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  1. Sounds like I should be packing extra beers to the C&D tonight. See yall there.
  2. My controller is dying a slow death. I need to open it up again and fix it right or just upgrade. The Harrier is fun. It starts up quick and the computer bits are basic compared to the A-10. Very limited ordnance though especially if you are used to the Hog. The Hornet would be my choice for a 2nd module. It does everything. I snagged the UH-1 in a sale and it's great but yeah I'd trade that in a second for a Kiowa or an Apache. RIP Longbow 2.
  3. Nice! I've spent plenty of time in the DCS hog and half the other modules.
  4. I feel like one of those unnamed trails should be called "Ether Way" or some other ether based pun now just to tie it all together.
  5. Good stuff. That trail #4 looks fun.
  6. I've done the ped bridge across 360 a few times and I got there and back via Southwest Parkway to William Cannon to Escarpment. Southwest Parkway isn't great for that first stretch. 3 lanes no shoulder and 50mph. There is a plan to make that better in a few years with the YBC trail assuming that's still a go. It should connect all that stuff from the bridge all the way to Oak Hill. Other road options involve Brodie or sections of the 290 frontage.
  7. For exiting Austin and into Buda the SH45 SW toll road that just opened has a sidewalk/bike path that goes from the end of Escarpment to 1626. 1626 has been widened with a shoulder but you only have to make it to Lakewood Dr to sneak through Leisure Woods and the Coves to 967 and into Buda. If you were coming from anywhere W of Brodie that's the way I'd go but it's brand new so I haven't done it.
  8. Isn't that missing a digit? DCS? BMS?
  9. Same for me. It's been a while but I used to take roughly that route to 5 mile and back. I think we used to go down twin creeks road but I would not recommend that anymore. I rode the the livestrong challenge last year and did a lot of that same road to get out of Austin. It all seemed reasonable. There are a few people I follow on Strava that do that route at least down to San Marcos regularly. https://www.strava.com/activities/2415493641 (not me) I'm sure you could call and get advice from Buda Bike Co. They do a Saturday ride that I've been wanting to check out and I think they typically ride south starting in Buda. https://www.strava.com/clubs/budabikeco
  10. I have a 2013 Pivot 429 with a crack in the downtube that's collecting dust. The rear end might have been a drop in replacement. 🤔
  11. Yep. Trance custom build. It's been a blast. I went with the DVO Topaz shock on this build. Seems to work great but I had a HT before so you could have put a marshmallow there and I'd have been happy.
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