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  1. That's..... actually kind of cool. Wonder if it works?
  2. Exactly. I'll find the arrows, remember "stickers away from the disc," whatever it takes to know which way they go. Hold the tire up to the rim, pretend like it's rolling down the trail, etc. Mount the tire, and then realize the next day that I still managed to out it on backwards. There's obviously a failure point in the process somewhere in there, but despite my efforts I still have no idea where it is 😄
  3. I thought I was the only one. I've been doing this since I started riding in college. My percentage has improved over the years, but I started closer to 50/50… so it's still not good.
  4. Yes. Admittedly not a bike snob, and not all that weight conscious. But I ride hard and ride a lot, and love rolling 29+.
  5. Yeah, but I haven't ridden it yet so it doesn't count 😉
  6. Paging @Barry. Your Brushy Burrito Buffet needs to be part of this discussion 😉
  7. Yeah, there's a new wood launch/table, but it's on the next little hump after the photoshopped hump.
  8. Haha, good catch. I was about to reply that I rode through there this morning and didn't see that at all. Cuz it wasn't there, lol. That drop line to the right after this looks like it's gonna be cool. And I didn't end up in the trees either 🙂
  9. Funny. I haven't hit either of these yet either, but I've been working up the guts to give it a shot. The snail one seems like a better start to me for some reason. Seems like the landing is more gradual at snail, the church drop almost looked flat.
  10. +1. I've been using this for about a year now. I've got the multi tool, plugs, and patches all stored inside. Strap a tube to the frame and you've got everything you need in one hand package.
  11. Sounds like you're missing some. Gumdrop, snow white, gnargasm, caddy shack are all across the creek, not just across the BCRT. Go over the footbridge just east of champion, trail goes east and west from there.
  12. +1. Especially as part of a longer ride including Suburban Ninja! And the techy bit of trail at the far east end of Gumdrop is some of my favorite "tech flow" out there once you're able to ride it clean.
  13. Hit it this morning, nice and mellow, not sketchy at all. Nice work!
  14. Based on context and a lifelong habit of making up words to go with acronyms, I'd wager Georgetown Urban Mountain Bike Outing. Tell me I'm wrong.
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