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  1. Yeah that was a good ride. Glad I was able to show you around and have a beer after. Perfect cap to the weekend. Thanks to The Tip for organizing the inaugural C&D Gone Wild weekend! My goal of wringing out every last drop from my legs was a success. Yesterday afternoon all I could do was hold down the couch.
  2. I've done the clipless ninja jump too but I'm 100% sure I didn't look this cool doing it so luckily I have no photo. That's awesome!
  3. It's a warning that attack jellyfish are known to be in that area. I guess I can tell my friend his portable shower is worth zip and I'm leaving him for a better spot 😛
  4. At least on my older Wahoo pressing page once would get rid of the auto-pause notification and not actually change the page you are on letting you read the page you are on while stopped. YMMV.
  5. I don't think it's an RV spot but I don't really know. I'm happy to freelance to a more convenient spot once I get there with whoever has shade an any extra room. You are going to top the current offer of a portable shower which may or may not be critical depending on the lake and swimming conditions.
  6. Because of the winter storm pushing the tax deadline back I've been given the green light to do this. Talked to someone with a reserved tent spot already.
  7. Ditched my Garmin 500 for the Wahoo Element years ago when that was new. I know things have moved on in tech levels but I liked the Wahoo a lot. It uploads automatically when I am done riding and I don't have to have a Garmin account that want's to be my BFF.
  8. Yup I've ridden down that a few times to take a look and it just seems to end.
  9. That big tree on Valero and all of Koopa Troopa has been cleared. I took a different route than normal through Latta and cleaned that up. Still 5 different routes through there I never ride so who knows but the truck route and another one are done. Fire House is clear of the big stuff but I ran out of daylight and there are some face slappers and smaller issues I didn't have time for. I didn't make it to House Fire before the sun went down but I just heard that's good to go anyway.
  10. I saw that stuff on Koopa last night but my leaking tire took priority. That's on my list to get back to. Has anyone done the full 45XL or just boneyard? I know 45 flow and flow too are done. I'm not sure of anything west or south of there towards the bowl area.
  11. I'm not on Facebook either but most of the trials have been cleared. If you find something that hasn't post it here or PM me and I'll try to get to it.
  12. I used to think MMS was weak sauce. All I had seen were the main trails. That section in the back is another world and is nothing but trouble. Maybe it's the wasps, the slick rocks or surprise porcupines. That place is wild, a little bit scary and fun as heck.
  13. That whole section from DicNic to DripDrop is great. As a bonus it has a lot of shade in the summer. I was out there yesterday getting it in before the rain.
  14. I met Mrs. TacoJunkie at the Bitter End and B Side. That was a good night.
  15. Haha bowl-o-rama. Yall just blew the dust off some memories.
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