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  1. Yes, it's on that trail, "Fenceline." But the actual "13 Jumps" segment is all between your bottom arrow (the highest point on the trail) and the "m" on "Intermediate Trail." The blue line that goes between the "e" and the "r" of Intermediate is Two Cones Road, a jeep track. After the last jump (actually the one I'm going off in the picture) you can turn left to ride the jeep road for 75 yards and then turn left to go up that black line pictured. That is Cardosa's Climb. I don't know why it is black, it actually is a very easy blue, and blue only because of the climb involved. Turn left on the not pictured short cut back to Fenceline to repeat the jump line. Edited to say, a picture is worth a thousand words: https://www.strava.com/segments/27442820
  2. It is slower to open than other local trails. You can check if the mountain bike trails are open on their website: https://parks.traviscountytx.gov/parks/reimers-ranch?fbclid=IwAR3IEGoMIZg10S9AzIgezCUrA2pVkqsIhzS9ZFJgGm_706HQHVRzcQ8752A The 411 on Reimers: -30 minute drive from The Y in Oakhill -$5 per person to get in -Approximately 18 miles of single track AND 18 miles of scenic double track. All of it has very good trail signage now. -The single track looks confusing on Strava, but it is very easy to see how the trail system was laid out once you start to use it. Very hard to get lost, just keep on going. There are very well labeled green, blue, and black trails. Don't be scared of the black trails. There might be a few challenging features here and there but 90% of both black segments can be ridden by just about any rider. It's possible to ride all of the 18 miles of single track in one long segment without repeating much. -Very scenic. Lots of photo opportunities out on the trail. -All the single track is one direction. Never worry about head-ons there. -The Flow Trails Area features big machine built features utilizing 140 feet of drop. Very different from anything else in the area. Take Milton's Shortcut from the bottom to do multiple runs. Most of the features have at least two lines to them, some have three. You don't have to leave the ground to enjoy this trail. Do it multiple ways. Fast on the ground, or taking air at every chance. -Practice your jumps on the "13 Jumps" jump line. It is four groups of 4 or 3 small jumps to get anyone comfortable in the air. It is on the "Fenceline" segment. The jump line is mere feet to the right of the established trail tread. -Swim in the Perdernales River after your ride. -Hike Climber's Canyon to see a Jurrasic Park type environment. Ferns and springs. Very interesting. -Ride out from the single track area to find one of the two Pogue Spring Canyon overlooks. It's not the Grand Canyon, but it is impressive for being "right there." Bonus jumps: there are three big water bars (humps in the road) on the jeep road just east of Fenceline that are fun hitting at speed.
  3. Me enjoying one of the new jumps on "13 Jumps" jump line at Reimers.
  4. That old road is on the storage place's land. THEY don't have a problem with mountain bikers using their land. But, the theory is, one of those landowners to the south of that land DOES have a problem with it. Maybe it's because trash from parties washes down into their ponds. A guy that lives one parcel over, to the south, doesn't know who it is. HE likes the mountain bikers. He actually mows the 1826 single track because he likes to see us ride past. But there won't be any more discussions with the storage place folks. I'm sure they will eventually decide that it's not worth a feud with their neighbors over it and just tell us to stop. But I've given up on using it anyway. I now go past the storage place going up Slaughter Lane and turn left past the water tank. A little more climb but also a little more down hill zooming once on the 1826 single track.
  5. "Rocky Madness" But don't stop at Abilene. Ride under Abilene (the trail drops into the creek bed) and continue to ride more challenging trail up to Escarpment. Turn left to go south on Escarpment's sidewalk. You only cross two side streets until you can get back on" ...the size of Abilene", to go under Escarpment and on to Drip Drop.
  6. River? You mean Slaughter Creek? I've seen a few rides now that have done just about everything in Mary Moore. So I'm assuming that it's clear. At the least, clear enough.
  7. Good. I hope you get a quick response. I tried to call about that and some other questions but there wasn't anyone to answer the phone because they were closed.
  8. I rode up Rudolph on Tuesday afternoon. There were several big rocks purposely placed in the middle of the trail. I too was disappointed to see the continued activity.
  9. I touched Jimi Hendrix's foot during a concert. I was 13 and went with my brother and his date. I was a kid so I didn't have a problem working my way to the edge of the short stage. It was so short that when he went to his knees to play there were only about 20 people that could see him. It was only about four feet tall. He was directly in front of me. I said to myself, "I'm going to touch his foot just to say I did." This was nine months after Woodstock and a few months before he died.
  10. Just checked CAD. It's all city of Austin land right up to the houses property lines.
  11. My wife and rode into that. It just peters out on the other side of the creek bed. So nothing to it that we could tell. VERY interesting rock creek bed though. Too bad it can't be used for much.
  12. I'm pretty sure all of 45 is done. I have yet to see anyone mention House Fire or Bigger House Fire. They both go through a lot of cedar trees so I'm assuming there was damage on them. Koopa Troopa was passable after we went through. But yes, it could use a little cleaning up still.
  13. But when you start to charge an entry fee it changes the dynamics of the event. "it just looked like a lot of people were out riding the trail." That's exactly what those events were. What could be done if 30 guys got together and said, "hey, let's go downhill the HOL on Saturday?"
  14. Is this the same group that had a "race" at the Maxwell Slaughter Creek Trail?
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