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  1. Yep, exactly. My karate monkey does the same thing. Right side dropout never slides forward under pedal loads because the chain tugs hold it back, but left side slides backwards if I stab the brakes too hard and the axle isn't tight (no sliding dropout on the monkey, just track ends).
  2. Just making sure... are you snugging this bolt up against the frame and locking the lock nut?
  3. +1 for NiteRider Lumina. I run one on my head, one on the bars, and have never had a problem. Great little lights! Happened to notice this today: https://bikecloset.com/product/lumina-1000-boost/?gclid=CjwKCAiA7dKMBhBCEiwAO_crFOGEeZ0nntfm9IBlQ_GL4YxaehKu8JX0kIztJ_0lZtaWyTJZ4ydwgBoC1ggQAvD_BwE
  4. Well that's pretty cool. Sometimes people are awesome πŸ™‚
  5. I'm not them, but I run Time pedals with 5-10 Kestrels so I'll chime in πŸ™‚ High level review, they're my favorite shoes I've owned so far. These are close to two years old, so 2-4k miles? I don't track stuff as closely as Barry (and I don't ride as much eitherπŸ˜‰) They did spend about half their life with these little Crank Brothers cleat shims installed. When I first got the shoes, they were pretty tight on my (brand new) pedals, and a little tricky to unclip. Installing the shims got things back to "normal" and also helped prevent wear on the shoe itself. I removed them early this year to tighten clip/unclip action back up as my pedals wore in, and I've been happy with that too. I'd say it's worth buying a pair and seeing if you like them! The only thing I'd gripe about the shoes is the BOA placement. Having them on the side of the shoe makes them fairly susceptible to rock strikes. I've knocked one of each side off, but the replacement program is great (and free!). And on trail it's not that big of an emergency as long as the "lace" stays intact, which it has both times I've killed them. This one happened in the middle of a ~30mile ride out in Colorado. Grabbed a stick and twisted till it was tight. Got me home no problem!
  6. Ok, that was really cool. Can't imagine how long it took to edit all that together!
  7. Did a heatmap-less wander over there this afternoon. Managed to find my way from the toll road to the pool halfway into the neighborhood! Pretty neat πŸ‘ It may be worth cleaning it up a bit before officially including it in the 3B, but it's borderline as is. Less road and more trail is definitely a win!
  8. Grab bag of parts. Located in NW Cedar Park near New Hope and Lakeline. Seatposts: Bontrager - 31.6mm D, ~15.5" L Thomson - 30.9mm D, ~14" L (has a slight bend at ~10"... No Name - 30.9mm D, ~12" L Handlebar - 25.4 mm D, 23" W Handlebar - 31.8mm D, 25" W Front Derailleur, FD-M430 FSA Chainrings, Brand New, 38T, 36T, 34T, 34T Chainstay Mount Kickstand Locking QR Bike Mount for truck bed, etc. Phone holder and bell
  9. Upgraded to an E-Verb, time for this to go πŸ™‚ Has the quick connect fitting so you shouldn't have to bleed it to install it. Tiny bit of squish, but works great other than that. Asking $150.
  10. Drones are cool. Bikes are cool too, and especially bikes in Moab.
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