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Rain report May 1st 2021

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1 hour ago, mack_turtle said:

There was whining elsewhere on the internet. Lots of it. The same people throw a damn fit every time.

Hahaha, that is pretty damn true.

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Sept. 28:  Winter is coming...raining and blustery in the 78758/Walnut Creek Metro Park area. 

It's now a bit after 9 pm. I don't have the sound on but  Chikage Windler (KEYE Chief Meteorologist) is pointing and gesturing at the weather map with a lot of red, and now Crusty has flipped the station over to Scott Fisher who is ALSO pointing to a lot of orange/red on the screen.  

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On 9/29/2021 at 6:34 AM, mack_turtle said:

I'm excited for some rain. The trails have been an absolute dust bowl and my yard looks like a hay loft!

Ditto.  I love rainy weather.   Might get another line of T-storms passing through tonight (Thursday). 

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The WC area got at least 2.5" last night and early this morning.  

My weather page noted that Onion Creek may crest as high as 19' where Onion Creek goes under South 183.  No notice about flooding on the McKinney Falls State Park page, though. 

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