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  1. What we rode of Glorieta is awesome. We didn't get to experience all of it, but what we did was super fun. We parked at the church, which didn't seem to be used anymore. There were other vehicles with bike racks and a kiosk with a map, so it definitely felt like we were in the right place. The trails were well built and maintained. There were lots of signs at first, but I think it's a work in progress because I didn't see any after a while and we missed a turn that is pretty critical. We started up Cairn Me Up which is a 5 mile/ 1000ft. climb and descended Jagged Ax, which was one of the my favorite trails we rode all week (including Windsor, the AF park, SBT, and singletrack in AF). Jagged Ax is rocky, technical, and challenging, but nothing that was too big or didn't have a B line. At the bottom, there is a very cool flow trail. Cairn Me Up would have been a less challenging, but super fun decent as well if you weren't up for Jagged Ax. We intended to do another loop off the back with another 1000 ft climb and decent (Snack Pack and Holy Mole). I think you have to take the fireroad that others have mentioned there and back to get to it. Unfortunately, we didn't get there. We missed the turn into Jagged Ax and the trail got steeper. We climbed/hiked an accidental 500 ft, which zapped the extra time and energy we had for the other loop. Looking at MTB Project, there are more options over on that side too. One of my best friends now lives in Santa Fe, so I'm sure I'll be back, and Glorieta will be on the top of my list to ride again and see what was missed.
  2. Boost (110/148) with SRAM XD driver and pretty wide rims. My rear hub gave out so I need at least the rear, but a complete set is good too. If you’ve got some takeoffs collecting dust, let me know.
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    Here a live photo that I converted to a gif. Not really testing anything. It just seems to convey the same feelings as this problem.
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    My theory is that it has to do with the "live photo" or whatever its called. One small edit makes it a static image. Using the app or an external file host or even dragging to the desktop changes the file type. I'd be interested if anyone has this problem with a non-Apple device.
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    Are you using a browser on your phone to access the forum? Try using the Tapatalk app. If you upload the image from your phone through the app, it works. I get the -200 error when I try to upload from my photo album on the computer.
  6. Very common in golf vernacular. Makes sense in that context because if you are a bad golfer, you are taking ax-like hacks at the ground.
  7. I'll just hang out at base camp.
  8. I've got a beach trip with the family planned early August. Let's discuss alternate dates.
  9. Probably more sold on getting sponsors, even if it is a ridiculously stupid product. I have an idea. How about a seatpost that is not a dropper, but if you pull out your phone and connect the app, it will tell your weight? Also, it breaks easily.
  10. Whose hand do we have to grease to get that big erection? (sorry, couldn't help it)
  11. I've never really understood this phrase. But now it makes sense.
  12. Hmm? I'd say you at least need to get the moonroof option.
  13. I've been curious about this ever since I realized that the Huck Norris was basically a glorified pool noodle. If you settle on a ghetto solution, please keep us updated.
  14. Until cars are full autonomous and can legally drive my drunk ass home, I don't give 2 shits about a "tech package". I heard a radio commercial for the new electric VW SUV where they were touting how you can open the moonroof with voice control. I though never once have I wanted a moonroof open so badly that I can't wait for a good time to remove one hand from the wheel and press a single button. On the other hand, I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated using Siri or other AI voice commands. Talk about a solution looking for a problem. I buy a computer or phone based on the tech and fully expect it to be near worthless in a few years. That's fine when we're talking a couple grand for a device, but not for what new vehicles are costing these days. I just bought a 2012 F-150 4x4 with 22,000 miles on it. It's got the V8 instead of the turbo charged V6. It had basically no tech features. For $370, I added a touch screen receiver with bluetooth phone and a backup cam. It runs Apple CarPlay for all the maps (which gives speed limits) and any app on my phone like streaming music services, messages, Audible, etc. I'm letting my "disposable tech" do the heavy lifting while I just need my vehicle to run. Couldn't be happier.
  15. So, it's the bike or the girlfriend? That's a tough one.
  16. It would be fun to watch these geniuses try to get the gas from the grocery sack or laundry basket into the car's tank.
  17. My brother in law has a Cirrus SR22, the one in this article that deployed the whole plane parachute. He hope to never have to use it, but it sure does seem like a hell of a safety feature.
  18. I'm not going to say "you're wrong", but I'd wager to say that 99% of us have used the "usual advice" to good success. 1. Ride with better riders. Yes, of course. See what they are doing. Notice where they are being cautious and where they are taking risks. Not saying you should try to follow a pro DH rider down the hill, but having someone push you slightly above your limits is beneficial. Just be aware that they are better than you and there is never any shame in walking an obstacle. 2. Ride more. Practice, practice, practice. I can't see how that is bad advice. The best riding tips I've gotten: Steer with your belly button. (aka "point with your pecker") Don't turn the bar or your head to steer. The bike will follow your hips. This works on all turn. It works on fast downhill sections, but it works especially well (and its impossible to over do it) on slow uphill switchbacks. Learn to feel and hear when your tires start to slide. There is a moment in between full traction and washing out. It sounds like scratching. You can feel the scratch too. mack_turtle makes an excellent point about tire pressure. It makes a big difference. Braking is really only effective when you are not skidding. Skidding is lack of control. Plus it tears up the the trail. Use both brakes. Most beginners won't use their front brakes enough. Bring post ride beers.
  19. Those paninis look pretty good. Are we sure they are lining up for gas?
  20. That's what I tell the mosquitos trying to pull this shit.
  21. And the "little hand" will be fatter and denote the larger portion of time.
  22. This was one of the first lessons I learned about mountain biking.
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