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  1. Still a month away, but thanks for the bump. I could still use any trip planning tips for Bentonville.
  2. A few wraps of teflon tape might have helped to hold that stripped bolt in while you limped home.
  3. Sounds like there is a new sheriff in town.
  4. I understand. I'm really not trying to complain about it. I don't think changing the icon in the way I mentioned would alter behavior one bit. The warning would be just as good.
  5. For me it's teflon tape. I have used it trailside to fix leaky valve stems and loose bolts. It's lightweight and doesn't take up much space. If you have a leaky valve stem, wedge some tape between the rim and that little nut. I also use it in addition to the little rubber part inside the rim. I've frequently had trouble with that interface between the valve and the hole in the rim. Several wraps of teflon over that rubber seems to always do the trick. I fixed a bolt on a seatpost that kept backing out and tilting the saddle to unridable angles by wrapping a few layers of tape around the threads. Probably a good idea to replace with Locktite when you get home, but on the trail, it's easier than carrying a tube of Locktite. Alternatively, what is one thing you have had in there for years and never use?
  6. Dammit. I did it again today. Marked the whole Mountain Biking forum "read" on accident. Is seems a bit trivial at first, but now I will probably abandon many of the topics I have been saving for later instead of participation in the discussion. That really sucks. Do you have access to the source code? It is just a Font Awesome icon. If you could, find it, it could easily be changed from <i class="fa fa-comments"> to "fa fa-book" (which would display a book as in "read"). Finding it is the hard part. Thanks for your hard work!
  7. Seth, are you ok? You haven't been at work lately. We're starting to get concerned.
  8. You may have to buy a special removal tool.
  9. Homemade tubeless sealant I cut valves from old tubes and wrap as much teflon tape around them as possible. (Might start a new thread about how much I love teflon tape) I use wine corks as bar plugs. (got sick of losing the plastic ESI ones) I use gorilla glue and patches cut from old tubes to repair tires with small sidewall tears. I've used everything from 3M insulated mastic electrical tape to used tubes and tires for frame protection.
  10. My advice...don't ask for advice. But since you did, I agree with everything CBaron said. I especially like this one from the 99designs article he posted. Something like this could easily be adapted for MTB.
  11. Or one of our local billionaires to take such an interesting in bike trails.
  12. I just booked the house yesterday. That's actually how I found out about the race. There wasn't a whole lot available in town, but I still found a pretty nice 3 bedroom house for $99/night.
  13. So me and a couple buddies have been planning a Bentonville trip for some time now, but only recently realized that it's over the same weekend as Oz Trails Off-Road race. We don't have any desire to participate in the race, but do want to ride what the area has to offer. I've never been to a big race/event like this, so my question is will we the trails be so overloaded with racers that we won't enjoy the ride? I can definitely see how it could be really cool to have all the festivities while not riding, but that's not really the objective of our trip. https://epicrides.com/events/oz-trails-off-road/event-guide/
  14. One little thing if it's easy to change. When you click on the little speech bubbles icon on a thread, it takes you to the first unread post (awesome). When you click on the exact same looking icon next to a forum, it marks all topics as "read". This action is not reversible and is basically the opposite of taking you to the first unread because after doing so, you have no reference which thread you have read and which posts are new. Is it possible to remove the "mark as read" icon or at least make it look different?
  15. +1 for homebrew. My recipe similar to crazyt. It is 1 part Slime (the oldschool innertube version, not there tubeless MTB specific stuff), 1 part RV antifreeze (propylene glycol), 1 part latex mold builder, 1 part water (plus or minus until I reach the right consistency), add glitter to taste. It weeps, but so do the others. For the price, I'll take a little weeping. I'm probably the odd duck on this one, but I like to crack my tires off the rim every time. It's the only way to know what's in there, clean up any boogers, and add a lot or little with confidence.
  16. This is the argument people always bring up against droppers that I find just plain wrong. Somehow you are more skilled if you don't use a dropper? I call bullshit. The first thing they tell you to do in coaching clinic is drop your seat. It puts you in a better position for riding anytime you are not pedalling (not just jumps and drops). Practicing riding with the seatpost full extended is like "improving" your golf swing by practicing on one foot. Practicing in a forced compromised position does not improve skill. It just makes you better at something that doesn't really have a practical application anymore. If you really want to improve your riding, get better at using the dropper. If you want to shed 1 lb. from the bike at the expense of push-button access to better weight distribution and rider position, ditch the dropper. Just be real about your motive.
  17. Yay! Finally my phone contact list is accurate again!
  18. Do you think it will be more technical than Walnut? If so, please indicate by how many notches (in quarter increments).
  19. I'd go with this one: https://www.specialized.com/us/en/turbo-kenevo-expert-6fattie---troy-lee-designs-edition/p/155109?color=245711-155109
  20. It's a little extreme, but you could always try adjusting your foot size. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foot_binding
  21. Whoa there cowboy. Too much organization flies in the face of the crazy bullshit that we are trying to replicate here.
  22. This must be what it will feel like on our new Martian colonies watching Earth go up in flames.
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