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  1. Having done my fair share of wiring over the years, they don't look any smaller in size then a normal wire nut. Plus I would like the actual physical contact of the wires being together, with wire nuts. Let us know if they work good.
  2. Yeah I saw this also this morning. Couldn't believe they would be so short sighted. Hopefully there is a penalty for breaking the contract. Won't effect me much, as I think I have only been in that store 2-3 times, and a couple of those times was for Rattler pick up. Now there really is no reason to go there.
  3. And neither did TheX, was just countering his point
  4. I would rather use tubes, then this product!!! Had a bad experience with one of their salesmen years ago.
  5. Facebook post said he was headed to a funeral today, and be back on Thursday.
  6. Rode the nut early Saturday morning, wasn't to bad. Rode Brushy yesterday morning, it was sticky for sure. Will start riding in the evenings after work. Have stopped riding to work during this heat, will start riding again, when we get into the 90's. Hydration is the key!!
  7. RPR good to go 24/7 thru the summer. This week's status. just practice social distancing when parking and riding. City and county approved
  8. Not gonna lie, that's pretty fuckin impressive!!
  9. I switched from Sprint to Verizon about a year ago. So much better coverage at RPR, I am guessing the coverage would be pretty close to the same out at spider. I've never ridden there, have driven by though, never checked my service though. I can be in my camper at the pavilion and watching movies on my phone, couldn't do that with sprint.
  10. 1. Love mine. Most claim it's easier to climb with, I notice it more coming out of a corner, right when you start to apply power again. Bike just wants to launch. 2. I have Absolute Black on my bike, no way to mount it incorrectly 3. I was running a 30 round, went to a 32 oval. Actually feels better then the 30 round. If I had the legs, I would think about a 34 oval. All depends on how big a cassette your using, I'm using an E-thirteen with 50 - 9 gear ratio's. If I didn't do most of my riding at RPR, I would already have the 34 4. Do it, you won't regret it!! I took about 6months off last year from riding, started back up basically the first of this year. Rebuilt my bike while I was off of it, and put the 30 round back on it. Just about 3 weeks ago put the 32 oval back on it, felt my legs were up for it, climbed to the peak at RPR up Decision point Trail, with out stopping or having to push my bike, I really think the oval helped with that!
  11. I've started wearing an ear bud while riding. Especially if on an extended ride or out by myself. And I can barely hear it in my ear for safety reasons, and this low amount of input really helps with my tinnitus. I doubt that if someone were to try and sue me over wearing them, I doubt it would go very far. I think nonattentive riding would be a much larger issue. And for the record, I cant stand guys blaring their music on a blue tooth speaker zip tied to their handle bars. I truly enjoy the crunch of my tires and the being alone aspect of riding.
  12. And daily till we are thru all of this.
  13. Normally the best time to ride this one is around 3-4am
  14. Soon to come the ability to reach out to mile at RPR Range......
  15. I am guessing that he is the owner of this forum. Most of his posts seem like an attempt to keep this forum relative. I could be wrong though.
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