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  1. White tires look dope on the right bike. Like this one 👍
  2. Dropping in at the bridge coming from TXCW yay. Cutting out trail to ride the road south to Valero boo.
  3. MIPS is a marketing brand for a patented technology. Kali for example uses something else. I 100% recommend paying for and getting the best head protection that works in your budget but don't fall into the MIPS or nothing trap. *end rant*
  4. Sweet. I never liked stopping and climbing out at the bridge anyway.
  5. Agree with Mack. Kali fits my head great but not his. Go with what fits. A clip/mount for lights or a camera is super nice to have. My Smith doesn't have anything and I'm going to have to figure out how to add lights soon.
  6. Seeing lots of activity from people I know over in MMSP. I've never been over there and I've got the FOMO. I know how to get to the railroad bridge and I know I go north along that and take a turn east somewhere. Other than that I'm blind. The only experience I have with MMSP is the disk golf course and the RC field. Seems like the trails are mostly south of that on the creek?
  7. I'm going to need a hotwheels car, some starburst, and a coconut.
  8. Raining all over the SATN right now. I was hoping that this shower would move on quickly. A little worried about this weekend possibilities.
  9. Yeah I went full commit and tried to launch up the rock but ended up sending my head straight into the branch. I think my visor was down for the late day sun and I just forgot it was there. At least my spine was aligned and I didn't torque anything but I heard the helmet give up its ghost and I went straight home as a precaution. Rode all of 10 minutes that day.
  10. I'm still a fat 0 on that last stonewall obstacle. I was doing a lot of attempts until I cracked my helmet on that low branch. I might have to leave that box un-ticked permanently.
  11. What does The Tip's search history look like after finding that photo? What other wonders did that search return? Hello MrTheCatLady, I'm just here to comment on photos of naked dudes. I have no sage advice for you on falling theory other than I feel like I fall an average amount for the risks I'm willing to take. I do pass on features I think I have the skill for but have higher penalties for failure. I feel lucky to have not broken any important pieces when I do fall. Just a few stitches, some sprains, and rib injuries over the last few years. I too have done the splits in road cleats on a wet road before.
  12. So confusing watching that video. It says it's an A320 but I know a Southwest taxi when I see it.
  13. Excess cornstarch in the brake fluid and now you have a non newtonian fluid. Reduce your cornstarch levels to below the manufacturer recommended amount. /s
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