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  1. Is the used market not coming around? I really haven't been paying much attention, but a year ago I heard predicitons for a glut of barely used bikes on craigslist.
  2. Yeah thankfully SF Brewing makes it here as of a few years ago. But last time I tried, I couldn't get a keg of anything from SF Brewing. The others dont make it here even in cans. 😞 I like this space monkey discussion. I have nothing to add but I'm following with great interest.
  3. "ABQ is a hellscape" 👍 SF is missing just enough stuff regular ABQ trips are necessary though. If only we could get someone to distribute La Cumbre or Marble here. Usually load up the car with the stuff on the home. Used be the same for SF Brewing and now I can get Happy Camper at HEB so I guess there is hope.
  4. Having to send my unvaccinated kids to school in a week. Very worried. One small consolation:
  5. New garage who dis? Still formulating plans but I'm thinking bench w/ storage, toolbox, and workspace on left. Either wall hanging or angle in bike storage on the right. Tool box is in the other garage for now. Can't figure out how to keep the squishy floor and do all the things. I like the squishy floor it's fun to walk on but as soon as I spill something gross on it I imagine it's done. Beer fridge is in the laundry just inside so I've got that covered.
  6. @Cafeend Gross I hate it! Also were you trying for the Jeff Goldblum pose or just lucky?
  7. How did you get live footage of me in the garage stripping aluminum threads, cracking carbon parts, and warping wheels?
  8. Re: falling advice. So true.
  9. Good points by AB but for me the difference between "gambling" in the market vs crypto. If I lose 50% of my net worth in a stock market crash so did everyone else. Bad things will happen but I didn't lose relative to most things. If I lose 50% of my net worth in crypto the world moves on without me and $9 tacos from the trendy taco truck probably cost $10 now because some influencer from Cali posted about it.
  10. We had it thinned up a lot trying to keep weight off for as long as possible. Drive through the neighborhood after a storm and you'll see some Bradford's knocked down. It's just about that time since all this was built.
  11. Probably not freeze related but I had one of those Bradford Pear trash trees fall on a house last week. Damage to the house, removal, stump grinding (giggity), and new tree are all adding up. I was kind of hoping it was the next owners problem 😞
  12. That's a lot of missing plane on that Metro. Surprising for sure.
  13. My basic instinct does seem to get trails crossed and uncrossed sometimes.
  14. So you are saying ultimately I was right the other day when I "accidentally" took the 3rd hole. That sounds bad. Whatever, I'm leaving it.
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