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  1. Forgot the Ring-Neck.
  2. 30 years riding the State Park out here I've seen hundreds. Western Diamondbacks, Coachwhips, Bullsnakes, Rat Snakes, 1 Hognose, lots of Diamondback Watersnakes, a few Water Moccasins. Also Ornate Box Turtles, Horned Toads, Tarantulas.
  3. https://www.forestry-suppliers.com/product_pages/products.php?mi=76561&itemnum=85165&redir=Y
  4. 74 seat tube, 67.5 headtube with 120mm Fox Factory 34. (original artwork by Steve Garro) 27.5X2.8s on WTB I-35s/
  5. You should have seen the lake a few years ago when it was completely dry. The trails are actually holding water in places right now that I don't ever remember in the past. The state park trails are more xc oriented, a few areas are a little more technical. The park is or was working on a re-nativization program and sprayed all the mesquite a few years ago, so most of it is standing dead wood. The goal is to return it to the grassland prairie that was here before the cattle drives brought in the mesquite. Just about every plant has a thorn on the end, so make sure your sealant is fresh. Maybe not the most exciting trails, but a nice area and a 25 mile loop is easy to do. We also have another area to ride that is a combo of jeep trails, motorcycle trails and a couple of short trails built for cycling. More tech out there if that's your thing. This is my home trail, so reach out if you're in the area.
  6. DeVinci and Ibis demos available at Velorangutan in South Austin.
  7. The mechanics quiz is very up to date. The last question is: What Is The Recommend Tuning Specs For A Rock Shox Mag 21 For A Downhill Rider Weighing Over 180 Pounds? When did the Mag21 go out of production?
  8. It's a Sledgehummer. Do you ever take it off any sweet jumps?
  9. I'm pretty sure those guys were filming at Coler last year when I was in Bentonville. Not sure why since it was light out.
  10. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk She's funny as hell in person too.
  11. Kristin and Ryan developed the trail at Quiet Waters and went on to work as an IMBA trail care crew. Kristin is Kristin Butcher that writes for Bike Magazine. Nixon worked summer camps in the Carolinas or somewhere in the summer then worked shops in FL in the winter, raced for Cannondale for awhile.
  12. 3rd, 26" set up single these days. 26" drop bar, dirt roadster and the 27.5+ in the pic.
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