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  1. I've never done it, but seen it done. Looked kinda harsh on landing 🙂
  2. No, not that giant. I've got a friend who's quite large (6'5", 290lbs), but athletic and would like to give MTB/cycling a try. Understandably, he'd like to dip his toes in before dropping a few grand on a bike that would fit him and hold up. Does anyone have any idea where we could rent or borrow an XXL-ish MTB? We've called around a bit with no luck, thought I'd see if anyone here could help. Thanks!
  3. Looks like an ODI (or similar) grip clamp to me. Makes more sense at least 😛
  4. I've seen one dead one on the Brushy Creek pavement, near Deception. Totally thought it was someone's pet lemur that escaped until I looked it up! About a year later, I saw one on a night ride down at the east end of the Brushy system. Little guy disappeared pretty quick once he got in my lights, but I saw it long enough to recognize it for sure. I was pretty stoked for the rest of the ride 🙂
  5. This warms my heart. 🙂 Super stoked to see more people finding this stuff. There really is an incredible network of trail around here, and it just keeps getting better. For example... some kind soul connected the baseball diamond to the future Lakeline Park by going under Little Elm. That used to be the longest section of pavement between Discovery Well and the YMCA. Not anymore!! Old line in red, new in blue 🙂
  6. Same as AB, I run Times on all my bikes, and would love a backup if they end up available.
  7. I've got a set. 160/180, with lockrings. SM-RT68S and SM-RT64M They're used and dusty, but should be good for what you need. I'm in N Cedar Park, and work near the 183a underpass at Brushy. Let me know if you wanna meet up.
  8. That's..... actually kind of cool. Wonder if it works?
  9. Exactly. I'll find the arrows, remember "stickers away from the disc," whatever it takes to know which way they go. Hold the tire up to the rim, pretend like it's rolling down the trail, etc. Mount the tire, and then realize the next day that I still managed to out it on backwards. There's obviously a failure point in the process somewhere in there, but despite my efforts I still have no idea where it is 😄
  10. I thought I was the only one. I've been doing this since I started riding in college. My percentage has improved over the years, but I started closer to 50/50… so it's still not good.
  11. Yes. Admittedly not a bike snob, and not all that weight conscious. But I ride hard and ride a lot, and love rolling 29+.
  12. Yeah, but I haven't ridden it yet so it doesn't count 😉
  13. Paging @Barry. Your Brushy Burrito Buffet needs to be part of this discussion 😉
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