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  1. taco_junkie

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Weird. I did the same route yesterday: Slaughter, that weird cutoff, 1826, Slaughter Creek loop, south to Boneyard. I didn't see any of yall. I always assumed that the blockade on the old road was for people dumping trash off 1826. I've cut through the the storage place parking lot too and they have a gate on the 1826 side. So either way you have to ride around someones gate. Unless you ride all the way to the end of Slaughter. ಠ_ಠ
  2. taco_junkie

    Risk and the penalty for failure.

    From the olden times: I still quote parts of this video on almost every ride.
  3. taco_junkie

    Favorite Non-Water

    Nuun or gu tabs at home post ride. I don't like that stuff in my camelbak. I'll put it in a bottle for longer rides on the road bike. Especially if it's a supported ride and it's pre-mixed at a rest zone. I'll do gu shots, gummies, or even a granola bar to stay fresh on longer trail rides.
  4. taco_junkie

    Are you kidding me?

    I'm more south than north. That'd be a stretch to make after our meetings. RHR maybe but they might be about the same.
  5. taco_junkie

    Are you kidding me?

    Are you kidding me!? Client coming to town next week is a MTB guy. The only client to ever ask us to hit the trails instead of golf. I don't golf and never get to do this kind of thing so I say I got this. Now I gotta tell him maybe not because weather. He's ridding at home on fat tires in snow and will probably think I'm crazy for calling it for some light rain. (┛◉Д◉)┛┻━┻
  6. taco_junkie

    Are you kidding me?

    The 10 day forecast doesn't look great either. 😭
  7. taco_junkie

    Best "Budget" MTB

    I remember the sub 1K prices in the 90s and refuse to think of 3K as a budget bike. Maybe why my last 2 have been used. https://www.theproscloset.com/collections/bikes?tags=classification-bike-mountain&page=1&sort=price-ascending
  8. taco_junkie

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    He's killing his reputation quotient. =/
  9. taco_junkie

    Flats, or clipless?

    Imagine how much worse that crash would have been if he wasn't able to clip out in time. /s The photography on that is amazing.
  10. taco_junkie

    Basic ATX Geology

    If you really want to nerd out on some soil data: https://websoilsurvey.nrcs.usda.gov/app/WebSoilSurvey.aspx
  11. taco_junkie

    tracking lost bike with gps

    I think I've got some space between the iPhone mount and the drink holder.
  12. taco_junkie

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    ❄️ Sweet I'll bring a drankin' jacket. ❄️
  13. taco_junkie

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Slalom is so shaded I'm not surprised. I will appreciate that in July when it's 100 degrees. Will Tuesday be a go then?
  14. taco_junkie

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    I hate to devolve a perfectly relevant discussion but you asked and I can't help myself because I'm kind of an ass... Sorry in advance.
  15. taco_junkie

    Brushy Creek