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  1. Found it, but it's only 350mm length. Let me know if you still want it, but I'm guessing it won't work for you, sorry!
  2. Pretty sure I've still got the rigid post that came on my stache... I'll have a look tomorrow and let you know!
  3. We should talk. I've been mapping out basically the same thing. Not sure when I'll get to do it, but there's potential for a pretty epic ride.
  4. It's a little tricky, since there's no adjustment. I had to print a couple before I got the beam in the right spot. If anyone else has a new model Fox Flux helmet, I'd be happy to give it a shot. If you're into CAD/3D printing, I'll send you the file to tweak it and try it out.
  5. I've been running two niteriders for a while now. One on the helmet (950, narrow beam) and one on the bars (1200, wider beam). The weight on the helmet is borderline, but as long as the cinch dial is snug, it doesn't bother me too much. I also 3D printed a sexy mount for it, so it's lighter and not sticking up so high. I really like the convenience of the all in one Luminas. I used to have lights with separate batteries, and there's just so much less to keep track of now 🙂 Although Tip has me thinking... might try to rig a side mount like that up someday. Looks pretty trick.
  6. Bummer. Tried my luck and just got MX6s. You win 🙂
  7. Sooo.... wanna share a link?
  8. Another happy Time user here. I've got a couple pairs of the older Aliums, which have been bulletproof, and a newer version with the square rails (also no problems). I love the float, engagement, etc. I'm thinking about getting a pair of the platform pedals they released recently as well. The only issue is it's harder to swap bikes with your buddy since no one else runs Time's, but that may not actually be an issue... lol.
  9. Ah, my bad. It's not a wrench, it's three dots, and only in the web version, not mobile:
  10. There's an option to crop your ride. Click on the wrench, then crop.
  11. Was it with an owner? If not I bet someone would really like to know you saw it! Cool bird!
  12. Just confirming, can this rack break down to carry just a single bike? Based on the ad I'm guessing not, but just wanted to make sure...
  13. +1. I've got a wheel that I've done this to at least 3 times. It takes a little longer for the sealant to stop seeping from a new tire install, but other than that no issues.
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