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With Popularity Comes...

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It's the norm. As growth takes place, problems begin to increase. It happens with family. It happens with business. It happens with community.

And it's happening with mountain biking.

This is why there's that 'ol very legit and applicable saying... "Get out in front of it."


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Are you folks playing dumb, or do you not know who Eben Weiss is?
I'm not playing. I'm a fucking idiot sometimes

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Here's an article written two years ago about challenges facing the mountain biking community. It's always interesting to read what folks thought about matters and consider how these matters have been dealt with since the article was written. It can give an idea of approaches and trends, and the impact of both on the matters brought up in the article, allowing you to see what worked according to a need/situation, and what may not have worked.

Here's the article...


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This opening paragraph is found in an article published in June of last year on The Wildlife News website.

"Mountain Biking is a significant threat to our wild lands—both in designated preserves like national parks, wilderness areas, and the like, but also Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) and roadless lands that may potentially be given Congressional protection under the 1964 Wilderness Act."

Obviously the article is not an endorsement of the activity of mountain biking being pro wildlife and land preservation.

It is a good read if you want to gain insight into what those in opposition to mountain biking on land they think should be designated for wildlife only is.

Here's the article... And I suggest reading the comments below the article. Comments always give good insight into what the more general public is thinking.


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