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  1. Moc 5

    South Austin Trail Network

    So, will the Southie Trails be rideable tomorrow?
  2. Moc 5


    Yes. There may be a few puddles, but all in all it drains and dries pretty quickly.
  3. Moc 5

    Ride & Imbibe!

    So is this thing happening this week?
  4. Moc 5


    We rode Muleshoe yesterday and it was in pretty good condition. There were a few puddles (unusual for Muleshoe) but because of the soil, not a lot of mud. Today would be a day to ride there,
  5. Ridenfool, you might consider checking out Lake Atalanta for an afternoon ride. We have ridden it after rain (not 2.5 inches) and most of it was good in spite of riding on wet leaves.
  6. Moc 5

    Spider Mountain

    If LCRA is causing a hold-up, it could be a septic permitting issue.
  7. Just rode Pedernales.  Zero mud anywhere.  Perfect ride. 

  8. Moc 5

    Is anything rideable?

    I bet most of Muleshoe is good to go as well (except maybe the B loop)
  9. Moc 5

    Is anything rideable?

    Flat Rock in Comfort should be good to go. It's worth the drive.
  10. The Mountain Biking forum that is dedicated to trail conditions. Pace Bend is listed there. That being said, considering the rain we have had over the last to days, it is a no go.
  11. Moc 5

    Bentonville - 8.5 hr drive from Austin

    We are headed back at Thanksgiving for our 3rd trip this year. Last time, we hit Lake Atalanta, which was really fun--every single climb rewarded with fast, flowy down-hill. It had rained the day before, and Lake Atalanta was still good to go. Of course we hit the Back 40 and Slaughter Pen. There is a really fun section called Tristan's trail. In just over a mile, there is 7' of climbing with 156' of descent. I'm getting happy just thinking about it. I really can't wait to get back there.
  12. Moc 5

    South Austin Trail Network

    Any chance any of the Southie Trails will be rideable by tomorrow afternoon?