also want to thank Wiley Mosely from GIANT Bikes for providing our food and the Austin Beerworks beer. Big thanks to Darren Poole from SHIMANO for lots of the great drawing prizes. Thank you to ATHLETIC Brewing for their generous donation of tasty non-alcoholic brews. Thank you to Damon Landry from Signs Express for his design work on the cool SOCIAL jerseys. Thanks to Dale Daughertry for creating a SATN SOCIAL page on the MTBATX.com website Huge thanks to the SATN SMOOTH CREW. Identify them by the special “respect the trail” logo on their shirt sleeves. Thank them for working so hard getting the trails in perfect shape for this event. Realize that no government entity does anything for any of our single track trails. It’s all good citizen volunteers that do it. Everyone that rides them should feel obligated to give something back at some point. If nothing more than to purposely “ride the sides'' every now and then to knock back encroaching vegetation. (lecture over!) WARNING! Mountain Biking is inherently dangerous! There are things that can kill you out here. Be ever diligent in looking out for your own safety. There are four 17 mile-ish segments. The fastest riders can do them in just over 1 ½ hours. The 8 am start will allow these strong riders to do all 67 miles. Do the math on how many segments you can complete. You can start any time (after 8 am) but you must be back by 4 pm to be eligible for the drawings. There are multiple ways to do this event. Here are some examples: Start at 8 am. Do as many as you can. Hang out for the rest of the day. Start at 8 am with the intent of only doing one then going home to rest then come back at 3:30 for the festivities. Start at 11 am to do two segments to finish up at 3:30-ish. Start at 1:30, ride 17 miles, finish just before 4 pm, start enjoying the refreshments. Come at any time during the day. If you are unsure how to follow the segments on Strava or Trailforks, look for someone that does, so you can follow them. Or if you know how to, declare in the parking lot something like, “I’m going to attempt the south and north at 9 mph average.” Gather a group and go! Earn a raffle ticket for each segment completed. Get a bonus ticket for completing all four. Get two additional tickets if you do all four perfectly. Proven by your Strava ride. This is as much an orienteering challenge as it is a riding one. The biggest rule for the event is…to have fun!
  17. Am I the one that is going to have to say this? PLEASE do NOT carry anti tank weapons onto our trails. Thank you.
  18. Another great success! Thanks Barry for leading the fast group. Y'all really did do almost all of it. And by the way, it didn't rain a drop Saturday night. It blew like crazy again though so probably smart move.
  19. Are we not educated now? I could post up on the Dana Peak Facebook page to recruit some folks though if you think it would help. They were very proud of their place and were happy to lead
  20. The shirts came in and I will be selling them at Crank and Dranks, starting tonight. $15 (just trying to break even). They came out really nicely. Get them while you can!
  21. I'm thinking 9 am. Early enough to beat the heat, but late enough for folks just coming for the day to make it out.
  22. Yes, it's a thang still. Cold showers. Cold beer. Easy I have an extra site still booked if anyone wants an RV spot.
  23. But does the rain curse happen with a gravel or road bike?
  24. Did some Googling just now: Pfizer’s worldwide known erectile dysfunction product Viagra generated around 500 million U.S. dollars in revenue in 2019.
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