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  1. was a great time, caught me in one of the pics there as well. thinking about trying SSAZ in Feb.
  2. I have the aluminum channels around the top of the bed in my Nissan. I have Rockymounts Driveshaft holders bolted to the front channel. Most of the time, I don't use the rack to elevate the rear of the bikes, but it is nice for camping to free up more space in the bed. With the rear end of the bikes down in the bed, I can drive right into the garage with the bikes in the back.
  3. All City Electric Queen, Some Valhallen, Jones https://www.trekbicyclesuperstore.com/product/all-city-electric-queen-frameset-362349-1.htm?variations=216164,216475&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI25m_x7WK5AIVkR-tBh1vzQdAEAQYAiABEgKpk_D_BwE https://www.bikeparts.com/BPC179291/soma-valhallen-275-frame-large-green?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoaiagLWK5AIVmh-tBh3XGAOAEAYYAiABEgJt8fD_BwE https://www.jonesbikes.com/jones-plus-swb-complete-bicycle/
  4. Signed up, need to get the bike ready.
  5. Registration is up. https://www.bikereg.com/ssusaatx2019#Register
  6. My wife has MS and her car has plates, and we have a placard for the rare times she rides in my truck. MS is another of the "invisible" diseases. Just because she doesn't look sick doesn't mean she can walk far, especially in the TX summer heat.
  7. Never seen a cougar, although there are occasional sightings out here. Have seen a few bobcats over the years. The State Park has a wildlife viewing blind and I lucked out one night and got some pics and video of this one.
  8. Decent hubs, and Shimano brakes. Hubs are hard to change, Shimano brakes are easy to work on. Drivetrains all work pretty well these days. Most other parts are easy/cheap to swap.
  9. Forgot the Ring-Neck.
  10. 30 years riding the State Park out here I've seen hundreds. Western Diamondbacks, Coachwhips, Bullsnakes, Rat Snakes, 1 Hognose, lots of Diamondback Watersnakes, a few Water Moccasins. Also Ornate Box Turtles, Horned Toads, Tarantulas.
  11. https://www.forestry-suppliers.com/product_pages/products.php?mi=76561&itemnum=85165&redir=Y
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