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Enchilada Buffet 2020

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Surely @TAF will chime in here at some point. Until then, here's the official FaceSpace post on the matter: 


EBers, this is not the time to be holding mass gatherings or mass starts (at least not according to the City of Austin), so we are moving the event to ITT only, any day of your choice in October. Heck, even start (and finish) the loop anywhere along it that suits you! Ride Thumper first! BUT, the City is currently requiring (free) permits to enter the Green Belt, so we recommend that you enter the Green Belt at Zilker by 7.30 am unless you have logged in and printed a permit (easy on most weekdays).

Post up here with comments and questions - even though there won't be a mass start, there are plenty of people who can help you out. Maybe if a few of you choose to ride on the same day, you could arrange for someone to drop off water for you all - City Park is usually the place where water is needed.

There are a handful of places to top up with water and supplies along the route: Rudy's on 360 (small detour), gas station on 360 (across the highway), fire station on City Park Rd (water only), and of course the Jester Mart at the foot of Jester Hill.

The clunky website for reserving access to the Greenbelt is here: https://web2.vermontsystems.com/.../txaust.../search.html...

Post up your Strava / MapMyGPS links here, we'll put together some sort of a leaderboard. 2020 stickers have been ordered!


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My goal was to finish under 11 hours, but it took me 14 hours.  

My biggest issue is that I suck at planning and not very good at navigating through trails with my Garmin.  I wanted to pre-ride BCGB, Thumper and Walnut because I rarely ride these trails and wanted to get familiar with them beforehand.  Only had a chance to pre-ride from the starting line to the end of BCGB.  It took me over 5 hours to make it to the HOL during the pre-ride because I was struggling to figure which way to go and racked up several extra lost miles.  I was able to cover this same distance in 3:40 the next weekend navigating through 10 miles of wet slippery rock in the BCGB.   

Other highlights.

Very light rain from around 7:30am -10am which made for some slippery rocks on BCGB.  But things cleared up and all the other trails were completely dry. 

The 3 road climbs were not too bad for me this time around.   Either I'm getting better at climbing or the hills are shrinking 

I was doing good until Thumper.  I read the directions and studied the map beforehand,  but that can't replace actual wheels down  experience on that trail.  Ran into a guy at the top of Yopoun riding an Evil bike with flip flops.  I'm guessing he was keeping an eye out for EBers.  He gave me some pretty good navigational advice, always make left turns (Thank you thumper trail guy!!).  I was mentally prepared for the Thumper struggle, but then snagged my BOA strap on a tree partially ripping it out of my shoe.  After that I had too much movement in my shoe making it difficult to pedal and really hard to walk up the steep hills.   Took me 2.5 hours to hike\bike 5 miles of Thumper. 


Started having knee pain on the way back to walnut from the extra movement in my pedal stroke (broken shoe).  Then some kid (18-20 years old??) started racing me on the other side of Duvall.   I was kinda pissed about my blown time so I dropped whatever hammer I could to stay ahead of him (one of my biking low-lights..).

Started at walnut and got totally lost about 3 miles into the trail.  At that point I just started looking for pieces of trail I had not yet ridden yet.  There was one trail (log loop?) I could not find.  With about 3 miles left I headed to Windy and the BMX trails and headed home with 79 miles.

Next year I'll get some Thumper and Walnut rides in beforehand. 


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A finish is a finish, don't worry about your times. I did it in 10 one year but 12 is closer to my average. Thumper is a mess, honestly speaking, if I did not live right on the route like I do, in picking a starting spot I would start at thumper and burn that one out first. Finishing on St. Ed's is not too bad, yeah it puts a bunch of the climbing towards the end, but every time I hit Thumper it is dread, even though I know my way around and have even ridden it on non-EB days.

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