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  1. Wow 💪 not sure if I'm more impressed with the rider or the camera man who I could hear huffing air at the end. I'd have passed out well before the top.
  2. If only. Everyone in my office thinks pasting to the web from Word should keep all formatting and work perfectly. (┛◉Д◉)┛┻━┻
  3. I am the motor and I run on alcohol. I don't recognize the trail or the sign pictured above but I did go to the Derek Zoolander school for kids who don't read good.
  4. I found Mojo kind of late in the game and didn't create an account that I remember. Looked sketch as frig. Thank whatever gender neutral deity you may or may not (as is your choice) pray to for this place. Worth it even if Albert is harvesting my traffic data and selling it to the Chinese. Which he probably isn't. Maybe. Isn't-nt?
  5. Not all heroes wear capes...
  6. I talk even on solo rides. Mostly yelling things at the trail or begging my bike to hold together. Sometimes I say hi to the birds and squirrels.
  7. For road bikes there isn't a great way to do it without fighting traffic in a construction zone. If you are coming from north or east the violet crown trail from Walgreens might be worth trying. It'd get you pretty close to the backside of the veloway and it's probably fine unless you are on 23cm tires. Coming from CC or anywhere west ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In for C&D tonight.
  8. I had a hell of a time finding my way out of that bonus section once. It's hard to spot the exit when the sun is going down and you need to go.
  9. Weird. I did the same route yesterday: Slaughter, that weird cutoff, 1826, Slaughter Creek loop, south to Boneyard. I didn't see any of yall. I always assumed that the blockade on the old road was for people dumping trash off 1826. I've cut through the the storage place parking lot too and they have a gate on the 1826 side. So either way you have to ride around someones gate. Unless you ride all the way to the end of Slaughter. ಠ_ಠ
  10. From the olden times: I still quote parts of this video on almost every ride.
  11. Nuun or gu tabs at home post ride. I don't like that stuff in my camelbak. I'll put it in a bottle for longer rides on the road bike. Especially if it's a supported ride and it's pre-mixed at a rest zone. I'll do gu shots, gummies, or even a granola bar to stay fresh on longer trail rides.
  12. I'm more south than north. That'd be a stretch to make after our meetings. RHR maybe but they might be about the same.
  13. Are you kidding me!? Client coming to town next week is a MTB guy. The only client to ever ask us to hit the trails instead of golf. I don't golf and never get to do this kind of thing so I say I got this. Now I gotta tell him maybe not because weather. He's ridding at home on fat tires in snow and will probably think I'm crazy for calling it for some light rain. (┛◉Д◉)┛┻━┻
  14. The 10 day forecast doesn't look great either. 😭
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