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Expired certificate


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1 hour ago, Barry said:

Maybe the spammers are next?!

I manually approve accounts in order to (help) prevent spammers from getting in.  It's usually pretty obvious when someone signs up from Vietnam or China that they are not interested in talking about mountain biking in the Austin area.  🙂

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On 8/20/2021 at 9:41 AM, Albert said:

Fixed..   I forgot that even though I purchased a five year certificate, it has to be manually renewed every year.  Annoying.  Sorry!

Let us know if you need $$ to keep place running and bot-free.

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5 hours ago, TAF said:

Let us know if you need $$ to keep place running and bot-free.

The costs aren't too bad, the commercial forum software is a few hundred dollars a year, the SSL cert isn't too bad, and I'm hosting the site on one of the dedicated servers I have with some other sites on it (this isn't a very high-traffic site).  I hate bots and spammers, so I don't mind putting in a bit of extra effort to help insure their appearance here is very rare.  I do need to update the software to the latest version soon, which brings some nice, new functionality as well as the usual slate of bug fixes.  I plan on doing that in October.

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