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  1. taco_junkie

    performance bike deals

    Not sure what's up but the S Lamar location has a big "Store Closing" banner and a guy standing out on the intersection holding a store closing "this location only" sign. I was only in the area to get wrecked at Bombay Bistro so I didn't stop in the store.
  2. taco_junkie


    Pucker factor over 9000
  3. taco_junkie

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Bummer. Thanks for the report.
  4. taco_junkie

    South Austin Trail Network, The SATN

    Wife and kids left me for the afternoon. I threatened to go walk the trail to see how bad it was. But I found this bottle of whiskey and... I did stomp around in the yard pretending to know what I was doing pruning bushes. It didn't seem as bad as it should have been with the rain. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.
  5. taco_junkie

    Buds Required

  6. taco_junkie

    Cold weather and shorts

    Leg warmers stay up for me. I put the shorts gripper over the leg warmers to help hold them up. Knee pads can also help with warmth and holding things in place. I have a pair or two of the pants over shorts thing. I tend to only wear those on the road bike and only when the temps drop even farther. They don't fall down or feel uncomfortable wearing over bibs but they aren't as convenient to remove mid-ride if it warms up. Long pants with a chamois seems limiting. I have a stable of comfortable liners & bibs and I'll layer the long pants on top of those. I only use them a few times a year anyway.
  7. taco_junkie

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Oh, well I don't mind if Cap Metro gets AIDS.
  8. taco_junkie

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    All that space under Ben White. It's perfect and Dan's Hamburgers is like right there.
  9. taco_junkie

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    Agree. But think of it with AC when it's 104 outside.
  10. taco_junkie

    Best Place to ride after a rain storm?

    There are more of these that I thought. https://raysmtb.com/ I'll be on the road or a trainer this weekend. Rain just opened up on S. Lamar.
  11. taco_junkie

    Tire sizes and Austin Trails

    All my data is beer-reviewed. I hope that's acceptable.
  12. taco_junkie

    Brushy Creek

    🔥🔥🔥 Nice.
  13. taco_junkie

    Brushy Creek

    wtf pics? I'm having trouble trying to decide how I feel about such a beast.
  14. taco_junkie

    Bad news for town lake

    You're not wrong. I saw one of those scooters and a motorized skateboard thing out on the veloway last week. Nowhere is safe.